02/25 (notes): Nino de Acero out, Koslov to ROH, Box y Lucha

Nino de Acero will be out for nine months after fracturing his femur on Monday during a dive, which means he’s back in November if things go well. The surgery took six hours. Lucha Libre is brutal.

SuperLuchas says Alex Koslov is part of the Mexican contigent on the ROH Houston shows. That’ll be great and great for him. I hope he still does the stop sign. It also does open the door to mindblowing AAA/ROH crossovers, which we discussed a bunch on the last podcast.

Cavernario Galindo/Box Y Lucha #656
Cavernario Galindo/Box Y Lucha #656

Sexi Star is on the next AAA Circus Circus show, which would seem to preclude her from being Star Fire. Star Fire hasn’t really turned up much, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

No Dark Angel or Cassandro on the last set of TNA tapings.

Ovaciones reports Blue Panther, Shocker, Hector Garza, and Black Warrior will receive Golden Microphone awards from the National Association of Broadcasters. They gave awards to Marco & Atlantis last year, so I think they just like giving awards.

The Gladatores also have interviews with Signo and Scorpio Jr. (as FCW Champion)

Box Y Lucha has articles with Perro Aguayo Jr. growning up as the son of Perro Aguayo, Super Crazy heading to Puerto Rico and Martha Villalobos angry at Mr. Mexico using ‘El Rey’ in Arena Queretaro and losing his mask, since she has a wrestler using the same name (if only there was some sort of government sponsored official group in charge of this sort of thing). The real important news is the awesome return of the old Box Y Lucha covers!

DTU hypes their appearance at the Lucha Libre Expo.

ESPN Deportes looks at UWE 03/01 Arena Neza show.

Ohtani’s Jacket watches Ray Mendoza vs Tatsuma Fujinami from 1978.

4 thoughts to “02/25 (notes): Nino de Acero out, Koslov to ROH, Box y Lucha”

  1. Alex Kozlov at the ROH Houston shows?


    I bought my tickets to the Saturday ROH show back when it was scheduled for 7 in the evening. I also bought tickets for the WWE Axxess session starting at 1. I get my ROH tickets and fail to notice the time on them says 3 p.m. Monday, I read the event is bumped back to 2 p.m., and Blue Demon Jr. is going to be there. I went in 50/50 for Wrestlemania and the other two events with my buddy, and we ultimately decided for Axxess, since the ROH tickets are nonrefundable. Maybe if we get outta that early, we can catch the last hour or so of ROH. Probably not. So not only am I out fifty bucks, but I don’t get to see Blue Demon or Alex Kozlov. Le sigh.

  2. You know that Lucha Libre AAA will be in 5 cites in California for an Invasion Tour this March 27 – April 5. Fresno, Sacramento, San Jose, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles

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