03/27: Mexico, notes

CMLL (FRI) 03/27 Arena Mexico
1) Sensei & Trueno vs Inquisidor & Semental
2) Flash, Leono, Stuka Jr. vs Arkangel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Skandalo
3) Ultimo Dragoncito vs Pequeno Violencia [lightning]
4) Hector Garza, Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara vs Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
5) Dos Caras Jr., Mascara Dorada, Shocker vs Averno, Mephisto, Terrible
6) Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero vs Texano Jr., Villano IV, Villano V

Previews: ESTO, Ovaciones. Talk mostly about the rematch in the main event and in the fourt match

AAA wishes Super Porky will in his future endeavors.

Promoting the LA AAA Show, La Parka Jr. talks about his career. First show of the tour is in Fresno tonight, with Rocky Romero scheduled in for Abismo Negro.

TelevisaDeportes is holding a contest to win a meal with Atlantis. You do need to be in Mexico City to enter.

On SuperLuchas, Shocker discusses his imminent singing debut.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news recap.

47 thoughts to “03/27: Mexico, notes”

  1. I can’t beleive AAA let Super Porky go. What fucking morons. So they let go of a legend that everybody loves to watch but they invest money in nobodies who do hard core.

  2. Investing in nobodies is sometimes especially in wrestling the best move. You need to build for the future. TNA is a company that invest into big names/so called legends and well it hasn’t exactly help them. WWE is a company that invest in new guys like Orton,Cena,Batista,and it turned out well.

    Porky at the end of the day was a comedy act and not a type of veteran you can build young stars off.

  3. @USAUSA1: Cena and Batista were never nobodies in the first place because they had star qualities to them, so they were wise investmentrs. When I talk about nobodies in AAA I’m talking about nobodies like X-Fly, Padrino, and Brian Danielson who are useless. I and I can’t forget Joe Lider.

    You can say all this shit you want about how Porky is at the end of his day etc, but the fact is that a guy like him sells tickets and people would rather watch him than a guy like Nicho, Joe Liber, Crazy Boy etc.

  4. @Tim: If you don’t think Pory and Latin Lover are legends then you really don’t know Mexican wrestling. That’s like saying that Hulk Hogan isn’t legend.

  5. You seen star qualities in Batista when he was Dvon right hand man as the Deacon?

    Nicho and Lider are popular. Maybe not on here(which is no surprise). Teddy and Jack has been great so far.

    Danielson wrestle one show.When the last time you seen Padrino or X Fly wrestle on AAA television? I could understand if you seen these guys on a weekly basis but you don’t. I can’t even remember the last match they had.

  6. @USAUSA1: “Maybe not on here(which is no surprise).”

    Of course not. You’re so much better than all of us. What would a bunch of Lucha Libre fans know about Lucha Libre?

    Where can I find a message board run by Cubans who pretend to be Mexican? Then I will really find out about what works in pro-wrestling and as a bonus I can learn how to trick mark ‘tards into thinking I don’t run a promotion.

  7. @ Konnan:

    lol. everyone knows that you book the entire promotion. who are you trying to fool. in all seriousness though, you’re not really lying as you are involved in some way with every single match on just about every single taping. so technically you are only booking your stuff, its just that you’re stuff happens to be everyone else’s stuff too.

    @ Daniel:

    you mentioned 3 guys who dont really work for AAA. and i’m a big Hermandad fan and i would rather watch Nicho & Lider than an old & out of shape Brazo de Plata. Crazy Boy is entertaining, but he’s better when he runs his own shows as he takes sicker bumps and actually does some crazy shit.

  8. @Bruce: I mentioned guys who AAA had previously brought in and failed miserably because they suck. My point is that AAA/Konnan thinks that losers who do hardcore and look like they’re from a trailor are going to exite people when in reality they don’t.

    If you would rather watch the Hermandad than Brazo de Plata then you are among a slim minority becaue most people have a lot more fun watching him than two losers who do hardcore to make up for the fact that they have no talent or carisma. Brazo de Plata (Super Porky) had more carisma and in-ring psycology in his little finger than Nicho, Joe Lider, Padrino, Crazy Boy, and X-Fly put together.

    And on top of all that everybody in Mexico knows who the fuck Porky is. The same cannot be said about the other guys I just mentioned.

  9. Everybody knows who Sting is,should TNA push him over Joe? Everybody knows who Hogan is, should WWE bring him back for Mania?

  10. Yes and yes. Joe sucks now.

    I live next door to a Mexican, Should I ask him if he knows who Super Porky is Daniel?

  11. Not sure if the right hype for the mini’s hair match is to… not air the mini’s trios match that set it up.

    Oh well.

  12. @ Daniel:

    i dont know what parts of Mexico you go to, but i’d say anyone that watches wrestling in Mexico knows who Nicho is. you’re talking like Hermandad are some unknowns that just recently started their careers. also, if you look in the audience at a AAA show (they pan there enough) i’d say you’ll see more people wearing Hermandad shirts and holding 187 signs, than Super Porky shirts and signs.

  13. @Bruce: AAA doesn’t exactly sell a whole lot of Porky merchendise, and I really haven’t seen any Hermandad shirts in the crowd either, so I don’t know what show you’ve been watching.

    The parts of Mexico I visit often are in Jalisco and I have friends from Monterrey. Most of the people I talk aren’t big fans of wrestling but despite not being into it they ALWAYS know the names: Santo, Perro Aguyio, Mistico, La Parka, Latin Lover, and Super Porky. When the non-fans know who these guys are that says something about their star power. 10 years from now nobdoy will be talking about a guy like Joe Lider, because he is a nobody and he sucks.

    Guys like you, Tim, and USAUSA1 are casual fans who surf the Internet, read results, read blogs, but really have no understanding of wrestling. Porky has passed the test of time so why are you fruitlessly trying to discredit him?

  14. @USAUSA1: I normally don’t agree with Tim but he is right when he responded to you asking

    “Everybody knows who Sting is,should TNA push him over Joe? Everybody knows who Hogan is, should WWE bring him back for Mania?”

    Tim said “Yes and yes. Joe sucks now.”

    Thank you Tim. TNA should push Sting over Joe because Sting is better PEOPLE WOULD RATHER WATCH HIM, and Sting will sell a Hell of a lot more tickets.

    McMahon tries to bring back Hogan for Mania every year but the only reason why Hogan hasn’t been back for a while is because he and McMahon can’t agree on the terms. But McMahon does want him because he knows that Hogan will rake in lots of money. Look back at Summerslam 2005 when the Main Event was Hogan vs Shawn Michaels. The guy rates for that ppv were comparible with Wrestlemania.

    So there you go.

  15. Guys like you, Tim, and USAUSA1 are casual fans who surf the Internet, read results, read blogs, but really have no understanding of wrestling. Porky has passed the test of time so why are you fruitlessly trying to discredit him?

    I’m not trying to discredit him but the guy can’t do much anymore. He almost has a heart attack each time he goes to the ring. While his cage escape in that one cage match last year was funny and entertaining, it was sad to watch. He’s better fit for a promotion like UWE that focuses on the old guys.

    How many AAA shows have you been to Daniel?

  16. I guess watching wrestling for 20 years don’t count for anything. I just don’t understand……..

  17. @USAUSA1: You’re right it doesn’t count for anything because somewhere along the way you started thinking the way Russo wants fans to think, and you started beleiving in all the commentaries you read by these so called “smarts.”

  18. @Tim: AAA was at it’s best when it had variety. I know that Porky has limited athletic ability, but he brings many other things to the table. So I don’t agree that he should be in a company that focuses on old guys, he should be part of the AAA variety.

    It’s like a salad. A salad needs a varitey of things in it. You don’t eat your lettace, peppers, and tomatoes separately.

  19. How does Russo think? Didn’t I just bash TNA aka the company Vince Russo booking? I thought the internet smarks hates Russo? You confusing me, is am a casual fan,smark or Russo fan?

  20. @USAUSA1: Oh I know that Internet fans bash Russo without even realizing that he brainwashed them in the 90’s. It was Russo who started the whole attitude era that was all about shock value and hardcore. this is what Internet fans are always calling for so they are thinking like Russo even thought they bash him.

    Remember, it was Russo who got rid of all the legends in WCW (after disgracing them on TV) and replaced them with no-stars. And you’re the one who’s saying that Samoa Joe should have preference over Sting, and that Hogan shouldn’t be at Mania, so yes you do think like Russo, and you are a casual fan, and a smark.

  21. @ Daniel:

    “Guys like you, Tim, and USAUSA1 are casual fans who surf the Internet, read results, read blogs, but really have no understanding of wrestling. Porky has passed the test of time so why are you fruitlessly trying to discredit him?”

    no one is trying to discredit him, but you’re basing what he did in the past on his present. he’s way past his prime. he’s close to 50, very out of shape, and cant put on a quality match anymore. just because he was something 20 years ago when he teamed with his brothers doesnt mean he should be working for a major promotion. Harley Race is considered a legend, should he be in a major promotion right now and wrestling regularly?

    you can insult the 3 of us all you want, it doesnt change the fact that you’re wrong. and the comments you’ve made sound more like something a casual fan would talk about then a wrestling expert as you seem to want us to believe you are. the fact that you think Porky is a better wrestler right now than Nicho, Joe Lider, & Crazy Boy and that he deserves a spot on AAA’s roster over them shows how little you know about wrestling.

    the comments that you’re making are as if you just started watching wrestling. go back over the last 15 years and tell me who had the better matches Nicho or Porky? exactly. Porky had some star power in the 80s. its 2009. please join us in the present.

  22. @Bruce: I’m not talking about what moves he can or can’t do, I’m talking about who would people rather pay money to see. I’d rather pay money to see Super Porky make me laugh my ass off, and beleive in him while he kicks ass than to see some loser do risky moves to make up for his lack of charisma.

    That’s what guys like you don’t get. And I’ve been watching wrestling since I was born, so my annalysis are based on actual knowledge not what some blogger says.

  23. I wonder if CMLL will pick up Porky since he is a big free agent? Or I wonder how indy shows with Porky on top will draw?

  24. @Daniel: Taking shots at bloggers on a site where someone blogs about Lucha Libre probably isn’t going to endear you any more Mr. Daniel.

    Also, I’ve been watching wrestling since I was born so why does your opinion matter more than mine if that’s what you are basing things on?

    Surprised you went an entire day without giving your ANALysis on Latin Lover. Congrats.

  25. @ Daniel:

    so basically you feel that you know more about wrestling than Cubs, Rob, myself, USAUASA, Tim, etc. because you’ve been watching wrestling for all of the 15 years since you were born. that makes no sense. my wife has been watching wrestling since we met 4 years ago. she is in no way an expert. she knows who most of the wrestlers are and knows who she wants to see and knows some of the moves and knows who the top guys are etc. but watching something for a period of time doesnt give you ultimate knowledge of it. i dont know where you get that from.

    and you have this misconception that Porky is such a huge draw. he hasnt main evented a card in close to 2 decades. i’m glad that you feel he’s a huge draw because you personally would pay to see him above anyone else aside from Latin Lover. but just because you would pay to see Porky on a show doesnt mean the mexican populace would. like USAUSA said, if he’s such a big draw why hasnt CMLL signed him?

    “And I’ve been watching wrestling since I was born, so my annalysis are based on actual knowledge not what some blogger says”

    the real funny part about that comment is that you are a blogger. when you post a comment on a blog, that makes you a blogger. so basically you just said we shouldnt listen to your analysis because a blogger made the analysis and a blogger has no wrestling knowledge. do you read your comments before you post them?

  26. @Bruce: Ok buddy, the fact of the matter is that Konnan is catering to guys like you and look how bad AAA has become. Russo also catered to guys like you back in WCW and look what happened there. Paul Heyman, even though he’s a lot more intelligent than Russo and Konnan also catered to guys like you and look what happened there. So if you enjoy watching trailor park guys doing hardcore and bringing down a company, well to each his own is guess.

  27. @ Daniel:

    who are you talking about? who are these “trailer park guys” you keep mentioning. as i understand it, Nicho & Joe Lider are supposed to be portraying urban criminals. i strongly advise you to choose your words much more carefully, as i take strong offense to you saying that criminals and trailer parks go hand-in-hand. that couldnt be further from the truth. once again you are posting about something that you have absolutely no knowledge of. at least do some research before you start posting more stupid comments.

    also, you seem to not know anything about true hardcore wrestling. what AAA puts on isnt close. Crazy Boy is the only one who would still work those types of matches. Joe Lider used to be able to, but i think he’s past it. what makes it hardcore? a ladder? a tin canister? a chair? wow, i guess WWE is quite the hardcore promotion then, as they use alot of ladders and chairs. again, i have to ask that you do some research before you post about things that you dont know.

    and i also must ask that you stop insulting people because of your lack of knowledge. its not my fault that you dont know shit. so dont start firing out your prejudice comments about residents of trailer parks. i’m terribly sorry that you dont about all forms of wrestling and only like watching Latin Lover and Brazo de Plata. which is weird, because you bash the so-called “hardcore” matches, which i’m guessing you only call hardcore because there are chairs involved, and i’ve seen plenty of appearances of Latin Lover in which he is holding a chair. and comes out with a chair. but i guess because he doesnt portray a criminal he cant possibly be considered a hardcore trailer park wrestler right? you prejudice morons always make me laugh.

  28. @Bruce: So I guess you live in a trailor???

    Hardcore is when a match is just random plunder that doesn’t flow or make sense. It’s garbage.

    Nicho and Lider are supposed to be urban criminals but they come off as trailor trash, I’m just calling it like I see it and I’m really not interested in researching trailor parks, I’ll let you hadnle that.

  29. @thecubsfan: “sometimes, I’ve personally found that’s a better idea in theory than it is in practice.”

    What do you mean?

    (Yes, I’m including myself)

  30. @ Daniel:

    you cant really research something when you dont know how to spell. and please explain to me how they come off as “trailer trash”. i understand that you’re a 12 year old bigot, but i have to hear your explanation on this one. because its just funny that you keep getting proven wrong and then you turn to insults to attempt to get your incorrect statements across. so please, amuse me further with your bigotry, child.

  31. @Bruce: Don’t call me a biggot, I have made no biggot comments. I think that fact that your getting this emotional just shows how childish YOU are.

    And you haven’t proven me wrong once. You’re the one who has resorted to calling me a biggot (when I’m not) because you can’t win the argument so you’re hoping to win sympathy by making me look like a bad guy. Nice try but that’s a very old trick.

    Now I’ll answer your questions since it means so much to you that I do so. They come off as trailor trash because they look like lowlives with nothing going for them, everything they do looks stupid, Joe Lider looks like he eats patatoe chips all day (at least Porky’s body is funny, Joe is just pathetic), they have no class, and basically appeal only to people who are trailor trash. I’m talking about the hermandad, X-Pac, Rocky Romero, Crazy Boy, and a whole bunch of others who have come and gone like Padrino, Brian Danielson, Halloween, TJ Extreem and X-Fly.

    I hope this answers you question and I REALLY hope you don’t cry over this.

  32. OKAY. Starting now, all Daniel’s comments are automatically going to moderation. (So are any others that mention Daniel.)

    If the comments are actually interesting or useful to me, they’ll be posted. If they’re like pretty much every one in the last three months, they won’t.

  33. @thecubsfan: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s not as fun without seeing how he fucked up but 0 for 1 within 8 hours of you posting the warning (and probably sleeping right afterwards only to wake up to the post) is just hilariously awesome.

  34. I guess I’m 0 for 1 now too actually. (but I didn’t mention the name!)

    I’ll try to go 1 for 2 by making this informative: There is a channel called CableSports that seems to be broadcasting random indy lucha. They show a lot of stuff from AULL but also aired a totally random Wagnermania show in the most scummy building in the world.

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