02/28: Mexico, Neza

CMLL (FRI) 02/27 Arena Mexico [Ovaciones]
1) Angel de Oro & Angel de Plata b Calígula & Méssala
2) Mascarita DoradaPequeño NinjaUltimo Dragoncito b Pequeño Universo 2000Pequeño WarriorPierrothito
3) Rey Cometa b Artillero [lightning]
4) La MáscaraMáximoSagrado b EphestoTerribleTexano Jr.
5) Black WarriorBlue PantherÚltimo Guerrero DQ AvernoMephistoVillano V
6) AtlantisNegro CasasRey Bucanero b Héctor GarzaMarco CorleoneMístico

Ovaciones says Negro humiliated Mistico in the main event in the main event, pinning him clean with the casita in the third fall, then challenged him to a welterweight title match on Dos Leyendas. That would work.

Semimain was straight falls. V5 tried a ‘rana on UG in the first fall, which of course was turned into a powerbomb. Villano 4 ran in during the second for the DQ.

Ultimo Dragoncito replaced Nino de Acero. Ovaciones actually lists Rey Bucanero as working the lightning match but that’s clearly a typo. A funny one, but still.

Mr. Reyes posted photos of last night’s show at Arena Neza on his mySpace. Looks like a bloody night, and that Scorpio Jr. lost to Villano III in the hair match.

LuchandoLibre checks in on Dark Angel wrestling in Japan this past week (which is probably a reason why she’s wasn’t at TNA.)

Proyeccion Luchistica has a short profile of female wrestler Dark Magic

Luchaworld has their full top 100 list of 2008.

Lineups aren’t up, but I’ve got to go.

28 thoughts to “02/28: Mexico, Neza”

  1. This appears to be the opener from 1/19/07 (week after that Nova/Sombra vs Polvora/Vaquero opener).

    Also, Keith – Did you know there are two audio tracks playing? Maybe you can’t tell with regular speakers but put in headphones and turn the volume up and you can hear the new commentary AND the original commentary in the background.

  2. Second match is the tercera from 1/19/07 (so they skipped the women).

    I don’t think we’re ever gonna understand the format for this show.

  3. Wow, next week’s lineups are beyond shitty. There isn’t a single match I am looking forward to and that includes the Lighting Match.

  4. Not the best mini’s match at all but we have our first Ultimo Dragoncito into the crowd dive of the year candidate! 4TH ROW!

  5. What’s with all the bleeping on this LATV show? Are they bleeping out Fox Sport or something?

    The opener wasn’t bad and Virus managed to pull out a decent match with Dorada.

  6. I would hope so b/c like I told Cubs – Dorada is now married to Virus and Felino. He’s never going to be in a match that isn’t with those two for at least the next 6 months.

  7. Okay, they actually aired the third fall and now I take it back. I’m glad the rest of the match was edited to death.:)

  8. YAY! I wonder when the first show will be? TVC’s schedule has nothing yet.:(

    Caught the middle of the Veo TV show today and it was the semi-main from Arena Mexico on 1/26/07 bout halfway into the show so I would assume the top four aired.

    I found a tutorial on how to use VLC to record the show but got an error message.:/

  9. Didn’t get to see the AAA TV opener b/c the feed wasn’t up but Laredo/Super Fly vs Nicho/Lider was shockingly not bad at all even with the equipment they used at the end. I’m glad they didn’t do what they intended to do to Super Fly b/c it would have been a scary pointless bump for no reason…

    I’m sure they’re saving it up for the next taping.:P

  10. that’s almost as horrible as La Parkita dancing with the drunk chick in CHIKARA.

  11. CMLL GDL seems to be countering Rey De Reyes on 3/15 with Mistico vs Ultimo Guerrero and Maximo vs Texanito in a hair match.

  12. @Rob: Thanks. I’ll check it out next week. The footage is clearly raw footage from the CMLL library, with Magadan and Julio Cesar in a studio. It would be funny if someone in Spain hit a switch, and transmits on audio 1 which is where the original commentary probably is.

  13. @Tim: That would be funny if FSE bitched about the commentary forcing MVS and LATV to bleep. We’ll see what happens this week, where I expect no reference whatsoever to any network if there’s a problem. It’s retarded to mention any network at all.

  14. @LLL: I don’t think they were beeping out the FSE name since they would mention FSE during the promos going into commercials. Besides, it happened during the matches and I don’t think they mention FSE that many times during a match. It was annoying though.

  15. @Alfredo: When Cubs posts the show, it’ll be interesting to hear the bleeps you guys are talking about. When you have a show that’s being televised on an international basis, you should never mention a network.

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