04/25: notes

Not a lot in the way of new news this morning. In Ovaciones, Guerrero del Futuro is quoted as saying this weekend’s cancellations came at request of the government. Refunds aren’t being given out to Monday, probably in an effort to keep people home a bit longer.

Today’s TV ratings in Mexico are probably going to be the highest in a long time. Can’t do much else today.

The Yucatan area AAA promoter, Juan Diego Arjona, is coming to the defense of AAA in that case of the Cancun promoter putting a fake under the Abismo Negro mask. Arjona explains that they usually check to see if everyone’s made it the morning of the show and call back to Mexico City for a replacement if necessary, but if that can’t be done, he always is up front with the fans about who’s no there and the reason if he knows it. He’d never put someone out there as a fake version of someone else, and AAA wouldn’t want him to. Arjona is worried that his business will be hurt by bad promoting elsewhere.

Earlier this week, CMLL had a press conference for Que Viva la Lucha Libre, a 50 week series of collectible magazines covering the history of lucha libre. It’s being promoted by CMLL, which will surely affect the story that’s told (they are following the “75 years of lucha libre” line), but they promise to cover independents as well, and Dr. Wagner Jr. being on the cover of week one – on sale Monday, maybe – seems to indicate CMLL doesn’t have total control. The writers spent 3 years researching the project, so there’s probably a lot of good stuff here, though doing it over the course of 40 magazines makes it a little harder ot get it all than one book (maybe they’ll do that at the end.) There’s also a card game that goes with the whole package, and Hablando de Catch has great photos from the press conference of Terrible, Texano, Shocker, Felino and Fabian trying to play it.

There’s a website for the magazine, and even a way to subscribe, but I don’t see a way to do it for the US.

Record posts the backstory for their upcoming May 8th Record vs Perros show in GDL. The idea is Record just happened to be having a photo shoot with all these guys and things broke down from there.

WagnerMania looks back at Ola Blanca.

Cesar looks at Flash and Felino.

There’s an exhibit of lucha libre photographs in Guadalajara.

Not sure if we’ll get lineups today. Also not so sure what to do with the lineups that are being canceled – just take them all down?

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  1. Yeah that video package for the match was great. Makes me want to see the match.

    I still don’t know what to think of the main event. On one hand it had the crappy “rudo ref in a mask help the other guy” angle but on the other hand it was a bloodbath and the first 2 falls weren’t bad.

  2. @Rob: We were talking about the graphics on-screen promoting the card with Purpura and Miedo. It was on at the moment Tim posted.

  3. Veo TV today had top four from Arena Coliseo 4/1/07 including a full version of a mini’s match with TZUKI!

  4. Maybe CMLL should do a “vault” episode for Televisa, MVS, and C3 next week. This stuff can be fun to watch.

    Meanwhile, some in Mexico are blaming US pork packer Smithfield foods, and their subsidiary “Granjas Carroll” in Veracruz for the swine flu outbreak. I knew the US would take the blame. Evil America.

  5. @LLL: Do you think Obama had something to do with it?

    Ideally they should fill TV with unaired footage since there is so much of it.

    Saturday Gala: Rest of Dos Leyendas.

    Saturday C3: Misc. unaired Tuesday matches including openers and skipped minis matches OR repeat of the first two episodes that nobody knew about since they were test shows.

    Saturday FSE/LATV: Mascarita Dorada vs Pequeno Warrior unaired Lightning Match. PERIOD. Although Cubs seems to think there are some good unaired full shows hiding out there.

    Of course we all know the shows will either be pre-empted or in the case of CMLL’s Gala show – complete repeats.

  6. Check out this report from the LA times on the swine flu outbreak (link included at the bottom):

    Someone discussing the Mexican Government:

    “The problem is this government never tells you the truth,” said lawyer Jose Fernandez, striding mask-free through the posh Polanco neighborhood. “We don’t know what’s real and what isn’t, just how serious this is, at what point they knew about it. . . . And it makes Mexico look bad.”

    JOSE~! LOL! That would be hilarious, if it was Jose, but then we get this little tidbit about another guy and his kid in Mexico…

    “The only mask that Julio Rojas Ruiz had put on his 8-year-old son was a bright red plastic version of those used by Mexican wrestlers.”

    I wonder what mask it was.

    I’m going to wear my Mephisto mask wherever I go this week!


  7. Canada reported it’s first cases of the swine flu today with more to come.

    I definitely agree that Jose Fernandez is to blame.

    Oh, is that not what you said?

    Well, I blame Jose anyways.

  8. I had been planning on going to Mexico in mid-July to visit family, but if this isn’t cleared up in a month, I’m not going. There’s enough crap down there that wants to kill me as it is.

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