06/20 AAA TV Lineup (Orizaba)

AAA TV (SAT) 06/20 Plaza de Toros la Concordia de Orizaba [KrisZ]
1) Crazy Boy, Extreme Tiger, Ultimo Gladiador vs Decnnis, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario
2) Aerostar, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs Billy Boy, Cinthia Moreno, Sexy Star
3) Jack Evans vs Teddy Hart
4) La Parka Jr., Latin Lover, Marco Corleone vs Chessman, Electro Shock, Oriental
5) El Mesias vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#894)
Mexico: 06/28
US: 07/18

– Mesias/Wagner seems to be ongoing.
– Oriental in the semimain!
– expecting roughly 5000000 moves in Jack/Teddy
– the entire woman’s division in one match? (No, I dunno where Tiffany is)
– Is Tiger a tecnico now? If he doesn’t turn on his teammates, he sort of has to be.

I think I can read into one thing or two about how TripleMania is going to end, but you could mostly have this show take place before TripleMania without anything changing. (Probably wouldn’t do Wagner/Mesias before TripleMania, but then they kinda did.)

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  1. Does AAA actually have an active Women’s Division or just four female wrestlers thrown into meaningless multi-person matches?

  2. Six. You didn’t count Mesias and Wagner.

    So if the tag champs are in the opener and their challengers are in the semi-main… does this mean title change?

    Also I’d like to know if AAA is trying to show us all their guys are on an equal level (Super Fly from main event to opener, tag champs from constant main events to openers, etc.) or is AAA just tossing out any and all pretense that Super Fly was just elevated to get killed and the tag champs were just elevated so they’d be around to do jobs and take big moves.

    Oriental in the semi-main is funny. Konnan has a hard-on for the dude though I’m not sure why. Sure he worked in Japan when he was younger and did the odd tour or two in this decade but he’s awful in the ring.

  3. @Rob: I think that they are trying to show that it doesn’t matter where on the card the people wrestle. It could be just another way of making their product more “modern WWE” as possible. A good example is how John Cena will main event but also open the show in a match on occasion.

  4. @Jake: Except while undercard people keep getting elevated to job for the main event guys – at no point do the main event guys ever come down to work openers/second matches. Konnan is all about wanting to elevate guys (he says it – it must be true!) but it seems like anyone who gets moved up is only put there to job and once they’ve done enough jobs to where they mean nothing again, they’re placed back in the regular undercard position. See: Super Fly, Aero Star, Nicho, Lider, Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz, Alan Stone.

  5. @Jake: A masked message board poster never reveals his identity! But I’m easy to identify since every time I get frustrated with my Spanish, I’ll switch to English in mid-sentence. No me gusto los programadores en el Consejo porque THEY ARE FUCKING IDIOTS.

    Even though my writing in Spanish is beyond awful, Jose says it’s still better than 70% of what he reads on that board. Even Zellner has said it’s almost impossible to decipher the weekly Puebla results that used to get posted.

  6. @Rob:

    Imagine if they spent money on advertising for the show instead of paying for an extra ring or money to fly in idiots…

    That last part made me cry!

  7. @Rob: Ok that is comforting. As long as it wasn’t the Zacatecas show because the non Mexican roster on that show was by far their best yet!

  8. Funny thing is they seem to have a very dedicated team. Everyone that I met involved with their product was very positive about it EVEN IN PRIVATE which is a very rare and good thing.

    The only thing that I can think of that may be holding them back is that the owner may possibly be listening to the wrong people. If too many people tell you that all your shit doesn’t stink then there is a chance that you’ll believe it.

  9. I actually like the EAW’s ring idea. Its different in a good way. It just isn’t booked right.

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