Lucha Listen-In Podcast #7: Teddy Hart

Tony’s sit-down interview with Foreign Legion Member, one-half of Hart Foundation 2, AAA luchador Teddy Hart! We talk what’s it like in AAA, his thoughts on AAA’s future tour in the U.S., Jack Evans shooting fireballs?, the promotion that his agent and Konnan are working on and so much more!!!

download the show here here, or find more formats here.

Sorry we weren’t able to take questions this time – the interview came thru a bit suddenly. Hope you enjoy.[podcast][/podcast]

10 thoughts to “Lucha Listen-In Podcast #7: Teddy Hart”

  1. Great podcast. No wonder Teddy hasn’t been flipping people off lately. I think we once had a discussion on another board about how the Spanish news on TV would show more graphic stuff than what airs on the English channels. Kind of funny to hear Teddy mention it.

    Speaking of SoCal talent, I recommend Albert or Konnan taking a look at Ryan Taylor. I’ve seen him at an indy show (I didn’t know who he was) and then caught him on the NWA TV show and he’s very good for a young guy. I believe he trained (or is training) with Jesse Hernandez.

  2. This was a surprise interview, and quite cool. It’s nice to see this side of Teddy Hart – all I had before this was (of course), him on AAA shows, and everything I’ve read about his attitude.

    Great shit, and big kudos with this.

  3. I’ve never been a big Teddy fan but this was a good interview. He seems to have smartened up. Good to hear.

    The promotion doesn’t seem like a sound idea to me, I have to be honest. I’m reminded of RXLL. I wish Albert and co. luck though.

  4. LOL. Rob, thoughts on the supposed promotion?

    Personally, I think these guys are kidding themselves. This is RXLL all over again. This Albert guy must have a lot money to lose.

  5. @Rob: That’s what the podcast are all about. No one’s going to be speaking the whole 100% truth and I wasn’t surprised Tony didn’t ask about the Christmas party incident. Maybe he forgot to ask or didn’t want to ask it. I figured the interview would go a certain way the minute Tony introduced Teddy Hart AND his agent, Albert. It was a good interview.

    As far as the promotion is concerned, I wish them all the luck in the world, but it does sound exactly the same as RXLL, XLAW, etc. Whenever the words ‘innovative’, ‘japan’, and/or ‘fly-ins’ are used when discussing a promotion I usually hope the guy promoting has lots of money to spend because if he doesn’t, he’s going to have some pretty sad stories to tell on future podcasts.

  6. Here’s the poster for the promotion,
    the show is today.

    His agent offered to be on the interview and I was too nice to tell him other wise. I didn’t want to seem like a joke/piss of Teddy and ask him about the christmas thing, which is why I didn’t ask him how Guapito is.

    Albert’s a cool guy with most of his ducks in a row, he manages some other AAA talent that’ll probably be on the show in the future. I won’t say who just now but you can probably figure out a couple of them, including a AAA MEGAstar.

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