03/17: notes

If you haven’t seen it, Marco Corleone was nice enough to leave a comment explaining his decision to move to AAA.

Ovaciones is still hilariously under the impression Marco is wrestling in Arena Mexico today. Even the ad for the show still has Marco’s name listed. (Note the tiny article about Wagner showing up at Rey de Reyes.) ESTO figured out it will be someone else, perhaps because the have another article talking about the jump.

The Ovaciones ads says this is yet another discounted ticket show, right before they’re jacking up prices for the mask match. I don’t understand this business plan at all.

Ovaciones main article is Villano V & Ultimo Guerrero talking about their mask match. Reads like all quotes from the press conference weeks ago.

Box Y Lucha looks back at Anibal, who passed away 25 years ago. Anibal Jr. and Solitario Jr. are holding a show honoring their fathers on the 22nd fearturing a tag team tournament.

Al Filo del Ring also has an interview with IWRG’s Zatura, who says he wrestled in Arena Neza and Arena Coliseo DF retiring due to injury for a time and Toxico (DF) about wrestling in hardcore and traditional shows.

Tijuana is launching a tourism campaign called “120 Things To Do in Tijuana. Watch lucha libre and buy a mask are 2 of them. Being shot oddly does not make the list.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update from Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, and Robert on IWRG 11/22/07, ACM 04/15/07 and 05/01/07, ACM 06/03, 06/05, 06/17/07, ACM 06/24, 07/03 and 08/05 and GdR 12/01 and FSE 12/02/07.

LA Rosa (SUN) 03/29 Arena Solidaridad [RFC]
1) Baby Fox, Sky, Turbina vs Guerrero Griego, Neon, Titanik
2) Bella Karina, Galactar, Martha Villalobos, Mini Gato Volador vs Linda Star, Mini Hator, Sexi Psicsis, Simbollo
3) Diluvio Negro I, Estrella Dorada, Gato Volador vs Apolo Estrada, Mongol Chino, Monje Negro Jr.
4) Diluvio Negro II, Intocable, Juventud Guerrera vs Antifaz del Norte, Olimpico, Scorpio
5) Aventurero, El Hijo Del Santo, Tinieblas jr. vs Fuerza Guerrera, Hator, Super Parka

03/15 AAA TV Results (Guadalajara) – Rey de Reyes

Last Updated: 3/17 noon-ish

AAA TV (SUN) 03/15 Plaza de Toros Nuevo Progreso [luchalibreaaa, Box Y Lucha, LMDLL,Televisa Deportes]
1) AerostarFabi ApacheGran Apache b Billy BoyCinthia MorenoTigre Cota
2) Latin Lover b Abismo NegroOzzBlack Abyss [torneoRey de Reyessemifinal]
3) Silver King b El ElegidoAlan StoneJoe Lider [Rey de Reyestorneosemifinal]
4) Electro Shock b OctagónSúper FlyNicho el Millionario [Rey de Reyestorneosemifinal]
5) La Parka Jr. b Super PorkyEscoriaKenzo Suzuki [Rey de Reyestorneosemifinal]
6) Jack EvansTeddy HartZorro b Alex KoslovCharly MansonX-Pac
7) Vampiro b Konnan [seconds hair]
8) Electro Shock b Silver KingLatin LoverLa Parka Jr. [Rey de Reyesfinaltorneo]
9) Mesias b Chessman [AAA HEAVYcage]

Projected Air Date (#880, #881)
Mexico: 03/22, 03/29
US: 04/11, 04/18

03/17: Televisa posted full results. Let’s go over everything one last time to fill in the gaps and correct the details.

Opener: Aerostar pinned Billy Boy. After the match, Aerostar asked Gran Apache permission to date his daughter. Aerostar did not actually specify which daughter and we are left to wonder. Billy Boy, who should’ve immediatly slapped some sense into the tecnico, said that was all fine and good, because he was now in love with Sexi Star. Like sands thru the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.

6th: Legion beat D-Mex/Charly, with X-Pac chasing Zorro to the back before the finish. Juvi appeared on the stage after the match, with girlfriend Lizzy, and voewed to end the Legion. I fear the inevitable Nikki/Lizzy match (meanwhile, Fabi Apache lucky to be in the opener.)

Konnan brought out Jack & Teddy with him for the hair match, so Marco showed up to take count them and help Vampiro win. It was all a plan by Roldan, who at least has been paying attention thru all the other Konnan matches (where Jack & Teddy always run in.)

Silver King eliminated Parka with a martinete, but then got pinned after he and Electroshock goofed up. I know I said they might as well had Electro win this year, but now that I think about Silver King being right there and not winning, I’m still not sure why he didn’t win. Swerve for the sake of doing one?

Legion ran in the title match to help Chessman. So did the Sect – did I miss something where they no longer hate Chessman? I’m not trying to be sarcastic, I’m really asking. AAA ran out to run those people out and Mesias beat Chessman.

Dr. Wagner Jr. appeared after the main event to challenge for a shot at the Mega title (Wagner had his UWA title, but no one mentions it being title vs title or anything like that). Konnan pitched Wagner to join the Legion, and gave him a one week deadline to decide between sides. I presume Dr. Wagner’s choosing Dr. Wagner.

That deadline means Wagner’s on the Madero taping (and probably the Monterrey) – I hope everyone who has Wagner booked this week has other plans. It also means we’re probably getting Rey de Reyes the first week (with maybe the hair match) and then everything else the second week.

Live Coverage:

AAA’s doing live updates – wow! – so I can do some live updates. I don’t suspect we’ll get the same thing next week. Updates as they come, and I suspect no full results until tomorrow morning.

Dr. Wagner Jr. has shown up. This must be a different Dr. Wagner than the one who’s been adamant about not joining AAA.

Chessman has won the AAA Mega Title. Charly should’ve just let him climb the ladder at Guerra de Titanes and saved us some time. Correction: Mesias still champ.

Marco Corleone has jumped to AAA. It sounds as though he turned out to be Roldan’s representative, not Vampiro. (???) Marco won, of course. I can not fathom Konnan vs Marco as an actual match. Marco worked as Vampiro and Roldan’s second, helping Vampiro win. Sounds like Marco may be in D-Mex as well.

Electroshock is your 2009 Rey de Reyes, beating Latin Lover in the final. The big change on top!

Block A: Black Abyss beat Ozz, Abismo Negro beat Black Abyss, and Latin Lover beat his old rival Abismo Negro to take the block.

Block B: Alan Stone beat Joe Lider, Elegido beat Alan Stone, Silver King beat Elegido.

Block C: Octagon beat Nicho, and Electro beat both Octagon and Super Fly.

Block D: Super Porky was first out, and La Parka beat both Kenzo and Scoria.

No decision mentions for the D-Mex/Legion trios match, but we do know Juvi returned to AAA and joined D-Mex. The comedy potential here is off the charts.

Tropicasas is the new member of the AAA Hall of Fame.