Sunday Coliseo results, links

CMLL (SUN) 05/31 Arena Coliseo [Ovaciones]
1) BengalaPrincipe ValientePuma KingTiger Kid
2) Guerrero Maya Jr.Hijo de UltramanStarman DQ René Guajardo Jr.SkandaloVangelis
3) EuforiaNosferatuVirusFabian el GitanoFlashStuka Jr.
4) AtlantisRey BucaneroUltimo GuerreroSagradoShockerValiente
5) Dos Caras Jr.Tetsuya NaitoYujiroHector GarzaHijo del FantasmaLa Mascara

Rudos won the main event in straight falls. Garza was hurt between falls, which made it easier.

Misterioso replaced Rey Bucanero. Nice that Shocker showed up for this one. Guerrero Maya is said to have looked good, but no mention of what drew the DQ.

LuchandoLibre breaks down the Rey Bucanero & Ephesto match to analyze for Rey’s injury. He was limping slightly in the first fall.

Ohtani’s Jacket says Averno vs Panther makes him wnat to give up on current lucha.

The latest Box Y Lucha TV is up.

Apux @ Box Y Lucha has pictures of the Arena Coliseo Acapulco art/music show.

(Watch out for autoplaying music:) Paraiso de la Lucha Libre says Ice Killer had minor surgery on his back. They’ve also got pictures from yesterday’s Arena San Juan show.

In case you’re in Switzerland, here’s the poster for the CMLL matches next week.

15 thoughts to “Sunday Coliseo results, links”

  1. I’m guessing the newcomers will keep occupying the non-TV slots until one sticks and gets regimmicked?

    Color me absolutely SHOCKED that OJ didn’t enjoy Panther/Averno. Here I was ready to rant about how the match wasn’t spectacular at all (like some are raving) but would be given MOTY just b/c it’s Panther and people are desperate to see matwork in a CMLL match. Good to see someone else was able to overlook the ‘Panther effect’ and see the match for what it was… a completely average title match with a beyond shitty ending.

    Mascarita vs Pequeno Damian two Sundays from now will blow it away.

  2. has the last TV lineup before Triplemania. Doesn’t look half bad but somehow I’m sure it’ll come out awful on TV.

  3. I liked Panther/Averno. Was it as great as it should of been, no but it was still a fun and good match.

    Panther looked pathetic though. I wish hadn’t wore those tights and got a hair cut, he looks like a sad old man with a diaper. He should go back to that singlet (plays into his mat wrestling gimmick) and letting his hair grow out.

  4. I will third the statement – r0b3rt0 rules! Anyone who takes time to share Puebla, IWRG and the other weekend CMLL shows is a fantastic man!

  5. Hi all, i’m Norberto and i write out about lucha libre for an italian wrestling site. Firstly, i totally disagree with the OJ, because in my opinion that match it’s been good enought for being a mexican MOTYC candidate, aside the “Panther’s effect”. There was basically everything for a long lasting match (even if it was clipped) with a good mat and technical starting, and a good finish that should be made without the Ephesto’s interrouption. In my opionion this’s been a good match, because in lucha libre there are other bad matches to criticize to, like some AAA’s ones :)

  6. IWRG didn’t seem to air tonight. Or at least from 5:30 till 7 there was track and field on TVC Deportes. Not sure if they are airing it later or if something is going on with them not airing it again.

    I liked Panter/Averno, though I’ll admit I had lower expectations for it so that probably helped.

  7. @Tony Galvan: Thank you!

    @Rob: Thank you!

    @Tony Galvan: Hehehehe relax, DTU is improving, it´s the perfect place for new guys, the last shows were decent :)

    Thanks to all for visit my channel, I have uploaded around 350 vids since March all about Lucha Libre I don´t wanna get money I don´t wanna be famous I only wanna show Lucha Libre to the world.

    The best way for help me is seeing, commenting & rating the vids.

    If you live in Mexico, TVC moved the IWRG weekly show from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm, maybe for the low ratings :(

    Don´t miss the match of Angélico, the chronicles says that this guy wrestles really good, Negro Navarro said too.

    Thank you, see you.

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