05/23-24 Lucha Times


AAA-US: Listed as 2h30m right now. Last taping before the flu shutdown, with the four way for the title shot at TripleMania, Jack/Tiger (take one) and the Clowns, the minis, and the power of the north back on TV.

52MX: Maybe the minis match and Pesta Negra vs Mistico/Garza/Sagrado

LATV/FOX: we all find out together who won the tercera on Sunday, since they still haven’t put it up. I bet this the week the actually start the tag title program! Also, Guerreros vs Avernos continue the 100% success rate of the ‘if a wrestler bought a ticket to sit in the front row, he’s getting into a fight’ axiom.


CMLL: 3pm start, top 3. Look, Poder Mexica together (against two of the trios champs, hmm.)

AAA-MEX: Tapings resume with the cruiserweight semifinals, and maybe a surprise appearance.

C3: Guerreros vs Avernos. Sensing a pattern. Enjoy Hijo del Sicodelico’s debut.

6 thoughts to “05/23-24 Lucha Times”

  1. Does anyone know if H.D. Sicodelico’s match is available online? I had a chance to watch him wrestle many times in SoCal and would like to see his continued development. Thanks.

  2. Cadena Tres will be airing the NBA this weekend. Not sure of the schedule, or if this will affect CMLL yet.

  3. ESPN has been airing the Western Conference down here, and they are showing a game on Saturday evening so I think that continues. Cadena Tres looks like they are carrying the Eastern Conference tonight on tape delay (starting at 10:00 central), and live on Sunday.

    Thanks for the heads up though, I had been bummed to be missing the Eastern Finals.

  4. BTW, the info above was from the Cablevision Guide which is not always accurate, but I don’t think anything will be different on Saturday night. C3 is still listing Lucha Libre for 7pm central. Would have been amusing if Lakers/Nuggets had bumped lucha down here though. They could have adopted the slogan “Laker-Nuggets: screwing up wrestling worldwide.”

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