04/14: AAA, Box Y Lucha

Highlight of my day is AAA’s website writing about the Montreal Screwjob. See, the idea is, if you’re going to be vastly derivative, you should at least explain who and what you’re deriving from, and the Jack/Lider/Konnan skit is being said to being like a follow up skit WWF did a week later (with a midget and stickers.) Why that skit, and not the dozens of much more recent examples, who can say. It’s also amusing that they go over that this is a copy of something someone else did somewhere else, but don’t explain why AAA would be doing it at this point. I saw a post on Box Y Lucha saying AAA justified it, and it doesn’t read that me to me – they’re only explaining their joke.

Juvi and Lizzy Valentine are mentioned as “apparently not longer part of AAA”, which is one of those lines that makes me sure luchalibreaaa is actually just a fan run site who gets press releases from AAA.

AAA also says El Brazo has not left. No word on the other half dozen guys. There’s also an article about the Jack/Teddy issues.

Ovaciones previews Dos Caras Jr. as a rudo, ESTO highlights Black Warrior’s return

AAA’s posted their lineup for Friday’s TV Taping: Marco is in Dr. Wagner’s spot (though elsewhere on their site, they list it as surprise wrestler.) Wagner’s booked on a Perros show the same night, so that’s was probably why. Lineups still feature a lot of 2 tecnicos vs 3 rudo matches, as well as Alebrije booked next Sunday. No sign of El Brazo – if El Brazo is with AAA but doesn’t wrestle, does it matter?

Sicodelico Jr. has signed a developmental deal with WWE and will be headed to their Florida Championship Wrestling developmental promotion. This has been talked about for nearly a year now; his dark match was back in June (at the recommendation of Super Crazy!) but most of the attention has focused on his cousin, Dos Caras Jr. Over WrestleMania week, Rey Misterio Jr. mentioned his concern about the lack of Mexican wrestlers coming to the WWE in a few different places, so maybe there was a recent push to get this finally resolved. Sicodelico is a former Gran Alternativa winner and worked CMLL from Oct 2000 till the end of 2003 and worked in CMLL and IWRG in 2006, but has mostly been based in Texas and worked for US indies (including the NWA), off the usual radar of this blog. Since he’s worked with US workers so much, I wouldn’t expect he’ll have any style problems with WWE. Like everyone else, he’s just got to wrestle at least okay with FCW and hope someone in WWE had an idea for him (and until they come up with that idea, no idea if he’ll keep his mask or not – though I would expect a name change.)

On Box Y Lucha:
Villano III talks about recently passed friends Dianamico I & Alejandro Romero
– A story about Mistico praising Absimo Negro turned into another discussion of the Arena Mexico fans and Mistico. Mistico says only those fans boo him, and they only boo him because he’s hitting Negro Casas, but he’s got tired of being hit by Negro Casas so he had to fight back. He has no interest in turning rudo and notes he’s the only star wrestler who stays a half hour to sign autographs after matches. He’s headed to Japan on May 3rd (so no shot of him being added to the 05/03 NJPW card) and hopes to do well.
Sombra talks about his time off; he rehabbed and he went home to visit his classmates. Sombra hopes to be a star of wrestling of the level of Blue Panther, Ultimo Guerrero, Atlantis or Mistico, and then to also wrestle in a Japanesse or American company, but his progress has been faster than he imagined.

Kcidis has a cartoon of new champ Mascara Dorada

Guerreros del Ring #185 has Negro Navarro & Los Trauamas. There’s an interview with Psicosis and Histeria inside.

There’s a masked Mexican in a Burger King ad. Don’t care.

Cesar writes about Blue Demon’s ill thought out attempts at a deal making with CMLL and the higher level of risk running an independent show than CMLL faces running it’s own.

Ohtani’s Jacket checks out the Black Terry/Cerebro Negro/Dr. Cerero vs Negro Navarro/Traumas trios from 03/28/09.

WrestlingObserver has their AAA TV recap.