06/30 AAA TV Lineup (Cuautitlan)

AAA TV (TUE) 06/30 Auditorio Benito Juarez, Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio
1) Gato Eveready & Octagoncito vs Mini Abismo Negro & Yuriko
2) Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero vs Cuervo & Escoria
3) El Elegido & Fabi Apache vs Decnnis & Sexy Star
4) Extreme Tiger, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr. vs ?, Electro Shock, Teddy Hart
5) ?? & Mesias vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver King

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#895)
Mexico: 07/05
US: 07/25

Main event mystery man is clearly Cibernetico. His name doesn’t turn up in any of the spot show lineups yet, though Nygma turns up for at least one (and no other Bizarros do.)

Semi-main mystery spot could Shiima Xion or Matt Cross; since they’re opposite of Tiger, they’re being set up as teh next challenger to the cruiserweight title.

Looks like Decnnis is still on Billy Boy replacement duty. Which is good for him.

El Brazo referees the opener, so I guess that’s partially a Guapito promoted match.

5 thoughts to “06/30 AAA TV Lineup (Cuautitlan)”

  1. The mystery spot in the semi-final could be Zorro. This could where he officially turns on the Legion. And thus proving that he’s ” Yo Soy AAA”.

  2. Zorro or Shiima Xion? The choice is pretty obvious unless you are a bald Cuban with a large resentment towards Mexicans.

    I like the opener naturally.

    I had totally forgotten Rocky Romero still works here. How is it possible he is less noticeable than when he was Grey Shadow? I mean c’mon… GREY FUCKING SHADOW! The guy is useless no matter what name he wrestles under.

  3. Taping Update:

    6/30 Cuautitlan
    7/3 Queretaro
    7/12 Tepeapulco
    7/17 Irapuato
    7/19 Zapopan

    Busy week in mid-July. Trying to cram in as many tapings as possible for Xion and M-Dogg. *L*

  4. @Rob – thanks for the taping dates.

    They’ll only need two more tapings to make it to Verano.

    One may be the lucha libre expo, though I don’t think they’ve ever definitely said that’ll still be a TV Taping.

  5. AAA.com says Shiima Xion was the mystery man in the semi-main event.

    Mystery as in everyone online knew it’d be him but nobody in the crowd had any idea who he was.

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