AAA #882 (04/18)

AAA #882 (04/18), taped 03/15

Zorro ©, Teddy Hart, Jack Evans vs Alex Koslov, X-Pac, Charly Manson © – this feels like the blow off to X-Pac/Zorro, so…Charly beats Zorro?
Konnan vs Vampiro – you know how to make a run-in spot effective? Have the match end after it. AAA seems to prefer to have the run in lead into something else, which leads into something else, which eventually leads into the finish.

If I was a stickler for logic, I’d be sure to have a reason established for why X-Pac suddenly has the power to count falls. And maybe also find him a referee shirt. That’s jsut me.

Silver King vs Electroshock vs La Parka Jr. vs Latin Lover in the final of the Rey de Reyes – as I was watching the match, I was frustrated with all the dancing they were doing to avoid Electro and Latin Lover actually wrestle. Why not give them a chance? And then they started blowing moves and never mind.