05/05: shows not looking likely for this weekend

AAA and CMLL are expecting to hear if they’re okay to run shows tomorrow. There’s an article about CMLL having a meeting to figure out their plan, but it’s sounding unlikely they’ll run on Friday. Just from a logistical stand point – you’re going to start promoting a show for Friday on Wednesday afternoon? Not sure the first shows are going to do that

According to an interview in El Metro (via The_First_Iron_Mask @ box y lucha), Dorian Roldan says the wrestlers who’ve left AAA are not and will not be allowed to use their AAA identities. This is what was done when Antonio Pena was in charge, but all the recent departures have been talking and acting as if this situation changed. Rey Cometa was working under that name (well, Rey Cometa Jr.) before coming into AAA and others have similar situation, but guys like Alebrije, Cuije, Psicosis, and Histeria may now run into issues if AAA can enforce this. (And even if they can, Histeria just changes his gear a little bit and changes his name to Hysteria and life moves on.)

I don’t know if the Mascarita Dorada photo is on the front page here, but it’s worth checking to.

Ovaciones previews CMLL Guadalajara card, noting they’re not sure if it’s on.

OCESA is still under the impression the WWE RAW Mexico tour is on for the end of May. They should probably read the Record, who confirms it’s canceled.

AAA reviews the cruiserweight tournament so far, has no idea if Jack and Extreme Tiger are meant to be in it.

El Salvador Foto @ blogspot has photos of a local show.

Things I didn’t expect, but should’ve: a columnist going anti-Mistico and pro-drugs. The real issue is they’re not much a fan of PAN.

Nuevo Laredo wrestler Zeus talks about running half marathons, in his wrestling gear. At least he’s got running shoes on.

Cesar looks at the first Viva La Lucha magazine.

Ohtani’s Jacket checks out Valiente vs Virus and Mascarita Dorada vs Pequeno Damian 666.

Lucha Va Voom is running tonight in LA.

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