AAA #875 (03/07/09)

AAA #875, 03/07/09: Didn’t really dig this episode.

Minis just existed to tease the title match they’re still not doing and provide bodies for the rudos to beat up yet again (nice touch by giving minis rare promo time just to talk about Konnan).
– lame finish didn’t help, but there’s been better Apaches/Morneos/Billy matches than this one
Kenta/Tiger vs Alex/Rocky might have been technically fine, but I didn’t really get into it.
Nicho/Lider/Zorro vs Silver King/X-Pac/Parka wasn’t technically fine. Oh no.
Chessman vs Mesias was nice as a profile of Piero, The Only Man Who Counts People Out. Mesias needs stop doing matches built around him selling a body part because he can’t do it while doing his offense, and you can’t build up sympathy for overcoming something that doesn’t appear to be bugging him in the first place.

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  1. Konna doesnt care for the minis or women matchs they just want to copy what others do and mix them the cuban is doin well with his stuff( sarcasm)

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