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To be honest, I nearly gave up on this podcast during the 25 minute stretch of MMA, and it was kinda hilarious that Konnan was the one who forced them to talk about AAA in the last few minutes. We did get some newsbites. It’s worth noting that Bryan doesn’t watch AAA and Dave says he doesn’t watch it much.

– the big news: Konnan says AAA’s signed a one year exclusive contract with Dr. Wagner Jr., which specifically means no more Perros del Mal shows. Wagner’s talked long about wanting to stay independent and work wherever, whenever, but Wagner likes to talk and probably will get away with it here too. This changes how we look at the TripleMania match – they’re more likely to give Wagner the title if he’s sticking around, obviously. This is all assuming this story is correct – all the papers are signed and whatever.

– Konnan is unrepentant about what happened to Juvi, though he wasn’t involved in the physical altercation. There’s a reference to a past fight between Abismo Negro and Juvi I don’t recall hearing about specifically before, though I think the whole set of events (Juvi goes on TV and says he’s the only good wrestler in AAA and the only one who can speak English -> people in AAA locker room disagree -> and so on) has been mentioned without a couple of details.

Juvi was asked to help out Jack and Teddy when they came to Mexico and didn’t do that, but besides that and all the other issues with Juvi, the breaking point here is Juvi causing Alicia Webb to lose her child in a custody battle. When X-Pac went to rehab last year, Juvi mentioned in on an online radio show, and Alicia’s ex-significant other read about it, and used the information to get the kid, arguing that the child have a safer home with the father. While Juvi couldn’t have seen that coming, it’s certainly understandable why X-Pac would be ticked at him.

– As previously related in the Observer, Konnan strongly feels this current roster is as near to the 94-ish AAA peak that they’ve been done. Konnan feels this is because they’ve got rid of the gimmicks and silliness, and built around big name good wrestlers like himself, Vampiro, Mesias, Marco, Electroshock, Zorro, and more – those were the big names, but Chessman, the Air Force and others were also positively mentioned.

– Konnan feels the guys who’ve left were mostly resting on the laurels, and proof of that is how none have made it to CMLL. (Pegasso & Rey Cometa are forgotten here.) Of note, Konnan confirms that the new Espectro is/was Picudo’s brother. He also says Angel sucked with the Air Force.

– Konnan says they ran 40 shows, the last week before the flu. For April, and from obsessively checking AAA’s website and every other resource I find, I only 40 shows for the entirety of April. I believe Konnan on this one and see this more an indication on the actual (low) percentage of shows that get to the internet (and AAA gets more up than most.)

– Konnan figures Perros will be done in a couple months, but be in a good position to CMLL since they’ll be needing people. Konnan figures Cibernetico will be back in AAA.

– Konnan didn’t seem to know about the Canal Sur Mexico AAA show; when asked about it, he talked about.

– Quote: “I’m a stickler for logic.” Maybe it’s just hilarious if you were watching Vamp/Konnan from Rey de Reyes over the weekend?

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  1. “When X-Pac went to rehab last year, Juvi mentioned in on an online radio show, and Alicia’s ex-significant other read about it, and used the information to get the kid, arguing that the child have a safer home with the father.”

    Honestly, would anyone want their kid raised around a wrestler that has an alleged drug problem? Maybe Juvi did this kid a favor.

    The current AAA roster pales in comparison to that 94-ish roster. He needs to move on from the ’90s.

  2. I’m calling his bluff .. I don’t think there is any formal deal with Dr. Wagner Jr., and I think it’s just Konnan talking to hear himself talk.

  3. *LMAO*





    I’m gonna pass on this one.

    *hands the glass of kool-aid to USAUSA1*

    The rest is honestly not even worth addressing although please remind me to scan the Magia Del Ring lineups this weekend. There’s an interesting backstory to AAA releasing fake lineups just to make it appear like they are running more shows than they really are. I believe Jose exposed this a while back on two occasions.

    1) Lineup was printed for a show in a building that had been shut down months earlier.

    2) Talent booked in three different places in one night on shows that start at the same time in locations that are impossible to reach by car/bus/train/etc.

    Plus you also have to remember if you see an indy lineup with 4 local matches and the main event features a local and Ozz against a local and Alan Stone – AAA considers that their show. But if 2 wrestlers get to work on it, isn’t that ’40’ number a bit deceiving?

    Anyways, it’s at least nice to see Konnan took someone’s advice and stopped insulting the wrestlers he is in charge of.

  4. Can’t imagine Wagner signing a long term deal unless he really feels there’s absolutely no chance of a CMLL return but sounds like Konnan just wanted to bury Perros. Also why would CMLL need the Perros crew? Seems they’ve been doing fine without them and all Perro Jr. has done since leaving has lowered his drawing power/worth. Is Konnan cryptically hinting at CMLL guys jumping to AAA?

  5. @Anonymous: No. Konnan feels CMLL’s drawing badly unless they give away cheap tickets and they need to bring the Perros to create some feuds people will show up for.

    I don’t think I have everything up there – there was a bit where Konnan said only Mistico and maybe UG were getting paid in CMLL while everyone is out, but “many of our top guys” in AAA were being paid. It sounded as if this mean AAA wrestlers were doing better, but if you take him literally, the vast majority of AAA guys are probably going unpaid, just like CMLL.

    There was something else that I’ve now forgot because of that digression. Oh, yeah, Konnan doesn’t think much of the Perros proposed TV deal, feeling it’s too low viewership to make a difference. Totally agree there.

  6. @Alan: I’d like to echo that question.

    Is he refering to the random Perros shows that pop up on TVC Deportes?

  7. I hadn’t even run across any Perros promoted shows there. I definitely haven’t seen the opener show up, and most of what I had seen were Wagner or other indy shows that used the PdM. But, maybe I’ve missed when they aired.

  8. X Pac going to rehab was all over the internet. I don’t think her ex heard some random Juvi online interview.

  9. @El Capo: It was, but surely Alicia’s ex had to present some sort of evidence in a legal setting, and perhaps Juvi’s interview was it.

  10. Konnan said that he got rid of gimmics and silliness. Bullshit, what he really got rid of was variety thus AAA is boring and hard to sit through.

    The fact that he considers himself, Vampiro, and Messias big names shows just how stupid he is.

  11. Alebrije leaving was a loss. At one time, there were too many insects in AAA, but people liked him w/Cuije. People also loved Chuky. I’d bring back Alebrije w/Cuije vs. Monster w/Chuky.

    People talk about how popular AAA is, but their attendance appears to be down as well. Making fun of CMLL for discounted tickets when you can’t sellout Palacio once a year makes no sense.

    And Palacio probably won’t be a sellout unless there’s a big stip match. CMLL will likely have a stip match the night before 3Mania. Lucky for CMLL, they didn’t have to waste a stip match to combat the WWE Palacio show which has been postponed. Mistico vs. Casas, hair vs. hair?

  12. Headline of the newest SuperLuchas magazine:

    Dr. Wagner Jr. contradice a Konnan: “NO SOY EXCLUSIVO DE TRIPLE A”


  13. BTW, what’s the best part when you look back on this WON Live now?

    A: The fact Konnan has so much respect for Meltzer that he blatantly worked him.

    B: The fact Meltzer fell for it without double checking with ANYONE.

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