Roldan: We hope to sign Wagner to an exclusive contract this week

This ping pong ball of a story is batted back the other way today: Joaquin Roldan says they’re just a couple of details to settle before signing an exclusive deal with Wagner. Of course, that detail seems to be the whole ‘exclusive’ part. If not this week, the goal is to get it done by TripleMania (and it’s unclear if there’s any contractually binding Wagner to work TripleMania at this point.)

Roldan explains the conflict as Wagner wanting the ability to work shows he had been booked for, but were pushed back due to the swine flu. This conflicts with what Wagner says in SuperLuchas this past week; he clearly wanted to keep working independents on occasional while with AAA, not just make up some dates.

It’s confusing why AAA insists on working this process in public. They don’t appear to gain anything from announcing the deal is almost but not quite done. They even stand to hurt the deal; if it was kept quiet that Wagner was barred from working independence shows, it’d be a lot easier for him to keep consistent with the stances he’s taken the last few years.

Dr. Wagner’s refused to take the loss the last few years. I do not mean inside the ring, but in public feuds and battles. He’s gotten the public to believe he’s won a war with CMLL once, and that CMLL is clearly in the wrong by not letting him come back one again and do whatever he chooses. That plays in to why he’s so valuable to AAA right now, because Wagner’s established himself as bigger than any one company. Except, AAA’s trying to cut him down and make it clear he’s not bigger than AAA. Neither the character of Dr. Wagner or the man behind the mask surely likes that very much, and it’s counter productive to get a deal done.

This is all very confusing.

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  1. They still afraid that Dr Wagner do the same as Mr Niebla last year and they want to make sure Wagner still work for them cos they need him cos lately aaa was being less popular cos all the moves of konnan like hirin lots of ex WWE or people who doesnt seem to be in the style of mexican lucha, and roldan should not be worried of dr wagner he should be thinkin what have been happenin with aaa cos if they didnt need at all wagner they should have been ok with their last signs like koslov, romero ( where they are) corleone( who is lookin more for a tv career then lucha) and why they let go others like juvi or super crazy?

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