03/22 AAA TV Results (Monterrey)

AAA TV (SUN) 03/22 Arena Coliseo Monterrey [Cisneros94 & RFC @ LMdLL and VictorNitro @ SML]
0) Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II b Hombre sin Miedo, Principe Diamante, Street Boy
1) Billy Boy & Sexy Star b Aerostar & Fabi Apache
2) Nicho el Millionario b Joe Lider [AAA CRUISER, quarterfinal]
3) Jack Evans b Teddy Hart [AAA CRUISER, quarterfinal]
4) El Elegido & Marco Corleone b Black Abyss & Electro Shock
5) Silver King DCO La Parka Jr.
7) Chessman, Escoria, Zorro b Charly Manson, Mesias, Vampiro

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#883)
Mexico: 04/12
US: 05/02

Note: unless AAA does some post production (or pushes some episodes back and inserts a tribute show), it won’t be until April 19th until they address Abismo’s death on TV (and May 9th in the US.) AAA hasn’t had this much television sitting around, but because of the quirks of the schedule (one more week of Rey de Reyes, plus this is an extra taping to make up for no tapings on the first leg of the US tour), this show was taped 3 weeks in advance.

Rudos won the main event with lots of help from the rest of the Legion (though Jack’s not mentioned among them.) Marco made the save.

Silver King and La Parka Jr. brawled around the building, busting each other open and ending up out in the street. Not sure if the official decision was no contest or double count out, but it doesn’t much matter. They ended up brawling back to the ring, Hermandad ran in to help Silver King and Marco (again) and Aerostar made the save for Parka.

Marco replaced Abismo and pinned Black Abyss. About what you’d expect from that tecnico tag team.

Everyone says Nicho/Lider was the best of the night. Teddy controlled most of the other tournament match, with Jack sneaking out a win and a tease of a split post match.

Billy pinned Fabi. Aerostar is now doing the Crazy Boy bit of jumping from a high place every show because it worked the first time.

I presume the opener won’t won’t air.

Next tapings are supposed to be on the US Tour, though those plans could change. I have not seen a date for the next taping in Mexico.

03/24: Abismo Negro, Juvi, Perros

(so i’ve updated this post about twice in the fifteen minutes since it’s gone up. Sorry about that.)

There will be a service for Abismo today at six pm in Mexico City, so those he worked with can see him off one last time. He’s expected to be taken from there to Villahermosa, the town he was born in, to be buried.

The family identified the body yesterday, and both them and the local promoters (one of which helped search for him) have decided to say no more about the circumstances of Abismo’s death.

A wire story of his death, based off the original noroeste story and AAA’s press release about Abismo’s death has been in many papers the last two days. The second day stories are more pointing out how what AAA is saying for cause of death (heart attack) doesn’t match the noroeste story, though they have no information about why there’s that difference. The noroeste story also included a line from the local coroner suggesting steroids played a part, but that would have to be a guess on his part at this point since figuring out that sort of information usually takes much larger (if they seek it out at all – Figure Four Weekly says there will be no autopsy or further investigation at this point.)

EDIT: Tabasco Hoy (warning, here’s the picture of Abismo’s body again) says there was an autopsy done, and the official cause of death has been ruled to be drowning. There’s no clairfaction of any drugs in his system.

AAA says they found out about Abismo’s death around the end of the Monterrey taping (which caused them to cancel a post-show photo session with fans.)

In a weird note, someone wrestled as Abismo Negro Saturday night in Cancun. Absimo was scheduled to headline the AAA show in a trios with Alex & X-Pac vs Black Abyss, Chessman, and Kenzo, and AAA has said the last show Abismo worked was in Sinaloa two nights before. The local wrestlers interviewed say they thought they greed Abismo Negro as he came into the building, but it was a different guy going to the ring. Simplest answer is Black Abyss worked as Abismo Negro and someone else worked on the rudo side.

The show goes on. There was a moment of applause and remembrance for Abismo at last night’s AAA weekly show in Arena Cuatro Caminos in Nuevo Laredo.

Today’s Figure Four Weekly has the other side of the Juvi story. After Juvi found his bag, he was screaming about it in incoherent English to Konnan, blaming him, except the incoherent part meant Konnan had no idea what he was saying. Juvi later confronted Jack, and apparently bit him on the nose, so Jack destroyed him (by himself – no Konnan here.) Note to self: do not bite Jack Evans on the nose.

CMLL will start to air in France in a couple weeks. They’ll be showing a one hour show of the Friday Arena Mexico tapings on Wednesdays, starting on April 8, on Canal Jimmy. It’s going to be quite delayed from what airs in Mexico; first show is Villano V vs Blue Panther in a mask match. Hopefully the good people of France can avoid spoilers.

Hablando de Catch has a photo set of a (EAW) ring being taken apart.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 01/12 and 01/13 CMLL MVS shows, and 10/9/03 Monterrey, plus KrisZ’s

indy (FRI) 03/27 Arena Neza
1) Fuerza Guerrera & Scorpio Jr. vs Head Hunter I & Head Hunter II
2) Dr. Wagner Jr., El Hijo Del Santo, La Park vs Damian 666, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween

Perros (FRI) 04/03 Coliseo Olimpico de la Universidad de Guadalajara
1) Cosmico & La Parkita vs Mr. Aguilita & Pequeño Halloween
2) Gringo Loco & X-Fly vs Manowar & Payasito Luchin
3) Damian 666, Halloween, Mr. Aguila vs Solar I, Super Astro, Ultraman
4) El Hijo Del Santo & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & el Hijo del Perro Aguayo

That’s a strong lineup, with tickets from 300 to 50 pesos ($21 – $3.50), where CMLL is going with 175 to 20 pesos ($12.25 – $1.40), with cheaper tickets for kids.