04/22: Mexico, Monterrey, Zorro


CMLL (TUE) 04/21 Arena Mexico [ESTO]
1) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II b Apocalipsis & Semental
2) Angel Azteca Jr., Angel de Oro, Angel de Plata b Caligula, Messala, Polvora

3) Bam Bam, Mascarita Dorada, Shockercito DQ Pequeño Damian 666, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Warrior
4) Black Warrior, Lizmark Jr., Misterioso II b HIjo del Fantasma, Sagrado, Valiente
5) La Mascara, Mistico, Volador Jr. b Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto

Main event ended with Mistico and Averno left alone in the ring and you know how that goes. Funny how Mistico remembers to do La Mistica against Averno, but seems to have forgotten to use it again Negro. ESTO mentions the rudos were screwing around outside the ring during the second fall and actually got counted out by Tigre Hispano, but they all just ignored it (because that wasn’t supposed to be the finish.)

Shockercito faked a foul to win the minis match.

indy (TUE) 04/21 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [RFC]
2) Xtreme Dragon b Kaientai, Sick Boy
3) Memo Valles & Sangre Chicana Jr. b Corazon Adictor & Maldad Adicta
4) Sergio Romo Jr. & Silver Star b Difunto I & Mongol Chino Jr.
5) Rey Sagitario b Androide [hair]

Intersting story of the day: While reposting Angel’s AAA exit interview with Box Y Lucha, they mention Pimpinela & Zorro are rumored to be leaving. Pimpi probably will be scrambling for dates on the indies with most of the people who’ve left, but Zorro might be (and should be) of use to CMLL. Zorro’s wrestled in CMLL in 1999, after the dead of Promo Azteca, and would be fun to see mixed in with top of CMLL (which still seems stale despite Dos’ turn.)

Anyway, Angel says he’s leaving AAA on good terms and will not be prevented from using his name (though he might change his look.) He’s hoping to get to CMLL.

Other Angels who appear to be jumping: Dark Angel wrestled a dark match at last night’s TNA taping, losing to Awesome Kong. It sounds like a tryout match, which they’ll ignore if they get on TV. TNA puts it’s dark/b-show matches on it’s website, so perhaps this’ll turn up. SuperLuchas is all over the photos from the show, of course.

Silver King answers back to el Fantasma (though the article strangely says Hijo de Fantasma), complaining that he’s banned when Rey Misterio can wrestle with his mask on despite losing it, as well as unnamed wrestlers in Arena Mexico. Who’s he takling about here? I’m going to be banging my head off my desk when someone reminds me, but all I can come up with is Hooligan (who remasked in about 4 years and 8 months, but is okay now.)

Anyway, Silver King says at one point that he doesn’t need a mask, but then complains that they let him wear a mask in Japan with no problem and Mexico’s being unfair. He also drops Fantasma’s real name, which is not the way to win friends and influence people. Silver King says the mask is “pure marketing”, and banning him from wearing it is like banning people from long hair or makeup.

Super Fly claims to AAA’s website that Laredo turned on him first, and it’ll be up to the fans if he becomes a rudo.

Ovaciones has a big profile of Bengala, who claims he’s related to no current wrestlers and says he’s making his debut on Sunday.

Desde Ringside interviews Martha Villalobos and Martha Villalobos during a local show.

Paraiso de la lucha libre has photos from the show to honor Dinamico I. So does mortis666 @ box y lucha.

DJ Spectro also reposted the Valiente’s lost 20 KG (44 lb) and hopes to lose 5 more article.

DTU is in Monterrey for their show Sunday.

Cesar rates Mistico, Sagrado (who’s been in CMLL six years and has had zero noable feuds – that is CMLL) and La Sombra.

Dos Caras Jr. has altered his look to resemble Toluca’s Diablo Rojas.

SuperLuchas is selling Arkangel masks.

Ohtani’s Jacket watches Terrible Cerebros vs the Navarros from 04/16/09 (which was apparently the title match), while Segunda Caida watched the 04/02 IWRG show.

The Milwaukee Decider talks to the promoters of Saturday’s Monto Lucha show.

33 thoughts to “04/22: Mexico, Monterrey, Zorro”

  1. Man , now El Zorro’s leaving?!? If this is true, then the only reason I would watch AAA for is the Fuerza Aerea . Well on the bright side, might get a chance to see tecnico Zorro once again !!

  2. Silver King’s an idiot. Of course they let him wear the mask in Japan, he didn’t drop it there and its not something that is a part of their tradition in pro wrestling. I’m pretty sure that if he dropped his mask there, they wouldn’t want him wearing it again.

    In Mexico, he lost his mask and I would assume he got paid well for it. You don’t see Villano III show up wearing his mask again just because he needs money. There have been a number of guys in Mexico who have dropped their mask, wear them to continue selling them, but remove them before their match begins (or in Super Astro’s case mid-way through a match).

    Silver King should stop dicking the fans around and just say he wears his mask because he wasn’t getting enough bookings or money as the unmasked Silver King and with the mask, he got a gig with AAA and at some point he’s going to drop the mask again for another payday.

    So basically, Silver King thinks the ‘mask’ is just another part of his ring gear. Next time some promotion, say Promociones Wagner, decides to promote a show with the main event being a mask match, remember that match doesn’t mean shit to the guys running the promotion, so it shouldn’t matter at all to the fans who decide to buy a ticket to said show.

  3. This would be the best time for El Zorro to jump ship and go to CMLL. He’s near the top of AAA, but with AAA focusing on El Mesias, Dr. Wagner and all the foreign dudes, he’s going to get lost in the shuffle. He’d get immediate heel heat in CMLL with the fans for being a ‘AAA guy’. He should stay as a rudo because in CMLL right now, outside of Mistico, they book tecnicos poorly. Heck top of the card sometimes have rudos vs. rudos.

    CMLL should sign El Angel and have him, Rey Cometa and Pegasso as a regular trio. Have them feud with Los Infernales and Tuareg.

  4. I like Dos’s new look. I’m guessing we’re still going to get the same old, same old in the ring, though.

    Is he the only rudo in CMLL unaffiliated right now? If he’s going to fued with Garza, he should bring up a couple of undercard guys to team with. I think I know a couple of Romans…

    Speaking of that, could Silver King have meant Messala?


  5. I was shocked to hear the rumor of Zorro leaving AAA. I believe he is one of the better wrestlers in AAA, and he will be a bigger loss then former AAA Champion Cibernético.

  6. WOW … Just heard that Sarah Stock defeated former TNA Knockout’s Champion Taylor Wilde at the Impact tapings in an Xplosion/Webcast match! :) That is a pretty huge victory for the former CMLL superstar!

  7. I just have a feeling a few people who left CMLL will be second guessing their decision soon. Wagner and Corleone in AAA has been as impactful as when Ultimo Dragon and Pantera jumped.

  8. I’m knew to Lucha, so would it be easier for Marco Corleone to jump back to CMLL if he (or Alex Koslov/Rocky Romoero) became unhappy with his status in AAA?

  9. The way he jumped from CMLL to AAA, No way would he be able to go back easy.

    And I disagree with LLL about Marco. He’s about in the same position in AAA that he was with CMLL now. Plus I like his team with Elegido and he seems over.

  10. Wagner probably will main event Triplemania and just ask Marco does he regret it so far am sure he will respond. Marco is still extremely new to AAA, his Impact won’t be felt this soon.

    Remember when people thought Charly Manson was leaving, I think this is the same situation with Zorro. Angel left on good terms which is new, I think he will be back in a couple of weeks once he realize CMLL would never pick him up and the indy scene is terrible.

  11. has rey sr. gottin’ any heat for remasking,eventhough he lost it in ’88. doesn’t the rule say you can re-mask but under a different gimmick.

    i dig silver king,but building a possible mask match w/parka and SK losing and getting paid for it just seems lame.by the way(in seinfield voice)what is the deal with hijo de dr.wagner? is this for real,or is it his ex-wife(rossey moreno)trying to get some face time for her and thier son?

  12. Dang ZORRO might be leaving?! I probably won’t be paying much attention to AAA anymore. It would really be the best time for him to go. To me he’s like their best overall: mic, character, wrestling. Him leaving will be leave a huger hole in AAA than Ciber. All they had to do was turn Mesias face and jack him up and he’s Ciber #2. Zorro is just too good to be let go. I can’t believe he’s never gotten a title run. I think CMLL would do him good though, and he could easily be on top without foreigners and a bunch of juiced up dudes overshadowing him.

  13. I know this isn’t a big indicator because I don’t have a HUGE number of views on my youtube shit, but the one match I posted with Zorro has like double the number of hits than the rest of my stuff, and most of those hits are from Mexico. If it’s indicative of a trend, him leaving isn’t good for AAA.

    OR FOR ME. I can’t see him on TV if he jumps, damn it.

  14. What type of Impact you looking for though? He jump into the upper card scene and winning most of his matches right away.

    I can’t see Zorro being used that good in CMLL. He won’t be given promo time. He can’t use his kendo stick which is part of his gimmick. He would basically be a regular guy that wears black.

  15. @USAUSA1: Not sure. But I’m guessing AAA wanted Wagner and Corleone to have big impacts like WCW expected when Luger, Hall, and Nash all jumped. That’s what these jumps are all about-recreating 1995-1998 boom period where people jump and appear as surprises on AAA tv.

  16. I listened to TROMATAKER’s commentary. Cool.

    I think there’s a way to get the crowd noise in there if you record on VHS.

  17. @Alfredo: Makes no sense though. It’s not like the Silver King mask is a big deal anyway. He was a big star for years without the mask.

  18. @LLL:

    I don’t think I do currently. I will in the summer when I move back to Castaic, but right now I only get galavision.

    As for the crowd noise on the lucha libre for gringos stuff, I DVR the stuff. I can put the noise in but you’d hear the commentators too. I’m also using the shittiest video editing software possible(windows movie maker) so my sound options are pretty limited(some of the older stuff has music in the background under my talking, but that jacks up the video quality because you basically have to render it twice since WMM SUCKS)

  19. @tromataker: If AAA is not a “full mix” on audio channels 1 and 2, you’ll be able to do it. Most wrestling companies put commentary and crowd on ch. 1 and just crowd noise on ch. 2. So if you do commentary on ch. 2 we’ll hear you and all those fans.

    Anyway, it’s cool hearing the English commentary. Both groups should find someone to do it cheap in Mexico. Especially for the bigger shows.

  20. Dude I’ll do it for super cheap. I’d even work for masks or something. Just give me a tape of the shows. Seriously, AAA site running dude, if you’re reading this, I know you want to get into US low-wattage markets from what Konnan was saying. I’d be glad to do some commentary on that stuff just to be involved with the product.

  21. Zorro realize there no other place to go and he’s in a good position in AAA. Why leave a main event spot in the number 1 lucha company in Mexico without a solid offer from another company waiting for you? Marco jump because AAA gave him a good deal and the chance to be the top guy in the number 1 promotion. CMLL will never take away an AAA main eventer because Paco would never give guys good deals. Perro gone,Wagner gone,Santo gone.

  22. @USAUSA1: With Zorro, these rumors are going to pop up all the time because he’s the one guy in AAA who would work well in CMLL and is one of the few guys in wrestling that works well as a rudo (not one of these tweener rudos who want fans to cheer them like Wagner use to do in CMLL, or Casas, etc.). Plus, I think fans are trying to guess who’s next to leave AAA, but most of the guys who’ve left weren’t getting enough booking, were not showing up much on TV, and not near the top of the card (besides Cibernetico and even him, there are rumors of him returning at some point).

    I think El Zorro has a great perspective when it comes to all these rumors, unlike others like Wagner, who ripped his own fans on his fan site when he jumped to AAA. Cubs pointed out on his twitter page an article with El Zorro discussing these rumors and he basically says it doesn’t bother him and realizes its just fans discussing federation jumping and wanting to see new matchups and he even admits to thinking of the possibilities, but he’s happy in AAA.

    My pick to leave AAA next is Alan Stone. He rarely shows up on the TV show and he’d most likely get back in CMLL.

  23. @tromataker: Problem is that AAA does not have a tv show. Televisa has a show called AAA, and they have final say, so I don’t think you’ll see anything happen in that area. Look at what happened for the US tour. The weekly AAA show did NOTHING to promote the dates on Galavision in the US. Pathetic.

  24. @Alfredo: Seeing Casas come out to Atrevete te te by Calle 13 is funny, and a good example of a heel trying to appeal to tweeners. I think Zorro would be a face in ArMex though. His heel turn made sense at the time, as he was an aging pretty boy who could no longer stand next to Lover, el Elegido, and others in that role, so he had to repackage himself, but I can see him being a tecnico again no matter what he does in the future.

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