03/07-08 Lucha Times

It’s Daylight Saving Time in the US this weekend, but won’t occur in Mexico for another month. The times listed for each part of the chart is based on local time.

Someone asked in the comments about Ras de Lona. I think the “new” episode airs for the first time Thursdays. Whatever episode they air will repeat all week. To be honest, I’ve stopped watching it on TV and just watch it on the blip TV site, because it’s up days earlier and the new episode is always aired.

AAA-US: Mesias vs Chessman, KENTA returns, and more Apaches/Morenos. Overnight airing airs at 3 AM, but that means right after the time switch over.

LATV/FOX: Based on what they’ve been doing lately, this is a whole lot of Hijos del Averno, but they may switch things around with 52MX to spread out the Ephestos.

52MX: Latest iteration of Flash/Stuka vs Infernals and probably Pesta Negra/UG vs Panther/Marco/Dorada. Fun how UG and Panther only get along on Fridays.


CMLL: Time killing for two weeks. Women’s match sneaks on air here for the first time in a while, plus Panther/UG vs Villanos and random tencios vs random rudos.

AAA-MEX: 3 on 2 main event, Air Force vs Poder Norte, and Apaches vs Morenos & Billy (& Tiffany)

C3: UG vs Shocker

03/04: Wagner in AAA, Mexico, GDL, Fray Tormenta

AAA (MON) 03/02 Arena Cuatro Caminos Nuevo Laredo [RFC]
1) Hipnosis & Hombre de Negro b Anubis & Insolito
2) Cinthia Moreno & Tiffany b Fabi Apache & Mari Apache
3) Pimpinela Escarlata, Principe Diamante, Street Boy b Black Mamba, Oscuridad, Violento
4) Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Rio Bravo, Tigre Cota, Tito Santana II b Escorpion Negro Jr., Estrella Universal, Hombre sin Miedo, Laredo Kid
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Pirata Morgan, Silver King b Electro Shock, La Parka Jr., Zorro

This is the first of a series of Wagner appearances on non-televised AAA events. He’s attempting to use AAA as more leverage to get a better return deal from CMLL but unwilling to cross a possible point of no return by appearing on AAA TV. Main event makes no sense, but I presume it was solicited with Parka and Pirata switching spots and that no longer works with the Silver King turn. Wagner also made his show last night.

Even though this was just a random, throwing Hijo de Pirata in with the Poder del Norte (who recieved their award for best local trio here) seems like a fine idea. Actually far more interested in that than Wagner.

CMLL (TUE) 03/03 Arena Mexico [ESTO, SuperLuchas, Ovaciones, Avellaneda @ box y lucha foro]
1) Angel Azteca Jr.Astro BoyStarmanBronco IIICaligulaMéssala
2) Fabian el GitanoFlashStuka Jr.Arkangel de la MuerteDr. XSkandalo
3) La MascaraMascara DoradaMaximoFelinoShigeo OkumuraVirus
4) AtlantisNegro CasasRey BucaneroHector GarzaMisticoVolador Jr.
5) Ultimo GuerreroShocker [CMLL HEAVY]

Shocker won the first, Ultimo won the second, and Ultimo beat Shocker clean with the Guerrero Special (inverted superplex.) If ever there’s a stretch for UG to win clean, this would be it. Wonder if we’ll get Dos next, or if they’re saving for after the mask match (since that probably won’t be clean, or maybe not a win.)

Only the box y lucha poster put up full results. Arkangel snuck in a foul in the final fall of the segunda. Bronco took Starman’s mask after the match. Seems like we’ve had a few teases of mask feuds with Starman.

Ovaciones says “a big turnout, 5000 people”.

CMLL (TUE) 03/03 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [MT]
5) Metal Blanco b Rey Trueno
6) Hijo del Fantasma & Valiente b Dragon Rojo Jr. & Misterioso II
7) Dos Caras Jr. & Sagrado b Black Warrior & Sangre Azteca

This is Dos’ first appearance here this year. He and Sagrado won clean. Metal Blanco is said to have impressed.

Yesterday, the World Boxing Organization gave Fray Tormenta a $5000US (76,175 peso) donation. Wasn’t this supposed to happen three weeks ago? The WBO apparently gives away this amount every year (hopefully more than that) and decided to give it to Tormenta. Tormenta thought it was kind of strange that a boxing promotion would give him money when lucha libre promotions do not (he’s a sharp), but he was moved by the gift and thanked his fellow fighters in the ring.

Mistico was on hand to help present the oversized novelty check* and to end the “Fray Tormenta is angry with Mistico” stories. It also led to a great story in El Siglo de Torreon where Mistico relived his life in the orphanage, which still is fiction.

Speaking of running away from home to become a luchador, Rey Bucanero tells Box Y Lucha about running away from home to become a luchador. Actually, not as much running – he moved in with Uncle Pirata Morgan (with other aunts and uncles nearby, but pretty much as Pirata’s son) when he was 8 after his parents had split up. Rey carried Pirata Morgan and Hombre Bala’s bags to shows, trained with them, was sort of a mascot to the wrestlers, and made his debut at 17 in Arena Mexico. Spending all that time growing up in and around Arena Mexico surely colors the career decisions he’s made – it’s got to be a harder to jump to AAA when CMLL is more than just company to you.

Santo & Fantasma were lucha libre representatives at a ceremony for CMB (boxing) Man Of the Year Carlos Slim. The idea was to have 100 Mexican champions (and Don King) in the same place at the same time. Carlos Slim is referred to as The Second Richest Man In The World, so he probably earned the award by giving a little away.

AAA tapes tonight in San Luis Potosi.

In other Box Y Lucha articles

Angel explains he passed out three weeks ago in a match (taped for TV) because he was about to have a heart attack. That’s no good. Angel explains he passed out twice, trying to continue after the first one and fading out again. He’s got a cardiac arrhythmia that causes a heart attack if he doesn’t get enough oxygen, and he got pretty close this time – if they hadn’t given him oxygen right away, he might have had serious issues and feels like he was near death as it is.

Notes from Northern Mexico.

JOIN THE OFFICIAL ZORRO FAN CLUB. I don’t know if they’re fans of Zorro for the same reasons I’m fans of Zorro, but we can all agree Zorro is great.

LuchandoLibre points out the weekly Santo feature at the Cine Lido theater

On the 21st, there’s a lucha libre benefit show for the local high school in casa Grande, which oddly featuresa picture of Doink.

AAA looks back at winning Rey de Reyes, ahead at Chessman possibly joining the Legion and DMEX feuding with Lider & Nicho.

Wrestling Observer has this week’s AAA recap. I think I missed last week’s, so here it is.

Over on El Martiente Luchas2000 #459 had Mistico in Japan/AAA hair match on the cover. Inside, there’s a picture which helpfully reminds me which mini Cosmico was (opposed to Electrico) and Magadan penning an article, wishing for the existence of Mini Mr. Niebla. Magadan was trying to get Monito to be Niebla’s mascot on Ras de Lona this week, so obviously he’s a fan. Luchas2000 #460 is the big mask vs bloody mask cover. Between the two, we’ve got teases for Hijo de Sicodelico (not Sicodelico Jr.) and Hijo de Scorpio Jr. I and II.

PWP (SAT) 02/28 El Paso, Texas [albert cereda]
1) Blue Man b El Guerrero
2) El Illegal & Huniko b Franky Olmos & Verdugo Asesino
3) Hurricane Hector & Titanik b Crazy Boy 32 & Punisher
4) Black Fish, Explicit, Muneco Infernal b ?, Magno, Mystico
5) Mascarita Dorada & Octagoncito b Pierrothito & Skybird

Titanik (tecnico) turned on Hector, which led the people in the next match geting involved. Next show for this group is 04/04.

DTU (SAT) 03/14 Auditorio Carlos Serdan Arechavaleta [DTU]
1) Drastick Boy vs Flamita, Masivo, Black Fire, Hormiga, Angel Extremo
2) Dinastia & Talaxys vs Amo de la Noche & Black Master
3) Trauma I vs Trauma II, Dance Boy, Pesadilla
4) Ragde vs Money Pack [DTU]
5) Aeroboy & Crazy Boy vs Paranoiko & Toxico DF and Kaientai & Violento Jack

That’s a decent sized building; AAA runs spot shows there and taped TV this last May.

This just in: results from Arena Coliseo, October 1st, 1978.

* – which are a complete pain to move around, Kinko’s never has an idea on how to make them and what do you with them after the show? It’s a bit much to hang them on the wall, and I need to stop digressing now or I won’t be able to stop.

CMLL LATV #130 (01/31)

taped 01/23, 01/25

All I can remember to say here is they really should’ve scrapped the Dos/UG feud (does nothing) and gone with the money match of Niebla/Corleone. Wait – I remember Pegasso/Super Comando was okay and I didn’t really have a problem with a CO in these matches. Dives should be match ending at times.