04/13: Mexico, GDL, Perros

CMLL (SUN) 04/12 Arena Mexico [box y lucha, SuperLucha, Ovaciones, proyeccion luchistica, Cesar]
1) Sombra de Plata & Trueno b Cholo & Semental
2) Arkangel de la Muerte, Dr. X, Hooligan b Leono, Metalico, Molotov
3) Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara, Stuka Jr. b Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca, Shigeo Okumura
4) Marcela b Rosa Negra [mask]
5) Atlantis, Lizmark Jr., Ultimo Guerrero b Dos Caras Jr., Maximo, Shocker
6) Negro Casas b Mistico [CMLL WELTER]

Negro took the first with a castia, Mistico did one of his own for the second. In the third, Negro Casas pinned Mistico when Mistico’s second (La Mascara) accidentally distracted the ref, and Negro took Mistico’s mask. The crowd booed Mistico. Stop me if any of this sounds familiar. In the usual mask vs hair mic work after the match, Mistico talked about liking boos, which is a sure way to get the crowd to cheer him.

Dos turned on his partners, of course, and rudos took in straight falls. They seemed to reunite Dos and Lizmark. If I was planning long term here, those two be the next challengers to the tag team titles, so let’s thank god I am meaningless. SuperLuchas did an interview with Maximo this week, and it sounds like he hasn’t decided if he’s leaving or not, but he’d be going to the indies and not AAA if he did.

Rosa Negra vs Marcela reads like a brutal match. Maybe not even in match quality, but in destroying the particpants. Marcela got hurt early on – Rosa moved out of the way of a dive and Marcela hit the stage – and SuperLuchas says she spent most of the match crying. Rosa Negra suffered what is believed to be a major elbow injury in the finishing sequence, and she was put on a stretcher after returning to the locker room, and taken to the hospital. Match still sounds like it’s pretty good, so I hold out hope it’s better than Villano V vs Ultimo Guerrero.

Rosa Negra is Jessica Dayna Hernandez, from Mexico City, 17 years a professional wrestler (and no age given.) The PL link has video (of the MVS video on the big screen) of her unmasking. Obviously, she didn’t stick around for the post match publicity pictures, so it seems everyone just took a picture of her while she was on the stretcher. Remind me never to be a luchaddor.

Molotov’s chin connected hard with the ropes in his match, taking him out of it and requiring seven stitches.

Cesar – who’s new blog looks really interesting – says Tuesday drew over 12,000 and Sunday over 10,000, though these are at Fan Appreciation prices.

CMLL (SUN) 04/12 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en El Ring, MT: 4, 5]
1) Leon Blanco & Thunder Boy b Angel del Mal & Infierno [torneo tanque dantes]
2) Palacio Negro & Samurai b Acertijo & Mr. Trueno [torneo tanque dantes]
3) Katana & Malefico b Boomerang & Gallo [torneo tanque dantes]
4) Blue Panther, La Sombra, Mascara Dorada b Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) Rey Bucanero b Volador Jr.

In the most important wrestling league format tournament to end on April 12 (except maybe this one), the favorites were robbed of victory in the final match. Palacio Negro & Samuari reached 8 points (4 wins, 1 loss) with their win. Boomerang & Gallo need to win to match, but Malefico yanked Gallo’s mask and covered him for the win, the first for his team in the tournament. That wraps up the tournament:

8: Palacio Negro & Samurai
7: Boomerang & Gallo (and Meteoro)
5: Leon Blanco & Thunder Boy
4: Acertijo & Mr. Trueno (and Rey Trueno)
4: Angel del Mal & Infierno
2: Katana & Malefico

Note the top 3 teams are the tecnico pairs. Rudos went 2-7 against tecnicos.

In matches people beside me might care about, Rey got Volador clean in the main event, with mask/hair challenges after. In the semimain, Panther caught Averno with an armbar for the finish and requested a shot at his title. Quick, which title is that?

PERROS (SUN) 04/12 Plaza de Toros, Texcoc [SuperLuchas]
1) Dr. Wagner Jr. b el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Cibernetico

The bit they did here, and on Wednesday in Acapulco, is Cibernetico snapping on Perro Jr. after one too many accidents. It is about time for them to get a new main event feud and Cibernetico vs Perro sounds like it – they’ve already got it on the cover of Luchas 2000 #466.

Pierroth II and Pierroth Jr., talking about their recent benefit show for Pierroth and plans for future ones mention that Pierroth is in motor and language rehab right now.

Al Filo del Ring talks to the original Mascarita Sagrada, La Parkita and Octagoncito about AAA passing their names on to others. All have no problem with the men using the name since them – they’re just working under orders – but are unhappy with AAA trying to pretend they don’t exist and trying to keep them from using the name.

Super Astro thinks cage matches are crap lucha and should stop. I love Super Astro.

WagnerMania covers Dr. Wagner Jr.’s first AAA TV match, noting that AAA held a moment of applause for Abismo Negro before the main event. Mr. Reyes has tons of pictures of the show, from the upcoming Gladiatores report. AAA’s recap of the show omits the Juvi skit and mentions Fabi’s not happy with Aerostar for kissing her.

There’s a odd licensing wrestling situation in Los Mochis. Usually, when licensing comes up, it’s that the wrestlers haven’t bothered to get themselves licensed. Here, the wrestlers want and need to get licensed, and the commission hasn’t gotten around to issuing licenses. Local wrestlers have been prevented from working shows outside Los Mochis because those commissions won’t let them work unlicensed, but their commission is ignoring requests to hand out licenses.

Box Y Lucha 2918 has Dr. Wagner in AAA. The article headlines include two more AAA departures: Picudo, and Espectro de Ultratumba (one and done!). FWIW, “Mascara Divina” is listed as working a Villalobos card. Maybe he’s left AAA too, but it could always be one of her characters misspelled. There’s also a new episode of their TV show.

Ohtani’s Jacket checked out Atlantis, El Hijo del Santo, Tony Salazar vs El Satanico, El Dandy, Espectro Jr. from the mid-80s, and Mascara Dorada, Metro, Valiente vs Euforia, Nosferatu, Virus from this week. Why won’t CMLL just do the Valiente/Virus feud already?

CMLL (WED) 04/15 Arena Coliseo Acapulco [apux @ box y lucha]
1) Fuego Negro, Orca, Pez Tigre vs Black Silver Jr., Capitan Atomo, Hijo de Black Silver
2) El Guerrero vs Histrion [hair]
3) Dark Angel & Marcela vs Amapola & Princesa Blanca

First CMLL lineup I’ve heard in this building – which was a weekly stop at one point – since last November.