04/07: Mexico preview, Alebrije, Brazos, Japan

CMLL (TUE) 04/07 Arena Mexico
1) Rayo Tapatio II & Trueno vs Caligula & Méssala
2) Fabian el Gitano, Flash, Tony Rivera vs Loco Max, Skandalo, Vangelis
3) Mascara Dorada vs Rey Cometa, Pegasso, Angel de Oro, Angel Azteca JR., Angel de Plata, Super Comando, Polvora, Inquisidor, Tiger Kid [cibernetico, CMLL SL]
4) La Mascara, Mistico, Sagrado vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto
5) La Sombra & Volador Jr. vs Atlantis & Rey Bucanero [CMLL TAG]

Previews: ESTO, Ovaciones

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Haven’t done a poll in a while. Still not especially sure if this is winner take all or winner faces winner next week, but it’s the Super Liegro championship so I’m trying not to care. You could so easily come up with 10 more that I think that’s what happening but I’m not positive.

I haven’t written much about the tag title match. I think it could be fun, but it seems like a real stretch to build Sombra & Volador up only to have them lose in a title defense that only exists to do a special main event for a fan appreciation show. Rey & Atlantis would not be bad champions, but there are better ways to even do that.

Quite the jam packed lineup of tecnico high flyers.

Ovaciones reports Alebrije and Cuije are out of AAA. Everything you need to know about how the press feels about AAA in 2009 is summed up in this subheadline:

Something is happening within this group and we have no doubt that his departure has to do something Konnan.

Alebrije & Cuije haven’t been on TV since the 01/31 show in Chalco, though they’re still listed as working next Wednesday. Like everyone else who leaves AAA, they’re headed to IWRG. I kinda wonder what’s up with IWRG, because there’s no Thursday Naucalpan show, and there’s no Xochimilco Saturday show until the 25th.

Luchas 2000 #465 has the Brazos – el Brazo, Brazo de Plata, and Brazo de Oro – reunited (for the first time since maybe 1996? – that was the last CMLL teamup, anyway.) I think we can take this as soft confirmation that El Brazo is done in AAA, and I’m kinda surprised UWE hasn’t already announced the inevitable Brazos/Villanos trios match.

Note that cover also mentions Perros getting on TV in May, but doesn’t say where. Judging from the comments, it doesn’t say much more inside.

It’ll be Mistico and Misterioso II who head to NJPW this May for a couple shows. No title shot for Mistico quite yet, and no Dragon Rojo – which is probably for the best, because he’s probably not ready for this spotlight yet, and Misterioso is very deserving of the opportunity. Plus, it allows CMLL to just continue working thru the Hijo del Averno lineup (though they might he skipped to the last guy in the group.)

Matches are:
05/05 Korakuen Hall: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Tiger Mask IV, Mistico vs Giant Bernard, Black Tiger V, Misterioso II
05/06 Korakuen Hall: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Mistico vs Hirooki Goto & Misterioso II

I could not be possibly be more for the idea of Mistico & Tanahashi teaming. Both shows are taped, the 5th for Samurai TV and the 6th for SXW. And, hey, if you’re uploading to matches to YouTube in a month, you ought to add a watermark to the video so we can all see when CMLL uses it on their TV shows.

This week’s Ras de Lona episode features the guys from the Japan/Mexico tour, among the usual half million other things. I think Leono mentions who he was before he was Leono (which explains the mask he was wearing on LATV), but I couldn’t make it out.

DJ Spectro has a three part (1 2 3) tribute to El Solitario, who passed away 23 years ago yesterday.

WagnerMania is helping out with an auction for Grond XXX, with a mask up for bid.

Kcidis previews Guerreros del Ring #185, including his cartoon.

As part of the Los Campeones de Lucha Libre in Atlanta two Tuesdays from now, there’s a free after party at a nearby bar.

El Universal does the What Is Lucha Libre article, framed around AAA’s LA show.

SuperLuchas has added Hector Garza gear to their store. Meanwhile, still no Artillero cap, but I may settle for an Atlantis one. (Well, I would if shipping wasn’t THIRTY FOUR DOLLARS, or the price of three hats.) This reminds me that someone asked me where they might buy a lucha libre lineup poster online; I didn’t know at the time, but now that I see one here, I can’t find that e-mail.

LuchaWorld has Robert on AULL 09/27/06, CMLL 12/01/07, and AAA 11/15/07, plus KrisZ’s news update.

25 thoughts to “04/07: Mexico preview, Alebrije, Brazos, Japan”

  1. Does the Garza shirt come with fake muscles? Suckas Gotsta Know!

    I bet Ernesto or whoever he has handling the store is going to get the “will that shirt fit” email a few times.

  2. I’d consider buying a few of those posters for my office but the shipping is $29.00 and with my luck they’d never show up.

  3. New IWRG’s been posted on You tube. When did Fuerza Guerrera turn tecnico and started being friends with Freelance?

  4. After he defended his IWRG Welterweight Title against Zumbido on 02/14, he told Zumbido that he fought good enough to respect him, and on the next day they were friends again and they teamed with Freelance.

  5. Oddly the title defense against Official 911 has played down here the last two Mondays in a row. Not sure if they just haven’t taped anything new in that time or what.

  6. Fuck an Artillero hat – you need a Fantasma’s kid hat. Watch my newest YouTube video, about 20 seconds in. Now THAT is a hat! It night even make you start doing his gay upside down bearhug finisher to random strangers!

  7. @Alan: So you’d be the guy that could probably confirm this… over on the ByL forum there have been many people suggesting you can buy video tapes of every Arena Mexico show from the week before outside the building before the Friday night shows. They also say it’s the full show, not the TV version. Do you have any idea?

    @r0b3rt0: AWESOME! New IWRG – finally!

    I took Dorada to win the belt tonight. The final two should be interesting since the rudos are much weaker than the tecnico side. I wonder if they’d dare match up Dorada vs Cometa or Pegasso? Maybe Polvora? His physique automatically gives him a better chance of a push.

    Sombra/Volador should easily retain. I hope it’s a good match. Gotta figure only the top 3 air this weekend.

    Alebrije back in IWRG is awesome news. He’ll surely get a huge push as back in his younger days he was the prized kid in Arena Naucalpan. Who can Cuije feud with though? The new Guapito that Zumbido carries around?

    “05/06 Korakuen Hall: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Mistico vs Hirooki Goto & Misterioso II”

    Technically this match involves wrestlers that have all worked for CMLL! Well… Goto got in the ring but he didn’t actually work.

  8. First Super Porky, then the Piratas , Vipers, and now Alebrije and Cuije. Is it safe now to call Konnan the AAA killer. I voted for Dorada to win tonight. Mistico + Misterioso II = AWESOME !!

  9. @Rob: I’ve bought DVDs from two or three different stands there. In each case they were either pulled directly from TV/PPV or in one situation from a commercial VHS tape (Santo/Casas stip match which I think was probably produced in the US since it was from LA). They are all DVD-R and of questionable reliability. But at 30 pesos each and given the lack of commercially available CMLL DVDs, its hard to complain. More interestingly, I’ve purchased last year’s Dos Leyendas (Garza/Perro) from three different vendors. They were all identical copies which were from the SKY ppv, but did not include the first two matches (minis and women). So, my guess is that there are only a couple of sources who are creating the originals and then selling them to the vendors who go to the shows.

    Are they saying video tapes as in VHS or a short hand for DVD? I’ve never noticed an tapes for sale. If there is actually a source for the uncut live shows, I’d love to find it. I’m guessing that it doesn’t exist (seems like some unaired matches would show up online and/or they would make it into the US resellers). But, if anyone wants to tell me which of the vendors outside Arena Mexico have the tapes, I should be going to a show at some point in the next couple of weeks.

    I also went with Dorada. As has been pointed out, everyone else in the match seems to be a few steps below him on the card. But, maybe CMLL will pull off a surprise. Hope the tag match is as good as it should be. Would be nice if it had more of a buildup, but maybe they will continue the feud from here.

  10. @ Alfredo:

    Is Hector Garza importing his muscles from Hydra?

    I picked Dorada to win the Cibernetico because it doesn’t look like anyone else on that list is being pushed as much as Dorada.

  11. I don’t read German but…

    “- Unter der Maske des Black Tiger steckte Rocky Romero, der das Gimmick schon 2005 als vierte Generation verkörperte. Nach der Demaskierung von Romero tauchte allerdings erneut der schwarz angezogene Black Tiger V auf, der Tiger schon in der Sumo Hall am 15.02. angriff. ”

    A quick translation says Tiger Mask beat Black Tiger V who was Romero but then another Black Tiger appeared?

  12. @Rob: No, it’s V. I think.

    Timeline seems to go
    – Black Tiger V debuts on 02/13 NJPW show, attacking Tiger Mask IV
    – Black Tiger is scheduled for the March tour, but it’s not until the tour is in progress until everyone realizes it’s actually Black Tiger IV and not the new debuting guy
    – Tiger Mask IV beats Black Tiger IV in a belt vs mask match, Black Tiger V re-appears to attack Tiger Mask IV after the match.

    My guess is either Takawi was unavailable for the March tour but they didn’t realize it until they ran the angle, or Romero wasn’t unavailable (or they decided too late, or there was some other issue) for the 02/13 run-in, so they debuted Takawi a little early. Either way, not the clearest story.

  13. Hey, has anyone ever seen Canek’s MSG match from about 1982? It was around the time WWF was working with Toreo. I’d love to see the match.

  14. Romero was Black Tiger IV the new guy is Black Tiger V. I’m guessing they unmasked him both to end the gimmick for him and to build a bit of mystery about who the new guy is.

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