Tuesday notes

ESTO previews tonight’s show, as does Ovaciones. Main is Garza/Panther/Fantasma vs Niebla/Casas/Felino

AAA notes Leon features the Dark Family teaming up as a trio for the first time in a while and maybe some explanation of what’s up with Guapito and the Metrosexuals.

RFC says Mini Charly Manson got his knee surgery on Sunday and is expected back in 3 months. It was thought to be six months previously, so this would be an improvement.

Cesar sees Konnan settling with TNA as a prelude for him going back to working the US.

Kcidis’ latest cartoon previews TripleMania.

Guerrerso del Ring #189 has Virus on the cover. Yay! Inside, there’s an interview with Alebrije, Psicosis, and “Hysteria” about their identity issues post-AAA.

Luchas 2000 #469 has El Faraon on the cover, because he’s referring a match at a legend’s show next week. Slow week.

LuchaWorld has Robert on Arena Coliseo Monterrey 04/04/04 and CMLL 06/22/92 CMLL, as well as KrisZ’s update.

This week’s Ras de Lona is just a collection of moves, dives, and bad injuries thrown together randomly. So weird, but I did have at least 4 “oh, that’s what I’m supposed to call that” moments.

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