Mesias vs Wagner

I may be AFK today. We’ll see. Go check out Dr. Lucha and Vandall Drummond on F4.

Most of TripleMania match outcomes appear to fit in to one of two categories

(seemingly) Obvious Outcomes:
– Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Super Fly vs Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown
– Charly Manson, Rocky Romero, X-Pac vs Cuervo, Ozz, Zorro
– Latin Lover & Marco Corleone vs Joe Lider & Nicho el Millionario [AAA TAG] – or at least that’s what taping said to me
– El Hijo del Santo, Jack Evans, La Parka Jr., Octagon, Vampiro vs Chessman, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki, Silver King, Teddy Hart [cage, control of AAA]

Meaningless Outcomes
– Fabi Apache, Elegido, Octagoncito, Pimpinela Escarlata vs Billy Boy, Mini Abismo Negro, Polvo de Esterllas, Sexy Star – note Elegido has snuck back onto the card in Apache’s spot.
– Alex Koslov vs Alan Stone, Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger [AAA CRUISER, hardcore] – haven’t even seen Alex win the belt yet, can’t be too concerned about him losing it.

The exception is the big one: I have no idea who’s winning Mesias and Dr. Wagner. I know it’ll be with screwnewss, because it has to be to appease everyone, but I don’t know who ends up with getting their arm raised.

Wagner’s confused status with AAA plays a part in this. I feel like I’ve read much more about this than I’ve actually cared to read at this point, and the only think I’ve defintely figured out is that Dr. Wagner will tell the story the people he’s with want to hear. If he’s with AAA, he’s just moments away from signing that exclusive deal. If he’s on his own, he wouldn’t even consider giving AAA exclusivity. At this point, there’s a definte possiblity it’s become a smokescreen to create more of a mystery, though AAA’s usually not this good about keeping those stories straight.

AAA’s pretty clear on it’s side: they’re not going to put a title on a guy who’s not an AAA guy. They surely see some great possibilities with Wagner as champion, but they also see them with Mesias as champion and there’s gotta be less headaches that way.

The only tell of the finish I’ve picked up is AAA’s subtle switch in this match. The intial promos were focused on belt versus belt, but AAA is only listing it’s championship as on the line on Saturday. That seems to hint at Mesias keeping his title (with something saving face for Wagner), and perhaps Wagner will get his win back later on while defending his title.

Totally not confident about this pick at all. What do you think?
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  1. Thanks for all your work in English, including your podcasts. As someone who doesn’t speak Spanish it’s great to be able to follow along the best I can. I am just wondering since AAA on Galavision seems to be a few weeks behind in TV tapings, when should I expect to see fallout from Triplemania? Immediately or a few weeks after?

  2. Wagner is the king of kayfabe. He kayfabes shit that shouldn’t be. For example one off day late at night he tells me lets go out we have things to do. So I get ready and it appears as if we are going to go do something of some importance. We get in the car and I ask where we are going. He responds “I dunno.” We end up driving a block and a half to the movies. He just didn’t want to go alone.

    Bottom line is that he is big on kayfabing people.

  3. I voted that the title match will end in a draw. I think I know what’s going to happen on majority of the Triplemania card. But Wagner/Mesias, to tell you the truth I have no clue what’s going to happen on Saturday .

  4. They should bring in Canek to cost Wagner the win. Palacio was built for indoor Olympic sports, and there will be lots of sprinting at Mania with all the run-ins. Not sure who will run in on Wagner vs Mesias.

    Zorro is way too low on the card.

    The names like Santo, possible interest in Cien Caras in his role, etc….should make for an interesting night.

  5. @LLL: “Zorro is way too low on the card” I feel the same way. It’s a shame how far he has fallen within a year.:( And to think he was in the Triplemania main event last year.

  6. Wait wait wait… how can you list those matches as seemingly obvious outcomes and not give the actual outcomes? Aside from the Clowns winning + Super Fly turning I’m confused as to why the other outcomes are obvious.

    As long as Captain Dumbfuck has the book I don’t think any finish is set in stone till he actually decides he doesn’t want to be included in it.

    I’m surprised nobody noticed the poll question is actually a trick question!

    “Who will at TripleMania?”


    I assumed you meant ‘win’ and picked Mesias. Wagner has never had a problem jobbing in big matches – he only makes sure it’s a giant clusterfuck along the way to the finish so by the time he is pinned the crowd thinks that is the least important part of the match. More than likely it will go like this:

    – Silly mirror spots to show they can wrestle (haha).
    – Brawling in the crowd.
    – More brawling in the crowd.
    – Weapons.
    – Some run-ins.
    – A bunch of nearfalls off various low blows. (~Monterrey!)
    – A surprise run-in and/or over-the-top stunt (fire?) leading to a final low blow for the pin.

    Konnan doesn’t have the balls to tell Wagner he has to job cleanly nor does he even have the authority if Wagner hasn’t signed an AAA contract. Meanwhile Banderas is smart enough to know a clean job to Wagner won’t be returned and even a non-clean job may not be returned if Wagner just bolts post-Triplemania.

    This is all very WCW-ish which is really no surprise.

    Here’s a theory: Konnan is involved in the finish. This seems right up his alley. Everyone thinks the commision has the power to ban him so he stays invisible for the entire show (which has never happened since Pena’s death) only to come out and cost Wagner the match with the Montreal finish or some ripped off ECW finish. Mesias can then move away from the Wagner feud and Konnan can feud with Wagner b/c you don’t really need to be in shape to walk through the crowd while throwing chairs at each other.

  7. @Rob: I didn’t post the obvious outcomes because I thought they were obvious. It’s all right there.

    – Zorro takes the cane shots
    – Latin/Marco win the tag titles
    – AAA wins control

  8. @thecubsfan: I’ll agree with Zorro taking the cane shots although probably not all 10 and that program will continue somehow.

    Tag titles… the next taping indicates a title change but who really knows. (or cares?)

    Why are you so confident about AAA winning control? The Cien Caras deal just stinks of him turning to cost AAA the match. I know you want to see the end of this feud though.

  9. @thecubsfan: I can’t argue with any of those picks, but I’d move CW title to obvious (Koslov can’t lose it yet), and drop Zorro/XPac to meaningless. Of course, based on these predictions, we wind up with at most two Rudo victories on a seven match card (Clowns for sure and maybe Billy Boy’s team, not counting either Mesias or Wagner as rudos). That seems low for this card, so it would seem like someone turns somewhere along the way. My current guess would be Koslov. He is in another sort of all tecnico match, they made a big deal out of there being no issues between him and Romero in their match and now you have them teasing issues with XPac on the last few weeks TV. Just a guess.

    I took Wagner to win. No particular reason. If Wagner will play nice and they book it correctly, I would think they would drag this out for the next couple of big shows, ideally with each guy getting one clean win, and then you can throw in a screwjob or draw in the middle. If you are going to do that, Wagner has to win this one unless they plan on doing a match for his belt later in the year. Probably won’t happen though and we will just get the screwjob this time through.

  10. Since Xpac/Zorro is a rip off of the ECW angle, does that mean that Zorro losing and taking the cane shots somehow turns him tecnico? Do I have to learn how to chant “He’s hardcore” in spanish?

  11. @Rob The faces always win the big main events at Triplemania and they do it in clean fashion as well. This one will be no different. Santo in the match pretty much means AAA will win.

  12. @LLL: Yeah, I’m sitting in level B (first level above the floor), facing directly toward the entrance. From what I can remember from last year, I think the floor was flat, so if you weren’t sitting in one of the first few rows it would suck. I should be sitting in about the same spot I was last year which had a good view of the entire arena, which is always important in AAA since who knows how much time they will actually spend in the ring for a few of the matches.

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