03/23 Arena Puebla Lineup

CMLL (MON) 03/23 Arena Puebla
1) King Jaguar & Tigre Rojo vs Mr. Rafaga & Toro Bill Sr.
2) Dr. X, Espiritu Maligno, Hooligan vs Astro Boy, Centella de Oro, Tigre Blanco
3) Bam Bam, Electrico, Saturno vs Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito
4) Black Warrior, Dragon Rojo Jr., Sangre Azteca vs a replacement for Toscano, Mascara Dorada, Sagrado [MEX TRIOS]
5) Misterioso II, Terrible, Texano Jr. vs La Sombra, Mistico, Volador Jr.

(Yea, so Google Reader still is goofy.)

Semimain’s really interesting. If Warrior’s in real trouble, this would be an easy time to get the titles off of Poder Mexica for the moment. Except, you’ve got the world’s most random tecnico team, with someone randomly filling in for a title opportunity.

I think Warrior’s not really in trouble and there will be no title change tonight. But it’s intriguing.

03/23: Abismo, GDL, Coliseo

AAA mentions Abismo Negro’s passing on their website (and passed the story along to a sports recap show last night), but the link to the article (and others on the site) was non-functional last I check. The press department is saying it was a heart attack that killed Abismo, and I guess a heart attack could’ve been mistaken as the panic attack which caused him to get off the bus, but it’s probably not that simple. If you missed it, Noroeste updated their story late last night (though it looks like the site is getting overwhelmed with traffic at the moment.)

Luchando Libre has a good collection of Abismo Negro videos. SuperLuchas has his Abismo’s last interview on Tercera Caida and an obit.

(Whatever the Juvi/Konnan thing was, it’s probably not getting much attention now.)

indy (FRI) 03/13 Deportivo Ciervo de la Nacion, Exatepc, EdM [Al Filo del Ring
3) Hermano Muerte III b Ultraman Jr., Fishman Jr., Coco Verde, Rambo Jr., Jaque Mate Jr., Hermano Muerte II, Belcebu, Cocolores, Signo Jr., Super Nova, El Boricua [Copa Kato Kung Lee]
4) Solar I, Super Astro, Ultraman b Dr. Cerebro, Enfermero Jr., Negro Navarro
5) el Hijo Del Anibal, El Hijo Del Santo, Huracan Ramriez Jr., Super Nova b Black Terry, Cien Caras Jr., Mascara Sagrada, Shu el Guerrero

This was the benefit show for Kato Kung Lee. Santo won it for his team, Cien and Sagrada beat him down. They’re still doing promos to set up a Santo/Sagrada mask match.

indy (THU) 03/19 Arena Solidaridad [RFC]
1) Principe Azteca & Shakira b Crucifijo & Eddie Pitbull
2) Black Soul, Principe Rebelde, Titanik b Anarquia, Kryven, Voltaje Negro
3) Orientale I & Orientale II b Gran Markus & Gran Markus Jr.
4) Halloween & Mr. Aguila b Rey Hechicero & Tigre Universitario
5) El Hijo Del Santo & Super Crazy b Damian 666 & el Hijo del Perro Aguayo

CMLL (SUN) 03/22 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT]
4) Felino, Satanico, Virus b Mascara Dorada, Mictlan, Valiente
5) Averno, Mephisto, Texano Jr. b Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Ultimo Guerrero

Texano ripped off Atlantis mask and pinned him for the slight upset win.

CMLL (SUN) 03/22 Arena Coliseo [Ovaciones]
1) Caligula & Messala b Molotov & Sensei
2) Bam Bam, Saturno, Ultimo Dragoncito b Pequeno Violencia, Pequeno Warrior, Pierrothito
3) Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Marcela b Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Rosa Negra
4) Hijo del Fantasma, La Mascara, La Sombra b Dragon Rojo Jr., Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
5) Hector Garza, Mistico, Shocker DQ Ephesto, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas

Ephesto replaced Heavy Metal, who showed up in a neck collar to apologize for not wrestling. Hector Garza took Marco’s spot (and must now have a lot of ideas for new spots to use.) Negro pulled Mistico’s mask and got caught for once, but apparently looked like the better man.

Al Filo del Ring also has interviews with Cibernetico & Canek about Wagner and their match (Cibernetico won the main event!) and Black Terry about wrestling.

Box Y Luchas 2915 has Villano unmasked and the headlines from Rey de Reyes. Article teasers include Konnan accusing Intocable of whoring himself out and Black Warrior saying he’s not going to AAA. The Juvi/Jack/Konnan story appears to have made the magazine as well.

A bit of a delayed reaction but – who else is running GDL on 04/03 that CMLL feels the need to do the extra show? They’ve always been running opposed in GDL for the Arena Mexico-like shows. Perros show, I presume.

LuchaWorld has Robert on 10/05 and 10/12/03 Monterrey.

Corrected Sunday lineup

CMLL (SUN) 03/29 Arena Coliseo
1) Rayo Tapatio I & Rayo Tapatio II vs Cholo & Zayco
2) Fantasy, Pequeño Olímpico, Tzuki vs Pequeño Damian 666, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia
3) Dark Angel, Marcela, Sahori vs Amapola, Princesa Sujei, Rosa Negra
4) Hijo del Fantasma, Mictlan, Sagrado vs Ephesto, Lizmark Jr., Terrible
5) Blue Panther, Dos Caras Jr., Mistico vs Heavy Metal, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas