CMLL LATV #139 (04/04)

CMLL LATV #139 (taped 03/27, 03/29)
Leono, Flash, Stuka Jr. © vs Loco Max, Arkangel ©, Skandalo – you know, the weird thing about Leono’s mask is I can not find any masked career of Leono. We’re very sparse on 2004 Arena Puebla lineups, but he doesn’t appear in any Puebla show until 2005, and he’d already been working undercard matches in DF by then. When they did that thing explaining his mask, I was expecting a reveal of previous gimmick – did I just miss it?

The match itself was fine and I wish they would just do the Tuareg feud for the Arena Coliseo tag belts already. If I was in charge of the world, I’d be doing six Arena Coliseo defenses a year, and doing Sangre Azteca middleweight defenses the other six months, just so everyone has big match experience before they’re asked to do one that actually matters. Giving people a little bit of motivation wouldn’t hurt either.

Hijo de Fantasma, Sagrado ©, Mictlan vs Terrible ©, Ephesto, Hijo de Lizmark – while we’re doing dumb personal iedas: since everyone’s gotten on board my idea for feuding Valiente and Virus, my next big push is Fantasma vs Ephesto. Fantasma will have to find some way to stop sliding out for no reason except to get toped hard, but the tope itself is worth it. This match was not worth it, with guys on both sides (but much more the rudos) walking their way thru it.