05/18 AAA TV Results (Leon)

AAA TV (MON) 05/18 Domo de la Feria de Leon
1) Billy Boy, Decnnis, El Brazo b Argenis, Gato Eveready, Pimpinela Escarlata
2) Alan Stone b Laredo Kid [AAA Cruiser, semifinal]
3) Extreme Tiger b Jack Evans [AAA Cruiser, semifinal]
4) Alex Koslov b Nicho el Millionario [AAA Cruiser, semifinal]
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., La Parka Jr., Super Fly b Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
6) Chessman, Electro Shock, Kenzo Suzuki CO Latin Lover, Marco Corleone, Mesias

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#889)
Mexico: 05/24
US: 06/13

Gato and Pimpi did dives in the opener. Guapito hit Argenis, and Billy got him in a ‘rana for the win.

Alan beat Laredo in the only match this round without interference.

Much like Electroshock at Rey de Reyes, Jack wanted to win this match by himself and had Teddy ejected from ringside when he tried to help out. Teddy came back anyway, and cost Jack the match. After, the Teddy and the rest of the Legion destroyed Jack, kicking Evans out of the group.

Nicho struck the ref (Piero) in his match, knocking him out for a while. Marco came while Piero was down, distracting Nicho into being beat by Alex.

Semimain included obligatory crowd brawling. Wagner got Ozz with the Wagner Driver for the win.

Mesias was distracted in the main event, because Wagner stuck around to do commentary. Both sides ended up brawling outside, and Electro was the only one to beat the count back in.

After that match, Nicho jumped Marco, and the rest of the Legion attacked Mesias and Latin. Konnan got the microphone to demand Roldan come out and reveal the third man on his team. That’s when Roldan and Santo appeared, Santo returning to AAA and joining Roldan’s team.

In addition to what was posted previously, Reforma has their article on Santo, which has almost full teams for TripleMania

AAA: La Parka Jr., Octagon, El Hijo del Santo, Vampiro, Elegido
Legion: Kenzo Suzuki, Silver King, Chessman, Electroshock, ?

The big banner AAA’s had on it’s site all weekend, with the non-Santo guys on one side and those four rudos on the other side, kinda gave the surprise away.

It also gives the impression that Santo was a late addition, and I’m not sure if that means they’ll end up with a similar big name for the other side, or if they just haven’t worked out who’s left to be the last man on the Legion side. Zorro’s probably with X-Pac, Teddy’s probably with Jack, and from there you’re looking at Oriental, a member of the Dark Family or the amazing return of El Padrino. Yes, this is one case where the Foreign Legion might not have enough people. My mind is blown.

Next taping is Thursday in Aguascalientes, then Monday in Tlaxaca, and maybe a week from Sunday in Acapulco to wrap up the road to TripleMania.

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  1. AAA must be throwing around some serious green to keep Dr. Wagner and swing Hijo de Santo.

  2. Ok, so Rob was wrong two months ago when he said we had seen the last of Latin Lover in a AAA ring. I did assure everybody that my man Latin Lover is here to stay and I was right.

  3. I just find it strange Santo would come to AAA especially all the negative things people say about the product and Konnan among people inside the business. Santo was one of those people if am not mistaken. Maybe people starting to realize the whole backstage politics thing is exaggerated.

    Santo must of realize he need to be on tv soon because the indy scene is so shaky.

  4. How far fetched would it be for LA Park to be that #5.
    I can totally see ParkAAA/Silver King vs. Wagner/Park in a Relevos Suicida.

  5. @Nikita: I don’t think it would be to far off. The indy scene has been pretty bad for guys expecting to make as much as they did in the past or while in CMLL or AAA. Besides Park’s match style suits what the AAA main events have been lately.

    Plus, AAA has a habit of having a big surprise on their show and upstage it on the same show with another surprise.

  6. USAUSA1 finally got one right! Let’s all congratulate him! Even a blind squirrel… well… you get that point.

    Anyways, I’m betting Santo’s breaking point was realizing he had an upcoming booking at Arena Lopez Mateos (it’s tiny) with all the 80’s UWA rejects and they weren’t going to sell it out. That’s gotta be a huge ego killer right there. Santo knows he needs TV and since he can’t get it with Paco, the Perros don’t have any and IWRG is more of a niche product…

    welcome to AAA, Hijo Del Santo. And congratulations to Paco Alonso – you won.

    Seriously… by jumping to AAA Santo has basically told Paco he wins without actually saying the words. Santo always claimed he wanted to stay independant and could be successful at it. He failed. He can still give interviews saying the Wagner line – “I’m still doing indies while working AAA” but the fact remains he NEEDED the TV exposure and the big name promotion behind him.

    Now if Santo couldn’t cut it working as an indy draw… I’d be *very* worried if my name was Cibernetico, Perro Aguayo Jr. or Blue Demon Jr.. The clock is ticking and they better start choosing sides. Ciber seems so fucked in the head that I think he’s really gonna try to keep this Bizarros thing going through the summer. Perrito will be back in CMLL by the Anniversary unless AAA rushes the Perros vs AAA deal. And Demon… well… he’ll continue to enjoy his NWA shows in front of 50 fans as long as they let him keep the gold belt that means nothing. When they take it from him though he’ll be on the first plane to the closest AAA show.

    I like the thought of Parka for #5.

    I’m terrified at the thought of Daniel calling Latin Lover his man.

    I’m wondering when the Secta members will realize Konnan doesn’t even want them around but he needs jobbers in main events like the Aguascalientes taping and the one above.

    Finally… I’m curious as to how the Psycho Circus fit into ANY angles currently going on. Anyone?

  7. Demon is fine(well besides the NWA Mexico bomb shows). He just did a big show with the NWA in Tyler, Texas that did good business compare to most US indies including recent ROH. Hell, it did better than most TNA shows if you want to get technical.

    Plus, Demon,NWA,Coca Cola connection(watch NWA showcase and you will see Full Throttle Energy drink everywhere),the money coming to him from that whole deal will help him survive. You think Marquez put the NWA title on him because he was a good wrestler? Hell no

    I see Perro being the next to jump to AAA. I don’t think Paco want any of these guys back. Judging from recent jumps, AAA is obviously offering better deals. If the AAA offer is better than CMLL, Perro is going to AAA unless CMLL includes a big hair vs. mask stip with Mistico in the deal.

    Cibernetico is hard to figure out because his hatred for Konnan is getting in the way of his money.

  8. His hatred for Konnan isn’t getting the way of anything. His coke habbit is. How else besides an all-night coke binge do you form a stable with EXTREM EMOTION, ROCKER STEEL, PUNKER and NYGMA?

  9. I for one am extatic to see that Hijo del Santo will be in that cage. Guys like him represent all that is good about Mexican Lucha Libre so he’s in just the right match.

    I’m also happy to see that AAA is bringing in talent that is not only Mexican, but guys people actually want to see. Bringing in Santo and not some ROH guy shows that AAA are actually using their brains.

  10. @USAUSA1: That’s no big deal. Rollergirls outdraws TNA and all indy wrestling in cities like NYC, Asbury Park, Chicago, San Franciso, LA, St. Paul, and Baltimore.

    TNA is good for 1,000 paid for most house shows.

  11. @LLL: Yeah, that NWA show in Tyler with Blue Demon Jr. drew more than a TNA house show in Dallas last August. Hell, an indy lucha show with Mil Mascaras in Dallas last July drew more than TNA.

  12. @John G.: TNA ran some stupid club owned by Live Nation in Dallas. That’s one reason why they didn’t draw. They also sold a show to the Oil Palace in Tyler.

    Yes, some Lucha shows draw better than TNA house shows. But NWA has always exaggerated their attendance figures.

  13. Looks like the opener didn’t air on TV. Not that anyone should be surprised. I actually wish Konnan would find a way to book himself into an angle with Gato Eveready so we can see him on TV since anything attached to Konnan = automatic TV.

  14. Kozlov/Nicho and Laredo/Stone were both fun matches for what they were. And the Jack Evans beat down was brutal. Jack bled a ton.

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