AAA #884 (05/02)

AAA #884 (05/02), taped 03/22

Billy Boy & Sexi Star vs Aerostar & Fabi Apache – it took going to Monterrey for Sexi Star to get on TV! Funny how that works. The Aerostar big dive spots are a lot less frequent on TV than they seemed reading, so I have no problem with it. And it is hilarious that it seemed to cost his team the match.
Nicho el Millionario vs Joe Lider in a quarterfinal match in the Cruiserweight Tournament – exactly what it sounds like!
Jack Evans vs Teddy Hart in a quarterfinal match in the Cruiserweight Tournament – this was a good match by AAA standards. Which means it was okay, probably close to the same match they would’ve done a year ago in an indy promotion. I think Teddy took too much of the match, but he’s Teddy Hart, that’s what he does! Doesn’t make sense to lecture a cow about mooing.
Black Abyss & Electroshock vs Elegido & Marco Corleone – The looking Electroshock/Marco match is not 1/10th of what Niebla/Marco would’ve been, sadly. It’s too soon to slot a guy – it’s his second match! – but Marco seems to be in about the same spot as he was in CMLL. He’s not any close to getting a title match with Mesais and Wagner ahead of him. Hope the non-wrestling is working out good.
Silver King vs La Parka Jr. – whoever you want to give credit for writing here, they could use some work. It’s like an aspiring movie writer who’s seen scenes in other movies they’ve liked, so they write those same scenes into their movie, with no understanding of why those scenes worked. There’s lots of examples of this, but this bit at the end was a good one. Parka’s beat for about ten straight minutes, Silver King so focused on beating him that he was willing to take the draw. That doesn’t make sense to lead into a pull apart brawl (Parka should be stretched out, with Marco and Aero vowing revenge) – if they wanted a fight that was so out of control that the wrestlers had to come in to break up, it should’ve been an even violent battle with both blowing off the ref until a DDQ. The start and middle of the story have to work with the end, or you don’t have as much a story as a bunch of stapled on incidents.

To be fair, some of this sure seems to be Parka being uninterested in being a vulnerable tecnico – he shrugs off beatings at a rate remarkable even for this promotion.

That said, everyone’s well trained to care about Parka. If we started to list everything that doesn’t work for me but seems over with the crowd, we may be here all day. Still, just because a lot of people like something doesn’t make it good.

Escoria, Chessman, Zorro © vs Vampiro ©, Mesias, Charly Manson – I’m never going to complain about Chessman pinning Vampiro, because first of all I wouldn’t have many other occasions to complain and second of all I’m biased that way, but…

Chessman: not any of the next 4 tapings, appears to have no role of note on TripleMania
Vampiro: main events the 3 of the next 4 tapings. Very likely to be on AAA’s five man team for TripleMania*

You’d think maybe Chessman got hurt, but he worked plenty on spot shows in April instead. No long term planning? A win just to make Chessman happy? Who knows.

* You know, I should guess, and hopefully this will turn up on the main page before AAA gives it away: Vamp, Latin, Octagon, Marco, and I guess X-Pac. Parka will be with Silver King, Elegido will be around to replace Latin again. Probably against Zorro, Electro, Kenzo, Jack, and Teddy, maybe with Jack getting blamed for the loss. No Konnan wrestling even if he’s allowed to be, because why would he be in a match where his side loses? PLEASE.

Probably not getting the 05/09 recap until Monday. At least. Hey, close to caught up anyway.

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  1. How did I forget to pick “Cibernetico makes a surprise return as a replacement for one of the participants?” Slipping!

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