Today’s list
– Canceled: Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, until the anniversary show on May 8th. Apolo Dantes uses the opportunity to hype up that show! (Cesar compares this show to the Perros.) This is only the 3rd suspension of shows in that building – once the arena was shut down for a while because of a riot at a boxing show, and the other time was in the aftermath of the Guadalajara sewer explosions of 1992.
– Canceled: Tijuana lucha libre, until May 6th
– Canceled: Lagunera Lucha Libre; only confirmed for the next couple days, including the Wagner show Friday. They’re not yet prohibiting the Sunday shows, but they’re telling people not to go to them.
– Canceled:
Psicosis and Histeria’s DF show, scheduled for today.

Other news:

RFC notes reaching 9 years of writing about lucha libre. Congrats.

AAA wants it clear that it’s only canceling spot shows thru May 6. The May 18th date is their next TV taping, but other shows from the 7th to 18th are still on at the moment.

(Reforma via SuperLucha) Hijo del Santo is threatening a lawsuit against Deportes Martinez for selling Santo gear without permission (or paying Santo.) Most masks and other merchandise sold in Mexico appears to be unauthorized, but it’s a situation that’s been the norm for decades. It’s not a surprise Santo is fighting this, because he’s been so protective of his image and brand, but the twist here is Santo is inviting in CMLL, AAA and independent wrestlers to join in the lawsuit. If Santo was successful here, it’d could be a big change in the status quo, changing the way both stores like Deportes Martinez and the mask vendors outside of buildings do business. So much so that I kind of wonder why Deportes Martinez didn’t try to get this quietly settled (Santo asked for too much? That seems like Santo’s move.)

Ovaciones also has a interview with Toscano about his rehab (he’s about six weeks out), and a generic profile of Dr. Wagner Jr. (old enough that it doesn’t mention anything about AAA.)

Jornada talks to Chritian Cymet and Orlando Jimenez, the writers of the Viva La Lucha magazine series, which was supposed to start Monday but who knows this week. Here, it’s said each edition will come out every second week, so this is going to be a long run. Cymet apparently has a crazy huge Santo collection.

Informador interviews Satanico, who says he saw Dr. No about 30 times before he used the name. He also tells the story about sneaking into to debut without his trainer’s permission, being awful, and being forced to train two more years. Satanico is proud of facing El Dandny in five hair matches in Arena Mexico, and that record is not getting broken any time soon.

SuperLucha says Dark Phoenix is one name under consideration for Dark Angel in TNA, and confirms that she’ll continue in CMLL. HOORAY!

The San Fran Decider writes about Lucha Va Voom’s show there. It must be fantastic to be Tom Kenny right now; you’re Spongebob, and occasionally you get to be a wacky lucha announcer.

Cesar rates Hector Garza.

Lucha y Box En Aztecas catches up with Mini Dracula.

SegundaCaida has their 26-100 most enjoyable wrestlers of 2008. They’ll be breaking down 25 to 1 day be day.

OJ watches the 04/23 version of Terrible Cerebros vs Navarros.

Wrestling Observer has their AAA recap.

Anyone notice that CMLL’s news page links to SuperLuchas’ tag page. That’s something that’d happen if they just cut and paste from SL.