AAA #876 (03/14/09)

AAA #876, 03/14/09:
– this was the really great Poder de Norte/Air Force match. I think I went on on this match already, so here I’ll just hope that the Air Force being good together doesn’t mean ill-fated attempts to break them up. And Gato Eveready and Billy Boy were underrated parts of this match.
Electroshock had his working boots on! I wonder if someone told him what was down the road for him. If you stop caring about Super Fly losing every time, this was a nice little match.
Zorro vs X-Pac was six minutes and so good to be only six minutes. Not that it was horrible, but they had six minutes of match to do and it would’ve been horrible stretched to 12.
– I think this was the best Chessman/Mesias match, now that I’ve liked a lot of their stuff in the past. Maybe it was just Chessman getting a genuine clean win.
Main event was interesting only for the Latin Lover/Abismo Negro stuff, and Charly’s run-in at the end. You’ll see I tend to zoom thru the Abismo stuff, because there’s no real point to it now.

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  1. If you want to see the Poder Norte vs Air Force match with English commentary that I put up a while ago, click on my name to be taken to my youtube page. The video quality isn’t as good as thecubsfan’s, but it’s an alternate take to the commentary track.

  2. I liked the handshake stuff. It’s good that AAA remembered that these guys had a feud going a while back instead of pretending like it didn’t happen.

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