Naucalpan results, Mexico notes

IWRG (THU) 05/14 Arena Nacualpan [Black Terry Jr. & flickr photos]
1) Halcon 2000 b Radamantis
2) Goleador & Jack b Avisman & Mixteco Jr.
3) Capitan Muerte, Cerebro Negro, Fantasma de la Opera b Diva Salvaje, Miss Gaviota, Sexy Gladys
4) Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro b Chico Che, Freelance, Zatura
5) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, Trauma II b Dr. Cerebro, Fuerza Guerrera, Juventud Guerrera

Fuerza’s shirt here is great. Looks like Dr. Cerebro didn’t work out as the third member of the group and the Guerrera turned on him post match.

Previews of tonight’s Arena Mexico show: ESTO, Ovaciones (thinks Marcela/Amapola might set up a title match,), LuchandoLibre (hoping we get Sombra/Volador vs Texano/Terrible in tag champs vs tag champs), Notimex. If CMLL is running a major show in opposition to TripleMania, four weeks away, we should start to see a definite match. The sudden jump

AAA continues previewing Monday’s taping by noting Guaptio will be there, Super Fly seems like he’s going to turn and Latino & Marco will turn team.

(La Cronics via superluchas) There’s going to be a benefit show for Rey Misterio Sr. on June 19th. Main event is Demon/Park/Astro vs Damian/Halloween/Cassandro, and Rey Jr. will be doing an autograph signing.

DTU is running a show, uh, tomorrow. A good 24 hours of warning there. At least it’s free. has a big story on Lucha Va Voom

DJ Spectro talks to the real Monje Loco.

WagnerMania points to video of the When World’s Collide match.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update.

10 thoughts to “Naucalpan results, Mexico notes”

  1. has the Monday Puebla lineup (top two + opener look good).

    It’s exciting to finally have a full day of CMLL to look forward to!

  2. On the ByL forum someone listening to the estadioweb feed said they mentioned 3 new juniors will be making their debut shortly.

    Let the guessing game begin!

  3. Now I’ve got it. HMMM. The suggestion of the person who didn’t post their guess would be OK and make much more sense than their current path (where did that US tour go?), and there’d probably a good month where the related addition would make me excited before reality kicked in.

    @Anonymous: Yes. That’s why I crossed out the word.

    @LLL: Way too young.

  4. @thecubsfan: I guess you’re right about UGjr being too young. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s someone we’ve seen in a quick RdL segment.

    What “US Tour” are you referrin too?

  5. There are Capos. But they’ve been around for some time. This sounds like a debuting group of juniors.

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