CMLL 52MX #183 (05/16/09)

taped 05/10

Links are to theCatchChannel on YouTube. Thanks for uploading the matches!

Mini Warrior, Mini Damian 666 ©, Mini Violencia vs Mascarita Dorada ©, Shockercito, Bam Bam – the depth isn’t there since Halloween and Aguilita left town, but the top mini rudos are still really great. Damian/Shockercito should be a lot of fun.

Averno ©, Texano Jr., Heavy Metal vs Hijo del Fantasma ©, Valiente, Metro – Classic Heavy Metal mail in. I hope Heavy’s music store and other enterprises succeed to a great degree, so he won’t have any need to wrestle any more. The desire sure seemed long gone on this night.

this might be the first time I’ve closely watched this Metro, and he seems OK, though they’re not showing us a lot of him here.

Fantasma is really energetic; he’s much better at seeming interested in the match when he’s waiting for his spot (rather than the distracted from other stuff/focused on waiting for their moment stuff most seem to fall in to.) Still, it was nice to see Averno actually win a match cleanly.

One thought to “CMLL 52MX #183 (05/16/09)”

  1. My problem with the mini’s division now is you only have four top rudos – the three in the above match + Pierrothito. Fire rarely shows up and Pequeno Universo is about as useless as a wrestler can be. It’s like the mini’s division and ladies division had a big switchover. Even 6 months ago you could have a Tuesday show with:

    Pequeno Fantasy/Pequeno Olimpico/Electrico vs Aguilita/Pequeno Halloween/Fire

    A Friday show with:

    Mascarita Dorada/Bam Bam/Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pierrothito/Peq. Violencia/Peq. Warrior

    And you’d still have Pequeno Ninja/Tzuki/Nino De Acero/Shockercito left over along with Sombrita/Pequeno Universo.

    Meanwhile the ladies were constantly Marcela/Dark Angel/random third partner from Lady Apache to Sahori to India Sioux vs Amapola/Sujei/Hiroka or Shimoda.

    I’d love to see CMLL turn Bam Bam or bring in Freelance as a rudo. Signing Mini Abismo would be the perfect scenario though.

    How come you don’t complain about it now being hard to tell Pequeno Damian and Pequeno Violencia apart? Peq. Violencia wanted a new look and just had to paint his face?

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