Dos Caras Jr. to the WWE

Six months into a “four year contract signed with CMLL” (as he personally told Tercera Caida earlier this year; see also Dos tells Box Y Lucha he’s staying in CMLL), Dos Caras Jr. is leaving the promotion and headed to CMLL. SuperLuchas has the scoop, and will have more in this week’s magazine. What we know right now:

– WWE has not confirmed this on their site
– 3 year contract, standard for WWE (and these are more ‘WWE has YOU for 3 years’ rather than a two way thing)
– Dos will NOT go to FCW, instead will go straight to the main roster (debut date TBA, but could be any time or show – expecting to hear more info next week)
– Dos Caras Jr. retains the right to his mask, and his name, though WWE gets rights to license it while in WWE.
– $$$$$

Dos’ last match in CMLL was this past Friday, the DQ loss to Shocker. (This means the story about plane troubles keeping him from GDL on Sunday was invented – though it could be Dos or the promotion doing it.) All announced future matches for him are replacements TBA.

This is probably the smart move for Dos. Back when this story first started up (and I think it’s been going for a full year now?), the big worry was Dos would be lost in the WWE shuffle and his career arc would be diminished. Right now in CMLL, Dos is lost in the shuffle and his career arc is diminished by this rudo turn that’s been going nowhere. Can’t lose by trying something else.

CMLL’s plans are going to have to change. Dos/Shocker, as unappealing as it had been, was clearly being set up as a back up anniversary main event in case Mistico got hurt at the wrong time. As much as that probably wouldn’t have worked, it’d been better than throwing something together at the last second. They’ve still got months to figure this out, at least, but

Things can change as quick as Friday – with a hole on the rudo side, maybe now’s the time to elevate Texano?

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  1. Well, for CMLL supporters who would like to blow this off, “Dos wasn’t getting over anyway”. And he wasn’t.

    I can see this leading to Mil Mascaras merch being sold too. Mil belongs in WWE’s Hall of Fame.

    I noticed a headline that Rey is putting his mask on the line in a title match. This could mean that he hasn’t signed, and may be asked to drop his mask if he doesn’t sign. With Dos coming in, I wonder how Rey feels, since Vince tends to have that “token” mentality well it comes to minority wrestlers?

  2. Also, based on Ras de Lona, I tend to think CMLL knew something last week.

    Ultimo Guerrero vs. Shocker mask vs. hair would be much bigger for Anniversary anway.

  3. @CJK: Agreed since this is at least the third time this story has broken in the last year.

    But, assuming it is true this time, I wonder what it means for Sicodelico. Has he been good enough that they will come in together, or bad enough that they are dropping the idea and bringing Dos in instead?

  4. @LLL: Rey/Jericho were set on doing the mask program before the money issues come up, I believe. Jericho came out with the storyline, and he’s been smart enough to make sure the evil guy gets his in the end.

  5. I don’t care how great a Mexican superstar is, unless he can change his style and work the WWE style he will NEVER get over. Dos may make it to Smackdown, but he will quickly be sent to FCW to learn the WWE ring style.

  6. well guys, considering the way that CMLL has treaten him after loosing the title in dicember, and if it his his choice, it has a lot of sense. After being rudo, he probably won’t be no more in the estelares.

  7. Yeah this seems suspicious since hardly anyone goes to WWE without going to FCW first. But on the other hand, If true this makes the main event scene in CMLL better cause Dos won’t be stinking it up now.

  8. The thing that erks me is Dos’ attitude. He has this star mentality when he has never really been that big of a deal. This is the biggest company in the world not Mexico.

    I hope he gets sent to FCW after they realize that even though he is good he still needs to be “retained” like the rest of the people they hire.

  9. @Jake: Calm down, Jake. We both know how this will end…

    There are no spoiler boxes here but if you don’t want to be spoiled – DO NOT KEEP READING.

    OK so…

    Dos Jr. will show up.

    Dos Jr. will have an attitude.

    Dos Jr. will win his debut match and give an interview to SuperLuchas about how much respect he is being shown.

    Dos Jr. will be asked to job to someone way below him on a house show (as I’m told the WWE regularly does to new guys).

    Dos Jr. will be angry.

    About 2 weeks to a month into his new career path he will be told to change his style.

    Dos Jr. will be angry.

    Word will spread that Dos Jr. “can’t work”.

    Dos Jr. will give SuperLuchas an interview saying he will be headlining Wrestlemania next year.

    Dos Jr. will be jobbing to random people on Sunday Night Heat (if that show still exists).

    Vince will remember he is a racist.

    Dos Jr. will be demoted to FCW.

    Dos Jr. will decline an interview with SuperLuchas.

    (FF to 6-8 months down the line)

    Dos Jr. will be called up to team with Sicodelico Jr. – both sans mask – doing some sort of embarassing gimmick to all Hispanics.

    (FF to 3 years down the road)

    Dos Jr. will return to CMLL. (Sidenote: Averno will still be threatening to have a mask match with Mistico and Pierrothito will be waiting for his first National Lightweight Title defense.)

    Dos Jr. will give SuperLuchas an interview talking about the racism in the WWE and how everyone knew he was better than them so they resented him from day one.

    (Sidenote: The Leafs will be celebrating their 3rd straight Stanley Cup.)

  10. Sorry, I forgot one thing…

    (somewhere in the middle of that timeline)

    Box y Lucha forum implodes when THE GREATEST WRESTLER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MEXICAN WRESTLING Dos Jr. does an unmasked job to Great Khali.

  11. @Calabcd44: Hopefully TNA calls them back on an emergency basis.

    How is it IWRG can bring in any Japanese wrestlers and make them enjoyable charachters who learn to work well with even the greenest IWRG midcarders and yet CMLL can’t take supposed “superstars” from Japan and make them the least bit interesting at all?

  12. I’ve only seen DCJr for a few seconds a couple of weeks back and he seems to be in a pretty bad shape (physically), I wonder if he quit juicying concerned about being tested in wwe.

    He’ll get future endevoriezed waay before the 3 years though (if it is true he’s going)

    Who cares, what’s the Guapito situation?

  13. Dos won’t even make it 6 months if he’s actually going to WWE. I still won’t believe it till I see him on WWE tv.

  14. Maybe Dos uses this as a chance to get out of CMLL, lays low for a bit and then ends up in AAA? He’s cried wolf one to many times for me to believe this, but it would make a good smokescreen to go somewhere else.

  15. @Rob: The sad part of it is I still think WWE signed Dos Jr because there was a rumor that Rey gave his notice and he was leaving WWE, and they (WWE) are trying to keep their latino audience on fridays with more than just Melina.

    And FWIW, I like the Leafs, but my Hawks will be Stanley Cup Champs for the next 5 years.

  16. @k.D.b: “And FWIW, I like the Leafs, but my Hawks will be Stanley Cup Champs for the next 5 years.”

    I would respond with a sarcastic and yet evil comment but I fear I am outnumbered since the blog is run by a Chicago fan.

    I will however note that most of the Leafs are able to legally drink.

  17. So, Mr. “I’m going directly to the main roster” debuted yesterday as “Dos” at a FCW show, and he jobbed for Kris Logan. :D

  18. How will this be spun as a positive for Dos? I’m thinking ‘he could’ve gone straight to the main roster, but he voluntered to go to FCW to teach them better wrestling.”

  19. All of you are so dumb! So what if Dos Caras Jr. jobbed his 1st match under a WWE contract! We all know he can not dupilcate what Rey Mysterio did in the U.S. scene. Again prowrestling right now is very different when Rey debuted in the U.S. So just give Dos Caras Jr. a break. All we can do is hope that he can make a big impact in the WWE!

  20. I’m not making fun at him jobbing, but to the things he said about being a star and not needing going to go to a farm territory.

    So what does it means, is he really under contract or might it be a development deal?

  21. @xuisaw: Developmental deal is a contract, just a very low paying one. They have put guys under ‘real’ contracts there before, so it’s no sure thing. But it’s easier just to discount what Dos has said, because it’s not as though he’s been too consistent with the whole thing. If he’s signed for actual money, he’ll probably get out of FCW a lot sooner.

    Meanwhile, Fuego en el Ring appears not to know SmackDown is taped, and taped like a week and a half ago this week:

  22. @czr87: I’m laughing more at the ByL guys than I am Dos. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still fun to laugh at Dos at all times b/c he’s a dummy but it’s much more fun at the moment to laugh at the ByL foristas who were talking about Dos Jr. making his debut by attacking HHH during a Hell in the Cell match and challenging him to a match to determine the real Heavyweight Champion.

    I’m telling you all – the ByL board will not survive the summer if Dos Jr. is given an unmasked gimmick and keeps jobbing in FCW. The board will implode.

    What ended up winning the SuperLuchas contest where they asked people to come up with the best storyline for Dos Jr.’s WWE debut? Did anyone pick jobbing an FCW show to some guy I’ve never heard of but probably has a crew cut, steroided up body, tiny tights and a tan?

  23. @Rob: Favorite:

    Dos Caras Jr is introduced as a shoot star because of his MMA career (ugh?), by then, Undertaker has won both wwe belts and he challenges Dos for a wrestlemania match with a mask vs 2 belts, streak & (UT) retirement match + Vince and UT hair (and even then it is an unfair deal for Dos as his mask is of too much value), which Undertaker loses, but goes away happy as he was bested by a real wrestler.


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