Mistico: Put me in a big main event or I’ll leave (maybe)

Today, Mistico is complaining to Record about how he’s a really big star and CMLL isn’t getting 100% out of him because they refuse to put him in apuesta matches. Mistico specifically complains he’s not headlined a major show since in well too long.

03/20/09: Villano V vs Ultimo Guerrero [mask]
10/17/08: Marco Corleone vs Lizmark Jr. [hair]
09/19/08: Villano V vs Blue Panther [mask]
05/23/08: Heavy Metal vs Toscano vs Perro Aguayo Jr. [hair]
12/07/07: Lizmark Jr. & Shocker vs Black Warrior & Rey Bucanero [hair]
09/28/07: Lizmark Jr. vs Blue Panther, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Villano V, Dr. Wagner Jr., Último Guerrero, Místico, Atlantis [cage, mask]
03/30/07: Marco Corleone vs Universo 2000
09/29/06: Mistico vs Black Warrior – this is the one the article cites

Mistico threatens to leave CMLL and go to Japan or WWE, but he wants to be treated like a king wherever he goes. I don’t know about Japan, but I’m pretty sure I know how that’d go down in WWE (not so well.)

I doubt very much he’s going anywhere, but this is a strange interview to do. The biggest problem is Mistico very much appears to be already getting exactly what he wants; everyone expects the anniversary main event to be Mistico vs Negro in a mask versus hair match (with stuff like Shocker/Dos existing as back up plans if someone gets hurt.) Even more, it’s not like CMLL has been overlooking Mistico otherwise – he surely would’ve main evented the anniversary show versus Perro last year if not for injury, and he’s in the main event 3/4ths of the time he wrestles in Arena Mexico (and about 100% everywhere else.)

If Mistico think he’s being mistreated compared to anyone else, he desperately needs some perspective. He could also learn to be a big more humble and finding better ways to make these complaints than thru the press, where they’ll only ultimately cause him hard. Mistico’s got away with this before and may get away with again because he’s MISTICO, but the day’s quickly approaching when he’ll just be the guy who used to be Mistico (ask Shocker about that) and these things will come back to bite him.

The only sane explanation for this is CMLL decided to go with Shocker/Dos instead for the Anniversary show, and then maybe an explosion like this was warranted. But I can’t believe even CMLL sees rudo Dos as something to get behind to that degree.

In other Reforma articles, Konnan is not just banned from wrestling at TripleMania, but from stepping foot in the arena. Yea, that’s not going to work. Silver King is meeting with the commission tomorrow, and it sounds like they’ll let him off with a public apology and a promise not to wear his mask again. Jack’s still banned as well – though apparently not in as much trouble, because they’ve decided Konnan’s more to blame – and Fantasma says he met with Dorian Roldan to go over all of this a couple days ago.

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  1. Perro might go to AAA and CMLL is upsetting Mistico, Paco doesn’t want to be in the lucha game anymore does he?

    I thought we were getting Dos/Shocker for the anti-triplemania show.

    I hope that cage match isn’t the main for triplemania anymore, if silver king’s not going to be wearing his mask,jack may not be in the match and konnan not even being present.

  2. Mistico has always been a punk. I saw him in LA a few years back. He tried big timing me in the dressing rooms. I laughed at him.

    Its just a case of everyone telling you how great you are until you believe the gimmick is reality. My favorite Doctor has the same problem.

  3. Mistico’s attitude is horrible, but not surprising considering some of the other guys in Mexico seem to have a simliar ‘me-first’ mindset like Wagner, Santito, etc. They wonder why almost every building in Mexico draws so poorly nowadays.

    He should take some courses on how to remain humble from Rey Misterio Jr.

  4. Mexican “stars” have always had bad attitudes when is comes to work. Outside the ring they are some of the best people you’d ever want to meet. I could tell you how much I owe Santo and Wagner but I’d have to start my own blog to do so.

    Outside of wrestling they are very GOOD people. But once the mask comes on and its time to go to work that is a totally different story. In fact I tell the Doc that every time I see him.

    Mexico is a different world. The business down there is completely different than it is up here. Rey Jr is playing a totally different game. He has been able to learn that you have to stay humble and shut up or you end up fired (see Mr. Kennedy)That is why he has been able to make it.

  5. Why shouldn’t Mistico be allowed to “big time” anyone he wants? Whatever show that was – I’m sure Mistico drew more fans in his career than anyone else on the card. Maybe everyone else put together depending on who the co-main eventers were. It’s a no-win situation for him. If he acts like the star he is – he’s called an asshole. If he acts humble (whatever that is – I’ve learnt that wrestlers’ attitudes are much the same as my 13 year old sister and her friends) people just say “oh man… he’s got no star power. He’s just a regular dude.”

    When you’re the star, everyone hates you. You can’t win.

    As for that list above…

    “03/20/09: Villano V vs Ultimo Guerrero [mask]”

    Mistico vs Negro was the co-big draw.

    “10/17/08: Marco Corleone vs Lizmark Jr. [hair]
    09/19/08: Villano V vs Blue Panther [mask]”

    Mistico was hurt.

    “05/23/08: Heavy Metal vs Toscano vs Perro Aguayo Jr. [hair]”

    Mistico’s semi-main match for the tag titles WAS the real draw as it had two months of hype compared to the above match which had 3 weeks. You just typically can’t put a title match on after a head shaving or mask removal. Unless of course the head shaving is Loco Max and the mask loss is Jeque.

    “12/07/07: Lizmark Jr. & Shocker vs Black Warrior & Rey Bucanero [hair]”

    Mistico was hurt.

    “09/28/07: Lizmark Jr. vs Blue Panther, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Villano V, Dr. Wagner Jr., Último Guerrero, Místico, Atlantis [cage, mask]”

    This was the main event… no?

    “03/30/07: Marco Corleone vs Universo 2000”

    Mistico/Ultimo vs Perrito/Garza was the co-draw and hyped just as much as the same hair match that just took place a few months earlier.

    Something about this article doesn’t sit right with me. I get the feeling Mistico said a comment in passing about wanting to headline more shows (as in a sports player saying he wants to play more… this is usually a good thing you know) and the reporter just ran with it as – “MISTICO WILL QUIT UNLESS HE IS ALWAYS THE MAIN EVENT GUY!”

    Anyways – Mistico/Negro will headline in September barring an injury as you mentioned so the article is no big deal and seems real fishy.

    As for the Triplemania stuff…

    It’s basically make or break for the commision. If AAA ignores them – the commision will never be able to every assert any power ever again. If the commision wins out – AAA will just stop running big shows in Mexico City. Here’s the problem though…

    What can the commision do? Outside of threats in newspapers/magazines it’s not like they can call the cops to arrest Konnan/Jack/Silver King the night of the event. At most they can show up and yell at the Roldans but they can’t shut the show down as far as I know. This isn’t the early 90’s any more. The building is paid for and it does them no good to stop a major show the day it is supposed to occur. The *MOST* the commision can do is announce after the event that AAA is banned from running Mexico City…

    … which is even less than a slap on the wrist. AAA runs major shows in Mexico City 2 times a year… MAYBE. They don’t even need to – they just do it b/c it’s Mexico City. They could draw larger crowds in Guadalajara/Madero/Monterrey (maybe).

    The thing that makes it even more funny is even if the commision says AAA is banned from Mexico City – they’ll only be banned until their next show when the banishment will be lifted. This seems like the most likely outcome b/c AAA gets to do what they want and the commision looks like they actually punished AAA in the eyes of the non-hardcore Lucha fans.

  6. I don´t know the reason, but You Tube suspended my account!!!!!!! I’m in shock

  7. @Rob: I’ll keep my mouth shut because I don’t want to go round and round with you. But I will simply say that the show drew 150 people. This was when he was white hot in Mexico.

  8. @r0b3rt0×3L14S: Did they send you an e-mail? In the e-mail it says who complained about you. (TVC Deportes?)

    I second the raising hell motion. This is bullshit. I already have the IWRG main event loaded so I can watch it but that Freelance match was just sitting there and I skipped over it!

  9. @Jake: Not trying to start an argument, just sticking up for Mistico. Any chance you remember when this show was?

  10. Rob:I third the motion to raise hell. Seriously do that run youtube hate lucha libre ? And was going to watch the Oficiales/Traumas title match today, well there goes that idea. :(

  11. @Calabcd44: I’m putting the blame on TVC Deportes right now. I can almost guarantee they saw the link to the youtube page on the ByL forum yesterday.

  12. That would suck if it was TVC Deportes because that 3ra Caida show uses a lot of bootlegged footage. The Japan stuff, the old UWA footage, etc.

    Heck, CMLL used the Mistico footage from Japan that looked like it came from youtube.

  13. @Rob: Ok, but please note that I wasn’t picking on him. I was calling him an asshole nothing more nothing less. On the other hand I know a few guys that know him personally and they love the guy. You know me and my relationship with the Doc. Well I think he is an asshole too. But a good friend to me none the less. JUST MY OPINION.

    I would have to say that the show took place in 2005? I dunno to be honest. I just remember the promoter thinking he was gonna sell out the building standing room only because Mistico was coming. Come to think of it this may have been a couple of months after his U.S. debut at Lucha VaVoom. At the time he was considered the cat’s meow.

  14. @Jake: Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I have no problem with that.

    Any chance you worked a show with the promoter who was using a fake Mistico in the SoCal area?:P

    I think I remember the show you are refering to though. Mistico did an autograph signing the same weekend and Bucanero was there too.

  15. @r0b3rt0×3L14S: YouTube deleted my account two months ago and they never gave it back either. If you ask they have to tell you who complained.

    It’s good you moved over to DailyMotion but if it was TVC Deportes who complained and they are reading this – they will probably try to shut down that account right away too.:(

    If it turns out TVC Deportes is the one who complained, I’m going to ship every copy of 3ra Caida I have to GAORA so they are aware who is using their footage without permission and GAORA goes after *everyone*.

  16. Conspiracy. Lightning just took out several signals from the Riverview antenna farm in suburban Tampa. I’m going to miss RdL as a result. Cubs, last week you had a link to a page on blip.tv with the RdL episodes. Could you provide it again? Thanks.

  17. DailyMotion is safe I have uploaded WWE there and no problems with copyright.

    The problems with the audio were with the AAA entrances principally with Deccnis entrance (AAA @ Las Vegas).

  18. @Rob: Nope, not me…. I don’t really work too much lucha anymore. It isn’t the same out here as it is/was in DF. Too many people with their head up their ass.
    If it isn’t fun I wont touch it. “L.A. Lucha” is just not fun.

    As for who else was at the show I’m not sure. I want to say Averno and Mephisto but I could be wrong.

  19. Could it be loverice that got roberto’s channel pulled? His youtube account is still up. Not trying to start anything. As for Roberto’s move to dailymotion, my job’s IT blocks access to the site, which is where I watch most of my lucha due to my 3G bandwidth limits.

    As far as Mistico goes, it’s too early to say if this is he is legit pissed at CMLL or if he was taken completely out of context. This might be a story to watch further down the line, or it could be that this “report” forced CMLL’s hand to somewhat correctly book a wrestling tournament.

  20. @Rob: If Mistico just said “I want to be in the main event of the anniversary show”, no one would have any problem with it, just like no one had any problem with it when Averno said it a couple weeks ago.

    Mistico’s two mistakes there were

    a) complaining that he’s not been pushed hard by the company on big shows (you went show by show and proved he’s wrong there – either Mistico or the interviewer forgot he was in the anniversary main event two years ago, which makes his point even less valid)

    b) threatening to take his ball and go home. It’s a completely prima donna threat to leave the company if they don’t treat him like he wants. Even Wagner, in all his ego, always amanges to couch it that he wants something (back in CMLL, mask match with Park) for his fans. Mistico is doing it for Mistico.

    There were a lot better ways to express the same sentiment without angering everyone, and they’re all more successful too.

    Worst part is, that Japan/WWE line is his quote, and can’t really be blamed on the author. What I presume will happen is Mistico will deny, deny, deny he ever did the interview in the next few days, but what’s done can’t be undone.

    GOOD: Jake & Robert having an actual civil discussion!
    BAD: r0b3rt0x3L14S’s youTube getting removed.

    @J. Corzo Cubby: Very unlikely to be Lover_ice. It doesn’t seem to be something he’d do, and it’d pretty much have to come from the promoter or a rights owner.

  21. Rob, if you could re up this weeks IWRG on youtube that would be great, I had just started watching it, had to go to work, and when I got home it was gone.

  22. @r0b3rt0×3L14S: Have you considered making the stuff available via file sharing sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload? Megauplaod also has a site called Megavideo (as mentioned above) but I am not too familiar with how it works (like if there’s limits on how many videos you can upload/view without a premium account).

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