03/04 AAA TV Results (SLP)

AAA TV (WED) 03/04 Auditorio Miguel Barragan de San Luis Potosi [AAA]
1) Fabi ApacheGato EvereadyGran ApacheBilly BoyCinthia MorenoOriental
2) Joe LiderNicho el MillionarioCrazy BoyUltimo Gladiador[#1, AAA TAG]
3) Jack EvansTeddy HartAlex KoslovX-Pac
4) Electro ShockSilver KingZorroAbismo NegroCharly MansonLa Parka Jr.
5) ChessmanKonnanMesias

2009 AAA TV Chart
Projected Air Date (#879)
Mexico: 03/15
US: 04/04

Konnan changed the main event to a handicap match and the rest of the Legion interfered too. Arturo helped beat up Roldan as well. It’s not explicitly stated in the recap, but it surely there weas a tease (or maybe even resolution) to the Chessman/Legion alliance.

Zorro pinned Abismo Negro in the semimain. Silver King busted Parka open again. D-Mex ran in after the match or around the finish, but weren’t enough to change things.

Konnan also showed up at the beginning of the show to swap around the tag matches, with the idea that the Mexican Powers would get a title shot if they won a non-title match. For once, that didn’t happen, Lider beating Crazy clean with a foul. In the other match, Nikki was used as cannon fodder to set up Teddy beating Alex.

Gran Apache was stretchered out during his match because of Billy Boy chair shots to a knee, but the Morenos bumbled their way to a loss. Before the match, Gran Apache Pepe Casas was honored for 50 years in wrestling.

Next Taping is Rey de Reyes.

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  1. Diariodemexicousa is covering Lucha again. It’s a newsstand paper sold mostly in the NYC area. Today’s centerfold covered the Cuernavaca taping, and Konnan’s “injury”.

  2. While the thought of Apache slapping the doctor right when he was born is amusing – are you sure it wasn’t Pepe Casas being honored?

  3. AAA TV today announced the 2 tapings post-Rey De Reyes:

    March 20 – Madero: Featuring Domo de la Muerte with Parka, Silver King, Mesias, Chessman and “more”.

    March 22 – Monterrey

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