05/06: notes

While action in Mexico City seems to be off for another weekend – CMLL’s meeting to decide their path, but it still seems unlikely for Friday – it sounds like lucha libre will be starting up elsewhere in the country. AAA says they will resume events starting today, though their next TV taping is still not for a couple Mondays. AAA’s message sounds less like ‘we have lots of events to work’ and more ‘if you want to promote events, we’re very available now.’ LuchandoLibre notes things appear to be getting back to normal in Monterrey.. Arena Coliseo Monterrey has local lineup for Sunday, with no AAA wrestlers.

Responding to yesterday’s claims, Histeria tells Reforma (via Jazzo) when Antonio Pena gave him the name Histeria 14 years ago, he quite literally gave him the name – all rights to use it when/wherever, with signed paper work and witnesses (Octagon and Marcos Medina.) Histeria says Dorian doesn’t know what he’s talking about here, and the same is true with the current Psicosis, and they’ll take this issue to court if AAA tries to stop them.

Other articles from Reforma: Rocky Romero is upset with the media about over hyping the swine flu; his mom calls him every day worried he’s about to die because of what she sees on TV, but it’s not that different than usual to him. Also, Picudo talks about leaving AAA, mentioning the same story about having to give presents to the programmers to get booked that Super Porky mentioned.

AAA catches up with Rey Misterio Sr., who says he has gone undergone surgery (which is opposite of what’s been said previously), and he’s recovering in an undisclosed location to escape the hordes of press. Really.

Marco Corleone‘s Solo Para Mujeres appearance, which was supposed to be Saturday, has been rescheduled for 07/03.

Ovaciones has a profile of Shocker.

Kcidis has an excellent Virus cartoon.

The newest episode of Box Y Lucha’s Cotorreando has conversations with Lizmark and Chico Che.

Cesar expresses his doubts about Konnan’s statements yesterday.

Big Vision will soon start selling a DVD called The Best of Blue Demon Jr.. They claim the DVD goes over two hours. It’s all NWA matches with a bonus Santo/Demon match.

Close to me, there’s a show this Saturday in Waukegan. Mascarita Sagrada is the big name.

LuchaWorld has Robert on Lucha Libre Azteca 72 and Lucha Libre Azteca 74.

For some reason, an episode of Verdad y Fama showed up in the RSS feed for Ras de Lona, but if you go to the actual blipTV site, you can watch last weekend’s episode. In place of new action, it’s finishes from mask and hair matches in the last three years, Tony Salazar and Brazo de Oro talking about a previous work stoppage (the Mexico City earthquake) and Arkangel talking about his film role as Tequila Joe.

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  1. My Spanish has seen better days, but does the line “Octagón y Marcos Medina, quien ya no labora para ellos” from the Histeria article mean that Octagon has left AAA?

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