CMLL LATV #136 (03/14)

– women’s match was fine, better than most we got in the Marcela/Blanca feud. Lluvia had the roughest match I’ve seen of her so far, but it also appeared she was stuck wearing a t-shirt because someone decided her outfit was too much for Arena Mexico, so she’s okay with me. (Not for the outfit, for the messing with authority, totally.) There’s a rant I need to write out at some point about how the whole system is engineered for new women to be pushed out way too soon and fail, but I’ll save it for when someone cares.
– Tiger Kid vs Angel de Plata was one of the better lightning matches they’ve done and won over a crowd who wasn’t in to it.
– main had some bad moments in the third fall, Sagrado looking a lot more like a novato than the guys in the prior match.

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  1. *shrug* That’s a question for Cubs. I tend to skip lots of womens matches until I watch the shows in full on my DVD player.

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