Questions for next Lucha Listen-In intereview: Konnan

Tony’s still working getting on an exact date of this interview, though it’d be sometime this month, and it may be a little ways off. or it may be a lot sooner, we’re not sure. We thought we should open a post for comments right now, but keep in mind that the actual conversation may be a little ways off.

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  1. * Who do you think are the most underutilized native wrestlers in Mexico and how would you better use them?

    * What are your thoughts on the role of Comisión de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F. and what, if anything, should be changed?

    * Are there any aspects of Lucha Libre that should be protected from outside infulences, or is everything game?

    * What do you think about the current state of female and mini wrestlers in Mexico?

  2. 1.what was his reaction when alot of the wrestlers left the company last year and does his agree or disagree with the comments they said on various lucha magazine

    2.does he think the perros promotion will be competition for AAA?

  3. How do you feel about constant run-ins by the Legion?

    How is AAA doing business wise compare to CMLL without getting into details?

    Will the Legion vs. AAA storyline ever come to an end?

  4. 1) What is the overall direction of AAA *supposed* to be? – is he carrying on what he thinks Pena’s vision of a “lucha libre” promotion, or is he trying to become a “sports entertainment” company to compete with WWE?

    2) What exactly is the criteria you look for in the foreign talent you bring in?

    3) Supposedly Hernandez + Homicide recently renewed their TNA deals – did AAA make an offer?

  5. “is he trying to become a “sports entertainment” company to compete with WWE?”

    I think he answer that on the figure four show. He said they trying to compete with the WWE.

  6. Is there an e-mail I can send my questions to? I can just re-use my F4D questions with some add-ons but they’re pretty long…

  7. Rob has to be Co host for this. I’d pay to hear that.

    As for questions:
    1. Are there any plans to expand the women’s division besides the Moreno’s and the Apaches?

  8. 1.How do u feel to be just the center of attention cos u insult people and not use to wrestling anymore?
    2. How it feels to be under the shadow of vampiro who always seem to be the one to be most famous over u?
    3.Whats the deal to turn AAA to be similar with scrips and soap opera dialogues like WWE?

  9. 4.Whats the deal to manage a mexican company and just tryin to bring bults who have been fired from WWE or TNA when there is so many talent in mexican wrestlers and the style from the us is not for mexico?
    5.AAA is havin a couch for acting cos i think there is much work to do about that cos no one belives in the dialogues between u and roldan?
    6. Why rellik leaves AAA sayin so many bad things about AAA and Dorian?

  10. Ask Konnan why he doesn’t use a traditional lucha libre show to compete with WWE since it’s something different. When you consider that the shows are on back to back people will not want to spend three hours of watching a cheap immitation before the real thing comes on.

    Ask him why it never occured to him that people will like variety.

  11. Did u return to AAA cos u got fired from TNA the company u acuse for racism and u seems to be more racist with the scrop of legion vs AAA?
    Are u tryin to be considered to be in the hall of fame of WWE?
    What are u doin to make AAA not to be a company like WWE region 4?
    Do u think the fans of AAA consider Rivera like Donald Trump was for WWE?

  12. Will AAA add a Lightweight or Cruiserweight title?

    Do you keep in contact with Rey Mysterio Jr. ?

  13. Geez so many questions in my head and i do not think if the guy who is gonna do the interview will ask all of them

  14. Are u plannin to bring back women division like WWE divas? cos if ur thinkin about that i would like that very much
    According with what u say u fired the stone bros cos u dont like dancers in the ring but why u bring bults from the US who hardly can move and wrestle?
    After the angle of legion vs AAA u gonna bring perros del mal to make an angle of u vs Perro jr cos u was the enemy of his dad in the past?

  15. ” u plannin to bring back women division like WWE divas? cos if ur thinkin about that i would like that very much”

    Really? You would rather see skanks in the ring just because they have “looks”, rather than ones who can actually wrestle?

  16. Besides that, AAA already has its “divas” since the edecanes have the same function as the “divas” in WWE’s bimbo division.

    Because of all the harsh questions Infermas has for Konnan, I think it would be a good question what Konnan thinks of his internet critics who suspect that he will destroy AAA not only storyline-wise.

  17. No point asking that since he’ll probably just insult all smark marks and say they know nothing about the wrestling business and the average fans that come to see AAA shows.

    Then he’ll book Bryan Danielson (again) for Triplemania and wonder why he can’t get over in Mexico but a guy like fake Gronda can.


  18. You guys know Konnan will just say that he only books his own programs and that Joaquin Roldan and Hector Melendez are responsible for everything else.

    Infermas, you can’t be serious? Also, Konnan returned to AAA years before the lawsuit against TNA.

  19. Ask him about Looney Tunes, what’s his favorite character? Favorite short? Or should I save this for the next time he’s on F4W? LOL!

  20. Nikita: it was sarcasm hun and well if all the questions will be ignored by the cuban boss then ask him if he gonna smoke cubans cigars and wear a hat like fidel castro in the shows cos i think he like that character and for the actual scrip would fit very well, make mexicans wrestlers to run away in a boat from AAA lol and the CMLL will be like Miami for cubans but the CMLL for mexicans wrestlers after konnan fire them

  21. No es un loco: do u know the exactly dates that konnan ( big cuban boss) was in TNA and the time he returned to AAA?? and i was just makin a question about he moan about TNA being racist against him cos his latin status and he´s doin some scrip like that about Foreigner Legion vs AAA and hey Konnan big boss please us with ur wise mind about Mexican Lucha Libre ha

  22. One more i promise it will be the last and is just a recommendation for the big boss he shouldnt spit like that when he yells cos is dangerous on the mic he can get hurt lol

  23. Might’ve been better to just interview Konnan and post it, instead of asking for input, since you guys know what to ask anyway.

  24. I certainly do not, after talking to Teddy for 15 minutes I ran out of question to ask him. I’m sure you guys would’ve had some great questions for him and questions for the cubsfan podcasts do help, especially during a slow month.

  25. Just got off the phone with Konnan, interview went pretty good aside from Konnan having to drive while being interviewed. Should have the interview up as soon as today/night, as late as tomorrow.

  26. Guessing the interview didn’t end like Marco’s with Konnan saying how much he loved the site and always checks it for the latest news.;)

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