06/17 AAA TV Results (Ecatepec)

AAA TV (WED) 06/17 Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM [AAA]
1) Argenis, Atomic Boy, Laredo Kid b Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II
2) Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata, Ultimo Gladiador b Pasion Kristal, Polvo de Esterllas, Yuriko
3) Decnnis & Sexy Star b Aerostar & Fabi Apache and Cinthia Moreno & Oriental
4) Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario b Crazy Boy & Extreme Tiger
5) Electro Shock, Silver King, Teddy Hart b Jack Evans, La Parka Jr., Mesias

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#893)
Mexico: 06/21
US:  07/11

The big news is Konnan is indefinitely suspended by Joaquin Roldan. There’s not much detail about it.

There’s also nothing said about why Decnnis is in Billy Boy’s spot, but I think recent events explain that one.

Atomic Boy is now a full time normal sized wrestler. Laredo beat Tito for the win in that match.

AAA lists this a Pasion Kristal’s debut – which would be his second. Gato got Yuriko for the pin in that match.

Rudos worked together against Fabi and Aerostar. Aerostar hurt his ankle on a dive attempt – he was about to go off the the corner onto Oriental when Cinthia shoved him to the floor. Cinthia picked up the pin on Fabi when she was caught alone, then Decnnis beat Oriental.

Hermandad beat Crazy & Tiger, who got along. Alex and Rocky ran in post match, first going after Nicho & Lider, then Alex went after Tiger. There’s been talk about DMex going rudo and they’ve definitively been hinting that direction.

Jack’s big main event = lost clean to Electro. Of course. Maybe it looks better on TV.

Next taping is Saturday.

21 thoughts to “06/17 AAA TV Results (Ecatepec)”

  1. I find it funny that Billy Boy didn’t work the show, but Mesias did. That is something WWE would do. Punish the lower level superstar, but let the main event wrestler still work. All three talents should have been fined and taken off the show.

  2. @CJK: For what its worth, Mesias claims he wasn’t involved in the beatdown or drug use. He said he tried to break it up.

    Of course, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he didn’t get reprimanded by AAA.

    At the same time, the old-school way of thinking of wrestling promoters, it shouldn’t shock anyone that he didn’t get suspended because they gave the guy a beating. Had Mesias or any other wrestler been on the receiving end of the beatdown, then they probably would have suspended him.:)

  3. @Alfredo: If he would have been on the receiving end of said beat down he’d already be making his big Puerto Rico return because AAA would have sent him packing.

  4. @Jake: Very true.

    By the way, doesn’t Mesias have some sort of legal issue (domestic) in Puerto Rico? I remember reading that somewhere. Might have been WON.

    Funny, how reading this week’s WON, Vampiro is the ‘voice of reason’ when it comes to all the backstage problems.:)

  5. @Alfredo: That was especially eye rolling

    It just occurred to me how life must suck for Dizzy right now. I don’t remember hearing much about how that hair/mask feud turned out, but AAA has an spot for a random opening match tecnico, and they’re picking your (old) mini instead of you! I’d give up right there.

  6. @CJK: I think they mentioned Mesias since the story I read was that the 2nd time he came back to AAA (right after leaving TNA) he was having a legal issue. It could be that whoever reported it had the wrong info or it being Puerto Rico it might have been resolved already.

  7. Mesias was arrested last year on 20th June after he beat up some guy (or he was beaten up, at least he was involved in some kind of brawl). Because of his arrest he no-showed a RXW show in Panama on the next day. As far as I remember this made some press since Scott Hall also no-showed that RXW show (for another reason or no reason or because he is Scott Hall).

  8. It’s a tad bit frightening that I am actually looking forward to watching this on Sunday.

    I like Atomic Boy’s look. I’m a little worried that the AAA website hypes that trio as the new Fuerza Aerea. That would be a HUUUUUUUUGE drop-off for poor Laredo Kid. Plus it’d be just another random trio for the Circus to squash constantly.

    That’s shitty news about Billy Boy if they’re seriously taking him off shows. Since when do wrestlers get punished in Mexico?

    Vamp is the voice of reason? No wonder things are so messed up.:P On the bright side…

    Vamp as voice of reason > Vamp as wrestler. … Wait… that’s actually a pretty scary thought.

  9. Did you know AAA is doing a reality show where they are looking for a new star and Atomic Boy actually LOST in the semi-final to Violento Jack?


    Huge respect for those six guys – they were doing everything to impress. Atomic Boy looked brilliant in his debut as a normal sized dude and the rudos were on fire catching the tecnicos’ unreal spots.

    Must-see for U.S. Gala watchers in 3 weeks time.

  11. Segunda was pretty fun too. I guess all the Exoticos are fighting for the affection of Gato Eveready.

  12. Animated Fabi = Tim doing repeated business at the theater :p

    I was surprised by Poder, one can see Apache’s hand in them… I bet they train with Atomic Boy since there’s no way they could have pulled that of after only talking it up when the match was put up. I wonder how long it will take for Babe Rap to get there… maybe with a new gimmick… Gato Eveready II?

  13. I wish!!!

    I like the Fuerza Aerea as Argenis, Atomic Boy and Babe Rap under a new gimmick or even that Principe Diamante guy. They can use Aero Star as their new leader if they ever need a fourth. Laredo Kid shouldn’t be working openers with these guys…

  14. WHOA! Now THAT is how you do a worked injury angle Aero Star! If I wouldn’t have read that he worked in Orizaba I would have thought for sure he snapped his ankle on that spot.

  15. Laredo Kid could be with the Mexican Powers (Crazy Boy, Gladiador adn LK)?

    What about… Laredo taking Super Fly’s mask and Super Fly joining Billy Boy and Decniz as the new “Metrosexuales” with Guapito…

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