CMLL LATV #131 (02/08/09)

taped 01/31, 02/02

At the time, I remember going into the Marcela/Princesa Blanca match solely concentrating on the idea that if Marcela could actually have an okay match, it would be a huge achievement. Princesa Blanca is not awful, but she’s never really struck me as good and this whole feud hadn’t changed my really low expectations. When the match actually turned out to be okay, I think I ended up more impressed than most. More impressed than Alfredo, who is totally right about the screwy ending. Why does CMLL even have commissioners get involved with their angles when it makes the referee look dumb (for not listening to the commissioner, who clearly saw both interference spots) and the commission (for not doing anything about it – couldn’t they have suspended Mima for two weeks (where she would’ve been working GDL anyway) just as a show?)

Still, the ref bump stuff in the main event was worse. If you’re worried about actually kicking a referee in the head (and with these kicks and these refs, that’s a good worry to have), maybe you should make sure we get the angle that doesn’t show the kick missing or just not do a kick? Crazy I know.