04/18: Mexico, Puebla, Torreon, GDL

CMLL (FRI) 04/17 Arena Mexico [Alan, ESTO, Ovaciones]
1) Angel Azteca Jr.Sombra de PlataPuma KingTiger Kid
2) Bam BamMascarita DoradaUltimo DragoncitoPequeño ViolenciaPequeño Warrior,Pierrothito
3) HirokaDark Angel [lightning]
4) Mascara DoradaMetroValiente DQ Shigeo OkumuraSkandaloVirus
5) Blue PantherHijo del FantasmaLa MascaraFelinoMephistoNegro Casas
6) Dos Caras Jr.TerribleTexano Jr. DQ Hector GarzaMisticoShocker

Dos’ first match on the rudo side.  He won the match for his team by tossing hsi mask to Shocker, who was caught with it. ESTO seems harsh on his performance – I think they wanted him to be more rough and less tricky.

Mephisto replaced Heavy Metal, and the rudos lost in that match to triple dives at the end.

Tecs took the fourth by straight falls, Virus fouling Valiente in the second. Maybe they are doing that feud?

Hiroka beat Dark Angel would be an upset if there wasn’t some expectation Dark Angel was finishing up here. I’ve been seeing some spot show lines up of of her facing Amapola in title matches (though no results), so I wonder if ther’s an actual plan for her to give rudas wins ont he way out, or if it just seems like there’s a plan.

CMLL (FRI) 04/17 Arena Puebla [Ovaciones]
4) Ultimo GuerreroRay Mendoza Jr. [CMLL HEAVY]

No surprise.

AAA Wagner (WED) 04/15 Estadio de la Revolucion
1) Autentico & Centella Azul Jr. b Licantropo & Rey Sagitario
2) Chamuco Trevino & Emperador Azteca b Brillante & Psycho
3) Arana del Futuro & Sexy Piscis b Maquina 27 & Moro III
4) Chamuco Trevino & Emperador Azteca b Arana del Futuro & Sexy Piscis
5) Chamuco Trevino b Emperador Azteca
6) Killer Clown, Psycho Clown, Zombie Clown b Cuervo, Escoria, Ozz
7) Silver King b Charly Manson
8) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Mesias b Konnan & Zorro

El Siglo de Torreon hated this show so much, it took took two articles to express it. Silver King came to the ring in his mask, wrestled a bad match with Charly Manson in his mask, left the ring in his mask, and took of his mask just before he got to the entrance (so he could say he didn’t wear his mask the whole time.)

CMLL (TUE) 04/14 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [CMLL]
1) Quazar b Hierro
2) Angel del Mal b Idolo
3) Rey Trueno b Nube Roja
4) Leon Blanco b Asesino Negro
5) Satanico b Metal Blanco
6) Metro & Stuka Jr. b Misterioso II & Shigeo Okumura
7) Atlantis & Mr. Niebla b Hector Garza & Shocker

Atlantis pinned Shocker with his feet on the ropes. Satanico stripped Metal Blanco of his mask for the pin.

Ovaciones also has an interview with Psicosis and Histeria, touching on their AAA departure and focusing on a Ruleta de la Muerte show they’re running on 04/30. Not a full lineup, but it’s heavy on recent AAA departures.

Juvi’s press confrence doesn’t read like he said much new; he did show offical papers showing he was filing a lawsuit against Jack and Konnna, but not AAA. Haven’t heard much about it outside of SuperLuchas, but maybe it’s all over TV and I don’t know.

Oriental talks about his rough childhood. The Morenos did not have it easy.

Rosa Negra will be out three weeks, recovering from knee and elbow injuries.

Want to see a really dark video of Cibernetico pushing a reporter for asking too many questions? Why were they taping that, anyway? Why did they have many many photos ready to take when the shove happened? Hmm.

Las Vegas Weekly has a pretty good interview with Super Crazy, who’s wrestling Super Parka as part of a show there on Sunday.

Mistico got his handspring on a walk of fame, and talked a couple of stories – he wouldn’t do Solo Por Muertes (because kids are his biggest fans) and he sides with Juvi over Konnan.

Atlantis is a Chivas fan.

Santiago Times covers the big Chile show of the year.

LuchaWorld points to a video Rey Misterio vs Juvi, back when people cared more about Juvi’s wrestling.

Not going to be around until this evening, so feel free to drag lineups over to the comments.

04/17 AAA TV Results (Tepic)

Edit: fixed the Air Force finish. Thanks KrisZ!

AAA TV (FRI) 04/17 Tepic Nayarit [AAA]

1) Killer ClownPsycho ClownZombie ClownGato EvereadyPimpinela EscarlataUltimo Gladiador
2) Super FlyLaredo Kid [AAA CRUISER, torneo]
2) Laredo Kid b Super Fly [AAA CRUISER, torneo]
3) Alex KoslovRocky Romero [AAA CRUISER, torneo]
4) Kenzo SuzukiOrientalZorroCharly MansonEl ElegidoX-Pac
5) Electro ShockSilver KingLa Parka Jr.Marco Corleone
6) Joe LiderNicho el MillionarioMesiasVampiro

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#886)
Mexico: 05/03
US: 05/23

There’s like a 99% chance I’ve got a finish wrong here. For one, I’ve read the Super Fly/Laredo Kid description  over and over, and I don’t think they actually mention which guy won the match. This feels like a total filler taping anyway.

The top 3 are all Legion winning with help from other Legion members. For this week, at least, Oriental is part of the Legion (Japan!). After the main event, Konnan tried to recruit Mesias for the Legion yet again, and got turned down yet again. Fourth match continued X-Pac/Zorro.

Alex won clean in the D-Mex tournament, both guys hugging after. Not so much for the Air Force one, as Super Fly worked as rudo and refused to shake hands with Laredo after the match.

Clowns were at 265 on Wednesday, so maybe that’s 267-ish.

Next taping is Tuesday in Cuautla. Haven’t seen a lineup for it yet.