El Hijo del Santo returns to AAA, will wrestle at TripleMania

(Still looking for full results from the taping. But, they might take forever to show up, and this is worth getting up now.)

El Hijo del Santo returned to AAA last night at the Leon TV taping. He’s the third member of AAA’s five man team to battle the Legion at TripleMania, joining La Parka Jr. and Octagon. There had been periodic rumors of Santo going to AAA the last few years – I believe the WON had one a couple weeks ago – but it’s always a big step to do it. Santo’s one of those guys who’d been critical of AAA’s current style in the past, but he also appeared on their TV to do a vignette introducing his son as the (“true”) third generation Santo.

Lucha libre en mexico (via superluchas) has a transcript of Santo’s speech in ring, and In Refroma (via Venom @ El Martinete) caught up with him after the show. The storyline is, as one of the original members of AAA, he’s returned to help get the company back to Antonio Pena’s family. Santo wasn’t on the first shows AAA ran in May of 1992, but started up with them in June and stayed with them thru their early hot period, leaving the company in August of 1995. Santo has worked on AAA spot shows and indy/AAA combo shows, but not been back for TV since.

As for other news we know from the taping: Extreme Tiger, Alex Koslov and Laredo Kid Alan Stone are the finalists in the cruiserweight tournament. AAA’s website continues to say the final will be in Aguascalientes, which is inconsistent with what people heard on the TV show two days ago. I guess we find out in Aguascalientes. Jack Evans appears to have turned tecnico and left the Legion, and Super Fly has not yet made the balancing turn the other way.

7 thoughts to “El Hijo del Santo returns to AAA, will wrestle at TripleMania”

  1. At this point, I’d rather see El Hijo del Santo than not see him, so I’ll cave to being cool with this.


  2. Is this a sign of desperation by AAA and Konnan, by bringing in Dr. Wagner Jr. and El Hijo del Santo? It seems like Konnan has buried all the AAA mainstays and brought in so many foreign superstars, that he needs even more “outsiders” in order to continue drawing fans and interest in the product.

  3. @CJK I think it more of the indy scene becoming terrible and there’s no real money to be made. You either go to CMLL,AAA or Perro Del Mal, in both cases AAA was the better choice.

    AAA always wanted to bring in both guys but they kept turning them down.

    I can do without Vampiro and Konnan(as a wrestler) but Mesias is AWESOME.

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