On second thought, no lucha libre in GDL tonight

SuperLuchas is reporting local government in Guadalajara has ordered schools closed and public events canceled until May 18th due to 3 new deaths. CMLL has canceled tonight’s Arena Coliseo Guadalajara show, and this alert would appear to mean the announced cards for Sunday and Tuesday are scraped. Next regular show would  be the Tuesday May 19th show.

No mention of the Record show being canceled yet, but it’d have to be for the same reasons. They’ll surely reschedule it (and CMLL will reschedule this show for the same date.)

19 thoughts to “On second thought, no lucha libre in GDL tonight”

  1. Why is Mexico so behind the ti… ah forget it. He’s been mad fun of enough.

    Really shitty news…

  2. Time for a third thought!

    “UPDATE, En estos momentos, nos informan la jefa de prensa del CMLL, que como caso de excepción las autoridades estatales y municipales autorizaran la función en la Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara como originalmente se habia programado.”

  3. @USAUSA1: Ummm, as someone who lives in Mexico City with a two month old, how many deaths have there been in the rest of the world? I think the restrictions have been helpful thus far, but hope things get back to normal soon.

  4. And in what other country have there been over 150 deaths via the disease?

    In a STUNNING turn of events – Daniel escapes last place in both the “most obnoxious” and “lowest IQ” categories! Still a tie in the “creepiest man-crush” category between Daniel/Latin Lover and USAUSA1/Konnan.

  5. Man crush,LOL. I never said Konnan was a great wrestler or how I want to see him on tv all the time. I did said Konnan does the best interviews on and off tv(TNA fans miss him).

    Robert, you win the award for being the biggest CRYBABY. You complain about every single damn thing and its not even constructive. People deal with you on here because you amusing. They know every time you post something, you going to bitch about something. It’s must be a Canada thing you got the Bret Hart flu.

  6. @Nikita: Tzuki is barely 4’0″ tall – how can that be a man-crush? It’s definitely a creepy midget crush if anything. Get your facts straight!

    @USAUSA1: BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN! The Bret Hart flu! How do you come up with stuff like that on a daily basis? Let me tell you, your posts and Konnan’s mic work are equally off the charts. Just not sure which way off the chart they are…

    I wish we knew how old USAUSA1 was though. Anything under 18 and I’d feel bad for the constant jabs. Anything over 18 and America needs to take a long look at the home schooling system.

  7. @USAUSA1: Would it really have killed you to say ‘wow, I was wrong on this one’? It’s okay if you’re not right all the time, but the unwillingness to admit your mistakes is quite lame.

  8. @USAUSA1: “Man up Mexico?” You’re a sad little man. I hope that if someone you care about dies from this you get shown the same compassion. *shakes head* Shame on you.

  9. I’ll update this story in the morning, but CMLL’s updated their GDL listing page and taken down all the lineups so no shows. MedioTiempo has an interview with Apolo Dantes, who’s saying everything’s canceled thru 05/20, which would mean no shows there until 05/24. Last show was on 04/26, so local guys will be off at least a month. Since no one works all the shows there, it’ll be a even longer for some.

    There’s a lot of people who probably really need to be on shows they do run the next few weeks for economic reasons, but I wonder if GDL folks will try to get some of theirs booked in DF during the shut down. (I’m thinking Saturno here.) I also wonder – if people turnout and business is good, perhaps they do something like running Neza for a month just to help people make up those missed bookings. The problem there is Neza seems to draw poorly unless Santo, Perro or Mistico is on top, but it’s a time for looking at unusual options.

  10. Here’s a heads up: They rebooked the Sunday show @ Arena Mexico to add guys that were supposed to work in Guadalajara. Looks like they just inserted the same GDL matches into the DF lineup but it’s late and my eyes might be deceiving me.

  11. Wrong about what Cubs?

    The first time I’ve ever comment about the flu I was going by your twitter which said “Massive Flu attacks” which to the normal person no one would of guess swine flu or something serious.I was thinking of the normal flu or something similar to the bird flu. The local news was barely talking about it at the time,so how would I know.

    It’s been long enough now for people can go back to their normal lives. Nobody with the swine flu or flu like sickness is going to go out in the public to wrestling shows,etc. The Mexico Government don’t know what they doing so they tell people to stay at home as the solution. Would any other country do that?

    That other guy is a lame. ” I wish we knew how old USAUSA1 was though. Anything under 18 and I’d feel bad for the constant jabs. Anything over 18 and America needs to take a long look at the home schooling system.” Why is age so important to him? He always asking about someone age.That’s question in itself is childish. Straight BITCH

  12. Given that when the CDC raised their pandemic alert level to the next to highest, they told people to get ready to have two weeks supply of water and food, if they had raised it to the highest or it spread throughout the US worse, the United States as a country would have told people to stay home and canceled many, many events if need be.

    Are you really this dumb?

  13. @C: I disagree. The United States would not close schools, businesses, restrict travel, or take any of the same measures taken by Mexico.

  14. Probably not on a national level, at least, not that early or with relatively ‘few’ deaths, but if the CDC raised its alert level one more, there’d be restrictions on air travel, etc. But if they had an area where it was centered around, certainly the local gov’t would be doing things.

    Not really sure what the big deal is here, regardless. I think wanting to avoid masses of people together, especially in the area where the disease was spreading the most is a good idea. Maybe they shouldn’t be extending it another week plus in Guadalajara, but I guess I don’t blame them for being cautious here.

  15. @C: In Barack Obama’s own words, “The horse is already out of the barn”. That means, “the disease is out there, nothing we can do about it now”. The United States is more worried about being politically correct, than protecting the people.

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