Konnan cleared for TripleMania? Mexico & GDL results

Compromise today; 3 stories worthwhile to write about right now, and everything else gets held over for a day while I write the lucha times post.

According to AAA (and via Box Y Lucha), Konnan is cleared to participate at TripleMania. Of course, from Day 1 of this suspension, AAA’s said Konnan would be free to participate at TripleMania. The only difference this time is they’re saying they went to a judge who threw out the charges. The judge pointed out the incident would’ve been under the jurisdiction of the Box Y Lucha commission in Tamaulipas (since that’s where the fight happened), and not in Mexico City, and there was no complaint actually filed in Tamaulipas.

The problem here is there’s no third party confirming this, and the Record version of the article quotes Fantasma as being completely unaware of any change as late night.

The judgment makes sense and it’s not a surprise – I’ve been saying for the last week or more than Konnan’s going to end up making this show.

The problem is, I find it hard to believe something occurred just because AAA said it happened, especially since they’ve been talking as if there had been no need for a legal case up to this point.

If pattern holds to form, Fantasma interviews will turn up tomorrow saying it hasn’t happened. However, the Box Y Lucha article does say this story is supposed to be reported on Thursday and Friday, so maybe we’ll get that third party confirmation.

CMLL (TUE) 06/09 Arena Mexico [ESTO]
2) Dark Angel, Estrella Magica, SahoriAmapola, La Nazi, La Seductora
3) Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, SkandaloAngel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata
4) Felino, Heavy Metal, Lizmark Jr.Mascara Dorada, Metro, Mictlan
5) Blue Panther, Shocker, ToscanoNaito, Ultimo Guerrero, Yujiro

Rudos won the second, tecnicos took the second, and Shocker beat UG cleanly in the third. Tecnicas won the second match in straight falls.

CMLL (TUE) 06/09 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT, Fuego en el Ring]
6) Dos Caras Jr. & Mephisto b Hector Garza & Maximo


Rudos took the first, tecnicos the second, rudos clean the third. Maximo, not Garza, feuded with Dos during the match and both recaps focused on their antics instead of talking about any of the undercard.

This arena announced a week long celebration of cultural events (and a boxing show) starting June 16th, including the anniversary show on the 21nd and movies on the 22nd.

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  1. “Rudos took the first, tecnicos the second, rudos clean the third.”

    Your results have the tecnicos listed as having won, though.

  2. Anyone know what happened to FMLL’s site? Weren’t they supposed to run San Jose and Denver?

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