Lucha Listen-In Podcast #8: Konnan

My sit-down interview with AAA’s Konnan. We discuss his health, why the roster is so hostile to foreigners, why AAA gave Ciber the boot, the epic fail that was the Superfly push, AAA in English, Joaquin Roldan & cubsfan lucha blog of all things.

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Thanks to Konnan for coming on, and thanks to you for checking out the show.

13 thoughts to “Lucha Listen-In Podcast #8: Konnan”

  1. Sorry this wasn’t up yesterday. Streamer player code is there but it seems to be fighting me on coming up – it’s at the more file versions if you can’t see it.

  2. hahaha he thinks he saves AAA cos peña was out of ideas and he bring something different with writers haha so funny

  3. haha he still thinkin mexican wrestling needs his help to change like wwe with stories and feuds hahaha so funny guy and he dont give the chances to mexican wrestlers cos they will not know how to be famous ha lol

  4. wow now he belives his ideas are the best and what he´s doin is the best for AAA well good luck with that he think after 75 years of lucha in mexico he has to renovate all cos for him is boring hahaha this guy is nuts i think he got more hurted from his head lol by the way tony good interview the boss wont bite u so dont be nervous hehe

  5. He right about one thing CMLL needs Perro. It just not fun anymore, Perro made the product exciting for me. I miss him a lot. Perro vs. Mistico is the biggest possible match CMLL can do.Right now,CMLL is boring.

    Cibernetico is an ass. He got the Santo and Wagner bug, he needs to come back to AAA. Funny how he was complaining when his 2 best friends backstage in Chessman and Mesias are getting main event pushes right now. “Yeah Konnan is evil”………..

    LOL at Konnan for saying the guys need to go to Puerto Rico to learn psycology. PR is worse,making fun of Lider and Nicho spot was interesting.

    I like Konnan attitude. He knows exactly what he doing for business. Some of you guys don’t like it but the fans and Roldans say otherwise.

  6. Loved the interview.

    Konnan and AAA will move Lucha forward in Mexico and the USA. The “traditionalists” can watch CMLL and their product.

  7. @USAUSA1: Yeah, PR is horrible. I watched some on WAPA, and it was Corino and others just bleeding.

    I still think AAA is too microphone heavy, too many run-ins, too many weapons, and the RAW format is too copied at times. now has the tv commercial for the US tour, and info about the Vegas date.

  8. Listened to this at work today and posted random comments over on twitter. Well done interview, Tony. Pretty sure I would have done a worse job since I would have smacked my head into a wall within the first 2 minutes and concussed myself.

    The one thing that didn’t fit in twitter’s limitations was Konnan pointing out you can’t take a guy from the second match and simply elevate him to main event status. You have to move him up through the ranks slowly but surely.

    Does nobody remember the Billy Boy/Apache feud being mid-card both in April ’06 (Gran Sorpresa) and June ’07 (Triplemania). Surely Billy Boy was a full-fledged middle of the card guy at those points so why did he get tossed back to prelims afterwards?

    And if you really can’t take a second match worker and toss him into main events – explain Joe Lider and Alan Stone who had plenty of segundas in 2007.

    Bottom line is that was an outright lie.

    The other thing I loved was this: (copied from twitter)

    “i don’t book the company” – said by konnan 15 seconds after saying “sometimes i have to step back and let dorian make his own mistakes.”

    What is Konnan stepping back from if he doesn’t book? Why is it up to Konnan to ‘let’ Dorian make mistakes if he has no input?



    ALL LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m okay now.

  9. I hate how he sais that Pena was out of ideas, because AAA was doing great before Konnan came back. I also like how he admits that he sat down with Pena and discussed how to “modernize” the product. He admited that he was in Pena’s ear, just like how he’s in Dorian’s ear right now.

    This whole idea of “modernizing” AAA is bullshit. Konnan’s style is not any more “modern” than Pena’s style, or CMLL’s it’s just DIFFERENT, and Konnan’s style of booking is terrible, where Pena and CMLL acutually “get it”. You don’t need to fucking go out to clubs, and watch every American tv show to learn how to book wrestling, you need intelligence which Konnan and Dorian obviously don’t have.

    I’ll second Rob’s statement and point out that sometimes he sais “they” when reffering to bookers, and he’ll later say “we” when discussing booking. So whether or not he’s an official booker he is definately influential.

    He talks about how there should be variety. If you follow AAA from 4 years ago until today you’ll notice less and less varitey over time, and now it is all the same shit: hard core wrestling, and American style booking, there is very little varitey in AAA.

    Maybe Cibernetico was and asshole in AAA but I think he had good reason to be one. I think Ciber saw how destructive Konnan was to AAA and he wanted him out before he messed it up too badly. It’s too bad Pena hadan’t listened to Cibernetico all those years ago.

    If the booking and creative departement doesn’t change in AAA than AAA will suffer the same fate as WCW. It will go down the toilet and people will remember it for how great it was innitially and try to forget it’s later stages.

  10. “you can’t take a guy from the second match and simply elevate him to main event status”.

    But you can bring in a foreigner nobody knows in Mexico and put him in the main event.

  11. The WCW comparison not valid. Let’s not forget WCW biggest problem was spending too much money and losing it. Know your history

  12. @USAUSA1: WCW could have kept spending the money and survived just fine if they were bringing money in but they weren’t b/c the money was being spent in all the wrong places. Just as an example: Are you telling me WCW would still be out of business if they spent a fortune on Rodman but instead of teaming him with Hogan they paired him with someone like Jericho to get the rub and try to make into a mainstream star?

    There are a ton of examples but WCW’s main downfall was not creating new stars due to the inmates running the asylum.

  13. Thank you very much for this interview. I think it was a very interesting listen and I look forward to any future installments. I am definately going to go back and listening to the previous shows too. Konnan had a lot of interesting stories to tell and I would love to hear more from him especially regarding his past in AAA and a little more about his big feuds and less about WCW/TNA. Thanks again for posting this. Great job on the interview Tony.

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