Former AAA wrestler Canibal dead

AAA has a short note on him, real name Julio Gomez, but doesn’t have an exact date or age. Canibal showed up in TV opening matches from May to July 2007 and worked some spot shows after.

According to Dr. Lucha, his uncle (IIRC) originally used the gimmick, and this one took it on starting in 2000. Maybe it’ s the uncle’s name we have on the luchawiki?

Update: Box Y Lucha says he passed away on May 10th, in a motorcycle accident (he was hit by a truck.)

5 thoughts to “Former AAA wrestler Canibal dead”

  1. Strange that nobody speaks of him for months, Dr. Lucha mentions him after an e-mail question and now we find out this news.

    I hope next time Sims is on F4W nobody e-mails in a question about Nemesis.

  2. I always wondered what became of him. He was really funny and I would have liked to see more of him.

    I don’t know if anybody will know this but it’s worth a shot. Does anybody know the name of his entrance theme in AAA? I’ll recognize the song if I hear it but I don’t know what it’s called

  3. dis is disheartening news. i remember his aaa matches n was entertained. n i loved his entrance music. im wit daniel…if ne1 knows, let us all know. mayb da death valley forum is a betta place 2 ask but hey, cant hurt 2 ask here can it?

  4. @kow626: I’m not familiar witht he Death Valley forum. If you can find out over there pass the info on to me here on this forum please.

    Glad to see somebody who liked Canibal as much as I did.

  5. @Daniel: jus look over to the rite of dis site under ‘discussion’ n click ‘dvdvr’

    dats da death valley forum. dey hav a lucha theme music thread there. haven’t been there in a while cuz i got all da info i want (xcept 4 canibal).

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