Latin Lover off tomorrow’s AAA TV taping

Via AAA’s website. Elegido will get a main event opportunity, teaming with Marco Corleone and Parka vs Silver King, Ozz and Cuervo. Very nice job  of AAA getting the word out a day ahead of time of a card change. I hope this the start of a trend.

And so ends the useful portion of this post…

(insert sounds of a flashback here)

Latin Lover and Marco is interesting on a meta-level (assuming Latin shows.)

If anyone would like to say “I was wrong!” in the comments, now is the time.

Anyway, Marco’s been pretty clear what he wants (a big wrestling career and outside the ring career not too far off from what Latin Lover has done for himself) and Latin Lover’s been pretty clear what he doesn’t want (to team with anyone who he might be in compeition for the same role), so, kinda saw this one coming.

5 thoughts to “Latin Lover off tomorrow’s AAA TV taping”

  1. “Latin no podra estar en la función de tv”—AAA website.

    That means he “can’t” attend it doesn’t say he doesn’t wan’t to attend.

    That’s all I will say on this matter. No further comment.

  2. @Daniel: Remember when I said you might have seen Latin Lover in an AAA ring for the last time? Remember when you disagreed and blew that thought off? Fun times.

    And if you read the actual article instead of misleading headline…

    “Latin Lover no estará en la función de televisión de este viernes 10 de abril en la explanada del estadio Neza 86, su lugar será tomado por El Elegido…”

    Latin Lover WON’T be there. Although very few will notice since Elegido will be around.

  3. Dancers show parka corleone and elegido, i wonder how many women will get this match cos it seems like they just do shake the butt that wrestlin ( except for the parka he do a bit better then the other two)

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