Puebla, Tijuana, Perros, Dos Jr. exit interview

CMLL (FRI) 06/19 Arena Puebla [KrisZ]
1) Mr. Rafaga & Toro Bill Sr. b Iron & Tigre Rojo
2) Apocalipsis & Zayco b Sauron & Siki Osama
3) Amapola, Crazy Star, Princesa Blanca b Estrella Magica, Lady Apache, Marcela
4) Valiente b Virus, Angel de Oro, Angel Azteca Jr., Stuka Jr., Mascara Dorada, Loco Max, Vangelis, Tiger Kid, Puma King [cibernetico]
5) Atlantis, Naito, Yujiro b Hijo del Fantasma, La Sombra, Shocker

indy (FRI) 06/19 Auditorio de Tijuana [Frontera]
5) Blue Demon Jr., La Parka Jr., Super Astro b Casandro, Damian 666, Halloween

This was the Rey Sr. benefit show. He appeared in the ring with a cane, saying he wasn’t sure if this was the last time he’d be in the ring, but he wouldn’t end up in a wheelchair.

PERROS (SAT) 06/20 Coliseo Olimpico de Universidad de Guadalajara [Reforma, MT]
1) Halloween, Mr. Aguila, Rayman b Scorpio Jr., Veneno, X-Fly
2) El Alebrije, Intocable, Super Nova NC Head Hunter I, Histeria, Psicosis II
3) Damián 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Super Crazy b LA Park, Olimpico, Super Porky

A total disaster. Advertised main event was Wagner vs Perro, with Cibernetico on the undercard. With both Wagner and Ciber in Orizaba, they shuffled the card to less than interesting results. This was a Reforma anniversary show, and their article just rips the show for poor matches and worse organization. Ring broke in the second match, which took an hour to fix, and they filled the hour with Intocable doing erotic dances. Every match was a hardcore, bloody match. Rudos won the main event when they pulled Olimpico’s mask.

This is the nadir; either the Perros make an incredible turnaround comeback or they turn up in CMLL before the anniversary show. They can keep struggling, but it’s not working and it’s unlikely to change.

Couple that story with the Dos Caras Jr. story in SuperLuchas 320. Dos Jr. explains it was the fourth offer from WWE he ended up accepting, and he really wasn’t sure he’d heard back from there after rejecting the offer earlier this year. Dos didn’t get the salary he wanted, but he got enough of it and all he wanted in other aspects (name, not being treated liked a rookie), but he jumped at this one when he received it three weeks ago. Why? It was a take it or leave it offer, but also because “lucha libre is in a terrible situation. I am thinking it’s going to get better before it gets worse.” He’s going to WWE for more security.

Dos also says he wanted to turn rudo a year ago, and it was one of many things he was unhappy about even before he first started with WWE. Dos was unhappy “real wrestlers” like Hector Garza and himself were stuck below independents and foreigners, who got more benefits despite having less talent. Eventually, three months ago, CMLL called and asked if he was still interested in turning rudo, and he okayed it just because “all change is positive.”

Over the last eight days, we’ve seen Dr. Wagner join AAA fulltime. (He’s hilariously evasive about the subject in SuperLuchas.) Cibernetico also appears back full time, and both are doing it because that’s the best way for them to get a reasonable income. Dos Caras Jr. has left CMLL to WWE because that’s he feels like a top position in one of the top two companies in Mexico can’t guarantee him a secure income. And Perro and company probably just burned a major sponsor. Feels like this might be a week of turning points. Guess we’ll see.

A set of articles on the history of Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, as they held a big ceremony yesterday as part of the 50 year celebration.

MedioTiempo, La Jornada and SuperLuchas all have history articles, and the first two talk about the festitives. The building was actually read to open in 1958, but their was a worker’s strike. The first show was on June 21, 1959 with Blue Demon and Espectro vs Felipe Ham Lee & Juantia Diaz, and the later two returned to the arena for plaques to honor them. Relampago Leon, Dorrel Dixon and Mil Mascaras were added to the Walk of Fame, and others recieving awards for various reasons: Faraon, Alberto Munoz, Indio Geronimo, La Sombra, and Mascara Dorada.

Marcela explains her knee injury. She actually hurt it originally in Puebla, thought it wasn’t serious, and then it got serious after that match with Star Fire. Marcela says this is the first time she’s gotten surgery ever, but expects to be back at the end of the month.

Konnan has interviews in box y lucha and SuperLuchas. The big news: he’s going to stop talking about the Guerreras after the SuperLuchas interview, a point by point response to Fuerza’s point by point claims. The Box Y Lucha interview has Konnan says Juvi tried to kiss Randy Orton while he was in WWE. The SuperLuchas has Konnan explaining he went to a judge to overturn that retirement loss against Cien Caras because Jake Roberts interfered, and the judge agreed.

Leftovers from Friday’s Arena Mexico show: Cesar’s review, ESPN Deportes review, Ultimo Guerrero telling Record that he’s happy his name goes down in history as the first winner of the Universal title.

Leftovers from the AAA taping: Cibernetico telling Box Y Lucha he’s bringing the Bizarros with him to AAA.

Reforma has three articles about Father’s Day: Mini Warrior talks about his special needs daughter, the current Huracan Ramriez talking about working with his son and Dos Caras Jr. talks about Father’s Day being the last day with his father before moving to the US to start in WWE.

AJPW announced Super Crazy will be a part of their Junior League, which runs 07/26 and 08/07.

El Colombiano has a profile of Psicodelico – the Colombian one. He’s 60, and thinks he may retire in 3 years.

LuchaWorld has Robert on CMLL C3 03/15/08 & AAA 04/05/08 and KrisZ’s news update

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  1. Rob didn’t seem to guess which Puebla match wouldn’t air this week, but thus far, I know cubs was wrong with the no No Limit guess.

    Big news of the show though through three matches was that we have a Tzuki sighting with him replacing Shockercito in the minis match.

  2. Peste vs Garza/Sombra/Volador gets skipped again this week. I guess we can add a rule to Puebla match selection that if they skip a match one week, they probably will skip the rematch a week later.

  3. @Alan: TZUKI???




    You’re fucking with me. I know it.

  4. @Rob: Of all the things I could do to piss people off here, I know that the least forgivable would be to tease you with the potential of a Tzuki match showing up soon. Particularly one that you were not expecting.

    Not sure if I thought the main event was a bit disappointing, or if CMLL has just been running too many singles matches lately that follow the exact same formula and I’m getting bored with it.

    So, do they air Monday’s show next week or the Friday fan appreciation show? I think they’ve gone with the fan appreciation show in the past, so hopefully the never skip the same match two weeks in a row rule holds and we get the cibernetic.

  5. @Alan: I don’t think the last two Puebla fan appreciation nights made TV but maybe I’m thinking of Guadalajara? I thought only the first Puebla show made TV (with the mini’s in the cage).

    Looking forward to see the opener and mini’s from Puebla. Feels like ages since I’ve seen a Tzuki match! (It was middle of May but before that was JANUARY!)

    It’s kind of ironic since the last Puebla match Tzuki was booked in was against these same three rudos except Shockercito replaced him…

  6. Dos caras thought he and Hector Garza had more talent than independents and forigners??? Wagner,independent, better worker and better draw more carisma. Perro, independent, better worker, more carisma, bigger draw. Corleone made Dos Caras look unappealing and unathletic when they teamed together as tecnicos. Dos Caras needs alot of work if he is going to have success in WWE. He needs to learn how to run the ropes, his movements are very choppy and unfluid and he needs to get some carisma. Sticking your tongue out and painting your body doesn’t get heat. That brief rudo turn was horrible. He was just as forced and uncarismatic when he was a tecnico as well. But you see the pattern…how much more can CMLL lose??? In one year they lost Perro, Wagner, Corleone, Koslov, Romero, Damian 666, Mr. Aguila, Olympico, Dos Caras. Sorry but La Mascara, Ephesto, Fantasma, Averno, and a falling Mistico cant make up for that loss. Good Luck CMLL

  7. The fact that CMLL has not thrown competition against Perros makes me think it’s possible they might want to be on his good side for future business.

  8. I could see Perro Jr in AAA before CMLL though. I just don’t see CMLL going out their way to bring him back(Paco will have to die first).

    AAA always make better deals and Perro will always take the best offer.

  9. @thecubsfan: The grammar will always give it away.

    I’d like to know which current AAA wrestler who used to work in the WWE is posting as ‘Private’ though.

  10. For USAUSA1’s benefit: Didn’t ban you. Just put you on moderation. I did post your comment above, didn’t I? Just wanted it clear that you couldn’t just change your name to get around it.

    If you have so little respect for the site as you suggested in the comment you just submitted (which was rejected, as you knew it would be), I have no idea why you’re trying so hard to be part of it.

  11. I’m sure I am the only one who cares, but I hate to see PdM fail as a promotion. My first comment on this blog was to defend the promotion (and offer concerns) after attending their first show last December. I had hopes that they could put together somethign interesting and build off the strengths of their show (Wagner vs Ciber and teasing Super Crazy joining the Perros) and figure out how to deal with their organizational problems. But, six month later it seems like Perro and company just need to find a company who will put them back on TV. Ciber vs Wagner for a title (not the original title, but a more important title) is going to happen, but in a different promotion. No one has seen much of the Perros on TV and their shows have been plagued by nonfinishes to the main events. I’m a fan of Perros, but at this point, I think a return to CMLL (hopefully bringing Damian, Halloween, Aguila, and Crazy with him) is the best possible situation. Maybe he can get a deal where he can run shows under his name with CMLL talent similar to what Wagner used to have, but even that seems like a stretch at this point.

  12. That’s why he should go to AAA. Isn’t Wagner still doing Wagnermania shows with AAA talent? And CMLL doesn’t need Damien or Halloween. They would work well in AAA too but I doubt Halloween would be allowed to go back there.

  13. @Alan: IMO it’s not even TV that would help. It’d certainly extend the life of the promotion but in the longrun it would go nowhere b/c all the PdM ended up being was a way to get some work for the top guys without them having to be told to job. They didn’t have a single main event end clean so nobody’s ego had to be bruised. You can’t run any sort of promotion like that. There has to be someone in charge making the tough decision and at the end of day saying “listen, we’re paying you to work our show so you do what we say”. Supposedly that was Damian’s job but Damian never did it. The promotion could never go anywhere b/c at some point you gotta stop doing random tag matches with DQ endings and deliver the big singles match that draws the big crowd in the big building. The PdM could never do that b/c Perrito left CMLL so he wouldn’t have to job… Wagner is like Mil Mascaras now and never jobs… Cibernetico’s ego is so out of control that not only would he not job but he also wasn’t getting enough cheap wins so he started his own promotion where he could win the main event each night! And of course there is Santo who makes so few appearences that he’s obviously not going to lose any of them, especially cleanly. From what I remember they even did trios matches with guys like Damian, Super Crazy and Olimpico involved and EVEN THEY DIDN’T WANT TO JOB! That’s beyond ridiculous!

    If Perrito was serious about starting a third group that would eventually get television and be successful he would have made the ultimate sacrifice… his hair. That’s how you get TV. You build a feud with Perrito vs Santo, you announce the big stip match in a big arena and TV will come to you. You think no TV outlet would want to see Santo vs Perrito in a mask vs hair match? They’d be begging. And that’s where Perrito… if he wanted this to succeed… would say “you can air the match as long as we get a contract to air some more shows in a decent timeslot.” Now your promotion is off and running with a huge match and tons of press since it’d be Perrito’s first hair loss.

    But this is where the bubble bursts. Perrito was never interested in any of that. The PdM group was just one big ego trip for him and the other guys he brought in.

    If a third promotion is ever going to start up and be successful it needs to be started by someone with vision who has the balls to stand up to his talent.

    I’ve been saying for the entire year now that this is the perfect time for a third promotion to come along with AAA drifting away from it’s roots and CMLL just trucking along like usual not even concerned about anything else starting up. The problem all along is there is nobody out there who can make it happen. Medina seems to have the resources but has the brain power of a goldfish. Moreno seems to know what he’s doing but doesn’t have the resources to compete with the big two. It’s shitty…

  14. @Rob: I agree with 90% of what you say here, so hopefully this comment comes across like that.

    There was a clean finish to the main in the first show (Wagner pinning Park in the trios, which I will admit didn’t matter since the match was really built around setting up Wagner vs Cibernetic). My hope for the promotion was built around an initial show that I enjoyed, the hype that was circulating at the time for Perro vs Santo, some fanboyness for Perro and Co, and hope that they could overcome the problems I saw at the show. Perro vs Santo would have certainly drawn TV, and I was more than ready to pay whatever to go to Palacia de Deportes to see it live. My hope for TV was that it would force them to start running matches with actual finishes and make it easier to get people to do clean jobs. It is easy to run screwjob DQ/no contests when you are in front of a few thousand fans. When you are producing a weekly TV show you hopefully realize you need coherent storylines building to a clean finish at the end of a feud. Not that Dusty Rhodes’ MidAtlantic booking in the mid 80’s doesn’t prove that this might not always be the case.

    I agree completely that this is the time for someone to jump in and build something new. I’m not sure either can take over AAA or CMLL (at least in Mexico City), but I do think there is plenty of room for an ECW type promotion (not necessarily in terms of style) to come in and develop a loyal fanbase which can grow. You’re right that the key is finding a strong booker to run the promotion and keep egos in check. You need to develop a situation where people are coming to see a good show, not any one individual, and where even a big name at the top of the card can be a draw without holding up the entire show. I don’t know who is going to pull this off, but I’ll be sitting ringside if you point me in the direction.

  15. @Tim: I just don’t see the point in him going to AAA. The top of their card is now overloaded and adding him (and maybe his crew) in just doesn’t make sense to me. You have a bunch of guys at the top who work the same style. If he gets the same deal Wagner has and can run the same style shows I don’t think it helps him or AAA. I would have loved to see them return at Triplemania, but that was before Ciber’s return, and mostly because I would have been there to witness it.

    I say CMLL should build a Mistico and Averno singles match over the next month and have Perro and his guys run in to ruin it with Garza turning on Mistico to join them (since I’m booking this and not CMLL, he would have dropped the trios belts to the Triad sometime between now and then). You then have a decent three way feud with Mistico and company on the tecnico side (let him run Garza’s former group and add in Sombra and Volador since that makes more sense anyway), Avernos on the rudo side, and the Perros playing between them.

    OK, enough fantasy booking for me. I know its highly unlikely that CMLL would take back Halloween, and Super Crazy and others would probably make more sense in AAA. But, I’d like to see Perro and Co make the best move for them and I don’t think that is AAA.

    Right now, I hope they keep their own promotion going long enough so that they can run a show at the expo.

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