CMLL LATV #140 (04/11)

CMLL LATV #140 (taped 04/03, 04/05)

Hey, one where I’ve waited so long to post this, I’ve forgotten anything I wanted to say. That never gets old.

Sahori, Lady Apache, Marcela © vs Hiroka, Amapola, Princesa Blanca © – dives at the end where good, Sahori was fine.

Mascara Dorada, Hijo de Fantasma, La Mascara © vs Felino, Ephesto, Hijo de Lizmark © – it’s too bad they didn’t wait to put Mascara Dorada on screen until now, or at least kept him as Metalik for longer. If he was just now debuting, he probably would have had the success they wanted; he’s a lot more accurate and has his confidence back since they’ve programmed him with Virus and Felino. Now, they’ve got a find to get people to let go of their initial opinion and give him a second shot – maybe the scheduled title match in GDL with Virus was supposed to be a practice run for DF?

2 thoughts to “CMLL LATV #140 (04/11)”

  1. Interesting to see LATV billing CMLL as airing Fridays and Saturdays. I hope they don’t do something stupid, and run the new episode every Friday, instead of Saturday.

  2. I can’t wait for that Dorada/Virus title match. Assuming of course that they haven’t forgotten about that title already.

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