06/13 AAA PPV Results (Mexico City – TripleMania)

AAA TV (SAT) 06/13 Palacio de Los Deportes [AAA]
1) Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Super FlyKiller Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown
2) Billy Boy, Mini Abismo Negro, Polvo de Esterllas, Sexy StarEl Elegido, Fabi Apache, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata
3) Cuervo, Ozz, ZorroCharly Manson, Rocky Romero, X-Pac
4) Extreme TigerAlex Koslov and Alan Stone and Crazy Boy [AAA CRUISER, hardcore]
5) Joe Lider & Nicho el MillionarioLatin Lover & Marco Corleone [AAA TAG]
6) Dr. Wagner Jr.Mesias [AAA HEAVY, UWA Heavy]
7) El Hijo del Santo, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr., Octagon, VampiroChessman, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, Silver King, Teddy Hart [cage, control of AAA]

PPV Only.

So, I’ve gone over these and will again in a few minutes, but this post is just so it’s easy to find six months from now when I can’t remember who got hurt in the opener.

Super Fly was the one who got hurt, though AAA doesn’t mention it in the recap. Super Fly was wearing the mask of his father, El Seminarista. Aerostar wore a split mask, with half of it as Abismo Negro. Psycho Clowns are still undefeated.

Sexi Star had a new look, and pulled Elegido’s mask. Billy cradled him for the win. Sexi kept attacking Fabi after the match, and Gran Apache and Mari ran Star and Bily off.

Zorro was beat directly by X-Pac with a (second) X-Factor. He refused to take his cane shots at first, then only took three (or four?) before taking the cane and turning it on the tecnicos. Cuervo shows up to help the rudos, and Aero, Laredo and Pimpi failed in helping the tecnicos.

It was in here where Marisela slapped Zorro, not the other way around as I had yesterday. Maybe that’s the explanation for what happened later?

Alex was first out of the four way for the Cruiserweight title, which was under elimination rules. Alex tried to take the title with him, but was stopped. Alan was eliminated next, and Xtreme Tiger hit a 450 to the floor on Crazy Boy. Tiger snuck in before the 20 count to win the title.

If Tiger had not snuck in, would the match have been a draw? Would Alex have won the title? (“It doesn’t matter because it wasn’t going to be a draw.”)

While the live account mentions how Tirantes tripped up Marco at an important moment, allowing Lider and Nicho to get the best of him, the post-show recap hypes Hermandad as an unbeatable team, having defeated all AAA competition.

Similarly, the live PBP on AAA’s site was pretty clear on Wagner being the easy crowd favorite (and other reports agreed), but the recap link above says it was 50/50. Mesias survived one Wagner Driver, but not a second.

Silver King wrestled the match with face paint in the design of his mask.

Parka was handcuffed to the cage early in the match, with Konnan (backstage) popping up on the video screen to say he had a key. Instead of trashing the key or flushing it or something, Konnan held onto it. Nicho & Lider helped him and the Legion, but the AAA tecnicos and Cien Caras were able to take the key and unlock Parka.

AAA’s recap has the order of escape Vamp, Kenzo, Teddy, Jack (big dive), Octagon, Chessman, Electroshock. That left Parka & Santo vs Silver King and, even though every bit of story has been leading to a Parka/Silver confrontation to end it all, they did Santo/Silver King instead.

This is when Zorro showed up, in his old mask. Konnan was trying to help, but Zorro handed his stick to Roldan, who got in his shot. Santo escaped to be the big hero, and AAA celebrated.