Questions for the next Lucha Listen In

We’re going to be taping a new news show Saturday evening, talking about Abismo Negro, Dos Leyends, and Rey de Reyes. If you have questions, leave them in the post below and we’ll try to get them. Thanks!

16 thoughts to “Questions for the next Lucha Listen In”

  1. what it could be the main event on the anniversary in CMLL?
    Which line u think AAA will follow after juvi and konnan personal feud?
    Wagner will stay in AAA for the triplemania?
    Corleone, Koslov and Romero will be on the spot after they leave cmll to join aaa and they will be on the main events?

  2. Abismo negro death will be used for aaa things?
    what will happen with black abiss?
    Negro casas vs mistico can be good for a main event in the anniversary?

  3. So what are the chances of Mini Abismo leaving AAA and going to CMLL?
    Who would win in a fight between Fuerza Guerrera?
    Over/Under on low blows in that match?
    What’s the deal with Histera/Psicosis being rumored for that Perros Show?

  4. re:
    What’s the deal with Histera/Psicosis being rumored for that Perros Show?

    Any chance with Psicosis gone that Nicho will reclaim the name?

  5. @Sexington: a couple of years ago before peña die there was a match between nicho and new psicosis for the name in aaa apparently the name still on aaa so if hysteria and new psicosis want to work with perros they must have to use other names or be with the permission of aa to use there

  6. Doesn’t mean anything but in that angle didn’t Histeria actually end up winning the Psicosis name?

    But yes, AAA owns both gimmicks. It’s likely they both thought about/planned/threatened to leave because AAA was doing nothing with them, but they worked things out for now. Considering they’ve been booked on TV again.

  7. What do you think will happen with Mini Abismo Negro and Black Abyss due to the untimely passing of Abismo Negro will they stay the same entirely, stay in the same gimmick and just get regimmicked or will they get regimmicked entirely?

    Do you think AAA will ever have Billy Boy, his wife Faby Apache and step-father Gran Apache ever get along for more than 5 months?

  8. do you believe that the black family is underrated?

    Will the atomicos title return?

    is the mini abismo negro gimmick gone?

    What is your favorite aaa cmll match of all time?

  9. After many months of Laguneros vs. V5: how could a feud between Ultimo Guerrero and V4 last until the Anniversary Show without the rest of the audience running away? Or will they use that feud to build up to a big event one day before TripleMania in DF?

    How should CMLL handle guys like Black Warrior who constantly show their lack of discipline?

    What was up with that Dos Caras turn that never took place at the end?

  10. What’s the name of the theme song on the Lucha Listen In (same song Rey Bucanero uses I believe)? Has anyone ever asked Rey why he has a TNA log on the back of his hoodie? Did he get a bunch of these made for the few weeks he was in Orlando?

  11. The theme song is Rey’s I have no idea who it’s by or the name of it.

    I like it because it tells you what the podcast is all about; lucha, it says it alot. It’s a pretty good song on it’s own merits and it’s not the cliche Los Luchadores song. I was thinking of changing it up every month but I got too lazy and I figure I’m skating on thin ice with copyright issues. I must do an episode with Gato Everready’s music. I’m even thinking about throwing a drop of El Fuerte’s Hyper Dynamic Cooking Time in the intro!

    In regards to Rey, I’m sure he wears as a means to say he’s been in our companies and he probably enjoyed his time in TNA.

  12. What is the likelihood of AAA doing another stolen ashes angle?

    Maybe a Southpark type angle where Black Abyss injests a milkshake blend of Abismo’s remains, thus becoming Abismo Negro?


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